Vixen polar meter QPL Compass for Polar Star Alignment

Compass with level and altitude scale for quick and convenient finding of the North Star even without visual contact

  • Enables quick locating of north and south pole
  • Easy to adjust via compass and spirit level
  • Suitable for Polarie, AP, SXP2 and AXJ mounts
  • Weight: 100 g


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: X000085
GTIN/EAN: 4955295355112
Product information "Vixen polar meter QPL Compass for Polar Star Alignment"
This accessory includes a compass with a spirit level and a height scale. The compass helps you to quickly locate the polar star when it is hidden behind trees or a mountain. The compass attaches to the accessory shoe on the Polarie Star Tracker or a device with a camera accessory shoe.

  • Compass Oil-filled compass
  • Azimuth dimensions: 1° steps
  • Height adjustment: 5° steps (max. +/- 70°)
  • Markings: marked with luminous paint
  • Spirit level: Built-in spirit level

  • QPL compass
Colour: black
Material: Plastic

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Illumination Unit Polefinder EXOS-2 thread M8x0.75
Red polar viewfinder illumination unit for BRESSER EXOS-2 mounts with fixing thread M8x0.75mm. An adjustable illumination makes it easier to find the marked sky objects on the polar viewfinder.IMPORTANT NOTEPlease verify the type of fixing thread prior to your purchase. We offer two different sizes: 12mm (part No. 4964211 for older EXOS-2 mounts) and 8mm (part No. 4964212 for newer EXOS-2 mounts)FEARTURESRetrofittable red pole finder illumination for BRESSER EXOS-2Illuminates the graticule in the viewfinderMakes it easier to find the celestial objectsAlso for 4900850 BRESSER 8x50 viewfinder as spare partAlso for Explore Scientific 8x50 viewfinders as spare partSCOPE OF DELIVERYPolar Viewfinder Illumination unit for EXOS-2Fixing thread M8x0.75mm

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Hybrid Finder Scope Base - black
​The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Hybrid Finder Scope Base is designed to accept all legacy EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC and BRESSER Messier finder scope brackets and mini dovetail-type (e.g. Vixen, Synta, and many other brands) finder scope brackets. The base has rugged all-metal parts with black-anodized base and chrome-plated metal screws. Safety stops prevent the finder scope from sliding through and from falling when attaching screws are loosened. There are threaded holes on the left and right sides of the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Hybrid Finder Scope Base for desired access to attaching screws. Includes bolts and screws for mounting the base to the optical tube assembly. Direct replacement for all EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC and BRESSER Messier telescopes, allowing the use of a wide range of other-brand finder scope options.FEATURESDirect replacement for all EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC and BRESSER Messier telescopesAccepts all legacy EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC and BRESSER Messier finder scope bracketsAccepts also mini dovetail-type fittings from e.g. Vixen, Synta and many other manufacturersRugged all-metal parts with black-anodized baseIntegrated safety stopsIncludes bolts and screws for mounting the baseBolt hole spacing 32.5mm for mounting on telescope tubeSuitable for screw diameter M4/M5 SCOPE OF DELIEVERYHybrid Finder Scope BaseBolts and screws for mounting

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Explore Scientific ReflexSight LED Finder
A new take on a classic design, superior to the usual red dot finder - which will fit many telescopes and larger binoculars.Explore Scientific ReflexSight™ LED projection viewfinder, uses proven functionality with versatility, while having enhanced performance features.Looking through this viewfinder shows multiple deep red target circles projected against the night sky.  Both eyes can be used for quick and easy star hopping, in order to target objects in your telescope. The big advantage is that you can see the entire night sky without magnification and not just a small section of the sky, as you would through a magnified finderscope.  This makes Goto aligning quick and easy and speeds up acquisition of targets.New "Multi-Dot" target circle pattern (in standard circle diameters of 4.0 degrees, 2.0 degrees and 0.5 degrees), prevents blocking of stars within the field of view.  Using the widths of the projected circles as reference points allows those users with non-goto telescopes to easily work out the location of non-visible targets, with reference to more easily visible stars.  The projection screen size is a generous 55 x 35 mm.Multiple mounting options. The Explore Scientific ReflexSight™ LED projection viewfinder's base fits standard "Vixen-style dovetail" finder bases, allowing the user to attach this finder to a wife array of commercially-available telescopes, without modifying the telescope itself. A ¼ inch x 20G threaded adapter (photo tripod thread) is built into the finder base, allowing the finder to be attached to a variety of telescopes, via piggyback camera adapters with a photo tripod threaded hole.Functional design and intuitive use: the smooth housing, with no sharp corners, prevents snagging. Easily accessible battery compartment, taking 2x standard AAA alkaline batteries (not included), which power the frugal LED illuminator. The low power consumption of the LED lighting ensures a long operating time. Large, continuously adjustable brightness control with knurled knob head can be easily operated with gloves. Click the rotary switch to turn off completely. Rear-facing, tool-free three-point parallax knurled collimation knobs, again, easy to operate even with gloved hands, ensure you are well locked-on to the main optical axis of your telescope. The projection screen is coated, to minimise annoying reflections and allow you to concentrate on the finder's target and the night sky behind it.  Comes complete with screen and optics cover. The extremely compact design allows mounting even on small, lightweight telescopes - truly a finder for all!FEATURESReflexSight LED projection finder with deep red target circles Standard circle diameters 4.0 degrees, 2.0 degrees and 0.5 degreesProjection screen size: 55 x 35 mmFits standard Vixen-style dovetail finder shoes There is also a ¼ inch x 20G female photo tripod thread in the base Can be mounted via piggyback camera adapters etc. Operates on standard AAA batteries (not included) Smooth housing with no sharp corners, prevents snagging Comes complete with optics and screen cover Compact design and easily accessible battery compartment Large, continuously adjustable brightness control with knurled knob Click switch to turn off completely Tool-free three-point collimation parallax adjustment with easily accessible knurled knobs Can also be mounted on small and light telescopes WHAT'S INCLUDEDReflexSight LED projection finder 

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BRESSER Messier 8x50 Viewfinder
BRESSER Messier 8x50 Viewing finder scope with mount and integrated illumination. Finder slot included.FEATUREShigh-quality workmanshipintegrated illuminationeyepiece with reticleSCOPE OF DELIVERYviewfindermountviewfinder shoeprotective caps

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 10x60 Finder and Guider Scope with Helical Focuser, 1.25inch and T2 connection
Universal 60mm viewfinder and guide telescope with a focal length of 250mmExcellent 10x60 viewfinder telescope with removable eyepiece unit and crosshairs with adjustable red illumination. The larger aperture and focal length, provide an even brighter field of view and more accurate tracking due to the higher resolution. The precise helical focuser and the 1.25 inch /31.7mm plug-in connection, as well as the T2 camera connection thread (M42x0.75mm), allow the autoguiding required for long time exposure to obtain a point-shaped star image. It can also be used as a mini travel telescope.High quality 10x60 viewfinder telescope with adjustable crosshair illuminationImage sharpness and viewing characteristics lift this viewfinder well above the level of the usual 10x60 viewfinder scopes. The visible image is bright and crisply sharp. Furthermore, this viewfinder has a very large field of view (FOV) of 6.0 degrees. This makes finding and adjusting objects much easier. The existing scale markings (pitch=0.85 degree) on the crosshair are a good reference for estimating distances, and the open centre markings also make it easier to centre objects precisely. All lens surfaces are protected against weathering by multi-coating and guarantee a bright viewfinder image due to the high light transmission values. The adjustable red LED illumination unit is powered by two LR41 coin batteries. The main lens and the crosshairs can be focused independently of each other, giving you perfect focus for your eyes.Compact tracking unit for autoguidingOne of the main applications for this telescope is the so-called autoguiding. Here the usually larger photo-taking optics are actively corrected by a smaller guiding telescope with a second tracking camera. This means that the mechanical fluctuations in the tracking accuracy, which are present in all astronomical telescope mounts, are measured by the tracking camera and compensated accordingly. This is necessary in order to obtain a point-shaped star image on the astrophotos during long time exposures and to avoid unwanted star trails. For this purpose, the guiding telescope is inserted into the existing viewfinder shoe of the photo-taking optics and aligned parallel. If the existing viewfinder shoe is not compatible, a suitable viewfinder shoe is also included. With the 1.25 inch / 31,7mm plug connection at the rear end or via T2 thread connection (M42x0,75mm), a tracking camera can be mounted afterwards. This is held securely by a brass ring clamp and 3 clamping screws. Please note the required back focus for your tracking camera. The focal plane (backfocus) is approx. 22mm behind the T2 thread. The sensitive focusing on the guiding star is done by a large knurled wheel of the mechanically precise manufactured helical focuser. For easy reproduction of the point of focus, this has a white millimetre scale from 0 to 28mm, which is attached by laser engraving. After the tracking camera has been connected directly or via computer to the telescope mount and the necessary basic settings have been made, the first astrophotos with long time exposure can be taken.Use as mini travel telescopeThis viewfinder and guide telescope can also be used quite simply as a mini travel telescope. With the optional eyepieces, a magnification of 9x to 50x can be achieved. Nearly all eyepieces with a focal length of 5 to 26mm and 1.25 inch/31.7mm plug connection are suitable. Especially recommended are the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC eyepieces of the 52 degree (Art. 02195xx) and 62 degree (02196xx) LER series. Note: Only straight view use is possible.Metal viewfinder holder and viewfinder shoeThe mount of this viewfinder and guide telescope is completely made of aluminium and is a stable base. The viewfinder mount is suitable for many common types of telescopes, such as EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC, BRESSER MESSIER etc. If the existing viewfinder shoe is not compatible, a matching viewfinder shoe is also included. This can be attached to the telescopic tube by means of four M5 screws. The bore distances of the viewfinder shoe are 31.7mm on the longitudinal and transverse axis. The six large adjustment screws with non-slip knurling make it easy to align the viewfinder, even with clammy fingers. All adjusting and clamping screws have plastic tips that effectively prevent the viewfinder housing and viewfinder mount from being scratched.FEATURESExcellent 10x60 viewfinder and guiding telescopeCan also be used as mini travel telescopePerfect image sharpness and good viewing comfortFMC Multi-coated lens surfacesLens focal length: 250mmMax. possible camera weight: 550gRemovable eyepiece/cross hair unitCamera connection via 1.25 inch / 31.7mm plug connection or T2 threadT2 thread: M42 x 0,75mmPrecise helical focuser for focusing the visible imageFocuser travel range: 28mmClose focus distance: 3 mLaser engraved millimetre scale from 0 to 28mm on the focuserFocal plane (backfocus) is approx. 22mm behind the T2 threadSeparate focusing of the crosshair at the eyepieceVery large field of view FOV of 6.0 degreesWith adjustable red cross-hair iillumination Scale markings crosshair with 0,85 degree graduationPower supply of illumination unit: coin battery type LR41 (2pcs)Brass ring clamp and 3 clamping screws on the 1.25 inch plug connectionWith optional eyepieces magnifications from 9x to 50x can be achievedSuitable are almost all eyepieces with 1.25 inch/31,7mm shaftMounting of the viewfinder telescope is completely made of aluminiumViewfinder mount with 6 large adjustment screws with knurled head for easy gripFinder shoe suitable for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC, BRESSER MESSIER etc.Additionally a suitable viewfinder shoe is includedBore distances of the viewfinder shoe are 31.7mm on the longitudinal and transverse axisAdjusting and clamping screws have plastic tipsWHAT'S INCLUDED10x60 viewfinder/guiding telescopeEyepiece unit with crosshairCrosshair illumination unit incl. batteriesViewfinder holder with viewfinder shoeInstruction manual

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC TELRAD Projection Finder Scope with base
The TELRAD viewfinder is a projection finder that can be installed on any telescope and makes it child's play to align the telescope with the starry sky.The TELRAD viewfinder is a practical alternative to classic optical viewfinders and illuminated red dot viewfinders. You can see the complete starry sky without magnification, and not just a small section as with a normal optical viewfinder. Against this background of the starry sky, three red luminous concentric rings are projected, with apparent diameters of 4 degrees, 2° and 0.5° in the sky. Move the telescope so that the object you are looking for is in the inner ring, and the telescope points in the right direction. Because the object you are looking for is inside the ring, it will not be irradiated like a normal illuminated red dot finder.The base of the TELRAD viewfinder is self-adhesive and can be mounted on all telescopic tubes from about 10cm diameter. The length of the base is about 18cm. This base remains on the telescopic tube, the TELRAD viewfinder itself can be removed or attached at any time by means of the attached quick coupling. The TELRAD is powered by two normal AA batteries (not included).There are star atlases, like the "Deep Sky Travel Atlas" from Oculum-Verlag, and planetarium programs for the PC, like the program "Stellarium", where the three rings of the TELRAD are already drawn or can be displayed around the interesting celestial objects. This makes finding these celestial objects a real walk.FEATURESTELRAD projection finderIlluminated rings of 4 degrees, 2° and 0.5° in the skySee the complete starry sky without magnificationEasy installation and useCan be installed on nearly every telescopesBase with quick release coupling included Powered by two AA batteries (not included) Very long battery life because of LED technologySCOPE OF DELIVERYTELRAD viewfinder with projector and battery compartment TELRAD base with quick-release coupling for the viewfinder Adhesive tape for attachment to telescope

Vixen S 50 mm finder scope holder, short
​Vixen S 50mm finderscope bracket short, for 50mm findersFor attaching a 50 mm finderscope to the standard Vixen finder shoe, found on many designs of telescopes (not just Vixens)PROPERTIES50mm finderscope bracket shortFor attaching a 50 mm finderscopeCompatible with standard Vixen finder shoeWeight: 195 gWHAT'S INCLUDED50mm finderscope bracket short

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Mounting Bracket for 8x50 Finderscope black
This part allows the mounting of the following 8x50 finderscopes: 0620150 Explore Scientific 8x50 Illuminated Finder Scope 0620160 Explore Scientific 8x50 90°PolarFinder+Amici-Prism and the 4900850 Bresser Messier 8x50 finder onto optical tube assemblies of other brands. If the optical tube assembly does not provide suitable threads, it may be necessary to cut the threads by the owner of the tube Hole distance and dimensions:Dimension: 51x51mmHole distance paralell to the optical axis: 30mmHole distance perpendicular to the optical axis: 30mmScrew Size: DIN-ISO M5

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 8x50 90°PolarFinder+Amici-Prism
Top viewfinder telescope with upright field, illumination, 90° view and pole viewfinder engraving - image sharpness and viewing behavior raise this viewfinder significantly above the level of the usual 8x50 viewfinder telescopes. The upright image field facilitates orientation. Multi-Coating on all surfaces. This polar finder is mainly intended for the observer with a transportable telescope. The 90° view facilitates operation, and with the help of the pole scale and the lighting, a telescope can be quickly and safely aligned to the celestial pole. The upright field of view makes the handling together with the high image sharpness a pleasant experience. The lighting is powered by two LR41 button cells.

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ES 8x50 Illuminated Finder Scope
Explore Scientific 8x50 illuminated finder scopes (available in straight-thru and right angle versions) produce images that are right-side-up and left-to-right corrected views, which makes it easier to find objects in the sky. The Explore 8 X 50 Straight-Thru Erect Image Illuminated Finder Scope, with its scale markings and open Center, not only helps you center objects precisely, but gives a reference of the exact field of view in Degrees. The deep red Illumination can be adjusted to just the right brightness. The eyepiece has comfortable eye relief and produces a 6,97 degrees field of view. Both the eyepiece and the main objective can be focused independently so that you can obtain perfect focus for your eyes. The straight-thru finderscope weights just under a pound (450gr), and measures 216mm" x 63mm" x 58mm". FEATURES High quality 8x50 upright viewfinder With adjustable crosshair lighting with scale markings Perfect image sharpness and good viewing behaviour Large field of view FOV of 6.96 degrees Focusing of lens and crosshair separately possible.  Multi-coated lens surfaces. Power supply by 2 pcs coin battery type LR41.FEATURESHigh quality 8x50 upright viewfinderWith adjustable crosshair illumination and with scale markingsPerfect image sharpness and good viewing behaviourLarge field of view FOV of 6.96 degreesFocusing of lens and crosshair separately possibleMulti-coated lens surfacesSCOPE OF DELIVERYFinder scopeFinder bracket

LUNT Sol Searcher
Sol-Searcher for installing on all solar telescopes of Lunt Solar Systems. The tube rings of the LUNT solar telescopes are prepared for the mounting of this Sol-Searcher."I can't find the Sun!" sounds funny. However, the Sun is tricky to find in a properly filtered telescope, and you don't ever want to chance a direct gaze, let alone a magnified image of it.This Sol-Searcher is the safe and easy way to find the Sun. It is absolutely safe since you don't look through Sol-Searcher, you look at it. The aperture acts as a "pinhole" which projects an image of the Sun on to the 1/4" translucent "screen." This screen can be viewed from either side. Simply move your scope until the Sun's image is centered on the screen and the Sun will be in the eyepiece's field of view.The solar telescopes from Lunt Solar Systems are fitted for installing this Sol-Searcher. Only at the LS130MT and LS152THa telescopes the additionally adapter 0554302 will be needed.SCOPE OF DELIVERYTeleVue Sol-SearcherScrewsHexagon wrench

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pole Finder Scope for iEXOS-100 Mount
Optical pole finder scope for fast and precise polar alignment of the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC iEXOS-100 EQ mount. The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pole Finder Scope is used with the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC iEXOS-100 EQ mount (Art. No. 0456100) and allows a very precise alignment to the celestial pole by unsing the illuminated crosshairs and constellation markings. Simply adjust the pole height and azimuth until the constellation markings in the polar finder match the constellations in the sky - that's it. Ideal for optimizing tracking accuracy in astrophotography. FEATURES Optical pole finder scope with illumination To optimize the polar alignment Suitable for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC iEXOS-100 EQ mountIlluminated crosshairs and constellation markings Quick and easy to use SCOPE OF DELIVERYPolar finder scope iEXOS-100Mounting material Instruction manual  


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BRESSER Portable Power Supply 100 Watt
Portable power storage (mobile power bank) in maxi format from BRESSER. With a powerful and rechargeable 155Wh lithium-ion battery and various connection options, almost all common electronic devices can be operated and charged. This means that you always have sufficient energy reserve, whether for tough outdoor use, in the garden or in the event of a power failure at home. Including a switchable red light LED lamp with emergency signal function and a red light bar for orientation in the dark with over 100 hours of light duration. The Mobile Power Station is a silent and environmentally friendly alternative to power generators with combustion engines. With the built-in solar charge controller, the Power Station can also be charged directly with a solar panel (available as an option). Connection options: Charging of up to 3 x USB mobile devices such as telephones, cameras, drones etc. at the same time. Includes 1 x USB quick charge output with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support. Power supply for up to 3 x 12 volt devices. With the 2 adapters of 5.5/2.1mm hollow plug to cigarette lighter socket included in delivery, car/camping devices such as refrigerators, water pumps, mini compressors, air pumps etc. can be connected directly. In addition, a 230 volt, 100 watt continuous power socket can be used to connect chargers for notebooks/tablets/smartphones etc. or other electrical devices in this power class. The heart is the built-in battery: A powerful 155Wh 13Ah/12Volt (42000mA/3.7V) lithium-ion battery. Rechargeable within 8 hours with the included 230V charger or 12V car battery charging cable. A clear display shows you all relevant information such as battery charge status, battery charging process, AC output ON/OFF. Extensive electronic protection of all current inputs and outputs: against short circuit, overvoltage, over- and deep discharge of the battery and against overheating. Please note that for use with our astronomy mounts, such as the EXOS-2 Goto, the adapter cable 4930100 is additionally required.FEATURESPortable energy storage (Power Bank)Self-sufficient power supply for outdoor, hobby and professional useCharging and operation of various electrical appliancesMany connection options and adapters includedEnvironmentally friendly alternative to power generatorsPowerful 155Wh 13Ah/12 Volt (42000mA/3.7V) lithium ion battery3 x USB (each 5-9 Volt 2.1 Ampere), includes 1 x USB quick charge output with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support3 x 12 Volt DC out 5.5/2.1mm hollow plug (additional max. 15 Ampere /180 Watt)1 x 230 Volt AC out (100 Watt continuous power)Modified sine wave for 230 Volt outputSimultaneous charging and power extraction possibleElectronic charge monitoring and switch-offBright red light LED lamp with over 100 hours light durationSOS function of the LED lamp by selectable flashing functionRed light bar can be switched on as an orientation aid in the darkIndication of battery charge status on displayInput charging socket: 13-25 Volt / 2 Ampere / input protection circuit existsCharging time 0-100% approx. 8 hoursIntegrated solar charge controller for direct charging via solar panelTemperature range: from -10 to +40 degrees CelsiusLifetime/charging cycles: >500 times SCOPE OF DELIVERYPower Station with batteryCharger 230 VoltCar charger 12 VoltAdapter 5.5/2.1mm to cigarette lighter socket (2 pcs.)UK socket adapter for 230V outputInstruction manual

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VIXEN 35655 Carry Bag for OTA & tripod
Safe and convenient bag to transport your OTA or tripod to your observing site. Holds many size tubes. Wrap the optical tube in the protective cloth with Velcro tape and secure it to the wall inside the carrying bag. Includes 2 accessory pouches to store a finder scope and flip mirror. Reflective tape on the carry strap increases visibility at a dark site.Suggested tubes and tripods: A80M ; A80Mf ; A70Lf ; ED103S; AX103S ; SXGHAL130 and SXG-AL130 TripodFEATUREScarry bag for tubes & tripod maximum optical tube size: 850x125mm (L&W)reflective tape on handles prevent lossSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Vixen Carry Bag2x accessory pouches

€47.00* €93.00* (49.46% saved)
Vixen A105MII achromatic refractor - optical tube assembly
This high-quality refractor features a 105 mm achromatic lens. It produces impressive images of the moon’s craters and Saturn’s ring system. The long F9.5 aperture ratio delivers an optimal contrast and ensures that colour deviations are kept to a minimum. The telescope is made in Japan using cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Highly recommended for beginners and advanced observers who value quality and excellent workmanship. FEATURES Lens: 105 mm achromatic Focal length: 1000 mm Aperture ratio F9.5 Resolution 1.1 Limiting magnitude: 11.9 Light-gathering power: 225× Photography: YesDimensions: 1010 mm x 115 mm Weight: 4.8 kg WHAT’S INCLUDED Tube clamps Carry handle Red dot finder Flip mirror

Vixen SX2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi Module
Vixen has developed a new generation of SX mounts for demanding observers and astrophotographers. The SX2WL mount is simply operated via a Wifi module with a smartphone or tablet. By controlling the mount with your smartphone using the free STAR BOOK Wireless app, you can easily use sky navigation functions such as automatic GoTo panning of celestial objects via your smartphone or tablet. By eliminating the power consumption of the conventional LCD (STAR BOOK TEN), the power consumption on the mount is reduced by up to 20%, thus enabling longer astronomical observation and astrophotography. When the desired celestial object is selected from a list, it is automatically panned into the telescope's field of view and tracking begins.An existing STAR BOOK TEN controller can also be used on this mount without any problems. Equipped with the same precision stepper motors as the top model, the AXD mount, the SXD2WL brings a new standard of performance and precision to the Vixen mount family. With a photographic load capacity of 12 kg, the axis cross of the mount weighs just 7.0 kg (15.4 lbs) making it ideal for mobile observations.In addition, the motors mounted in the lower part of the mount also serve as a counterweight, so the mount requires fewer weights for balancing. The SX2 mount in detail Precision stepper motors and micro-step motion control systemAt the heart of the SXD2 are the precision stepper motors, which offer better performance and response than previous models. The micro-step motion control system offers powerful and yet very smooth drive characteristics, which are given both in fine movements and in fast pans. Built-in bearings The bearings of the RA and DEC axes and the worm shafts have been significantly improved to reduce the load on the motors. As a result, the motors move much more smoothly than in previous models. High-precision worm gearsHigh-precision processing technologies eliminate worm gear errors. The edges of the two worms and worm wheels are particularly smooth, enabling very precise tracking. Declination axis as counterweightThe solid motor units are installed in the lower part of the declination axis so that the center of gravity of the SXD2 is below the intersection point of the RA and DEC axes. This means you need fewer additional counterweights. Latitude setting The latitude is adjustable between 0 and 70 degrees (divided into 3 zones and adjustable +/- 15 degrees per zone, for high, medium and low latitudes); latitude scale in 2-degree increments; fine adjustment with a tangent screw head, approx. 0.8 degrees per turn. The wireless module in detail The Vixen Wifi adapter for EQ mounts allows you to control your Vixen mount via a smartphone or tablet. With the smartphone app STAR BOOK Wireless (free of charge) you can navigate the sky without any cables. The app turns your smartphone or tablet into a control unit for the equatorial mount in no time at all. The response delay of the mount, which is considered the biggest disadvantage of wireless connections, has been reduced to a level comparable to wired connections. Reduced power consumption compared to conventional controllers with LCD monitor The power consumption of the mount is reduced by up to 20%, allowing longer observations than with conventional wired controllers such as the STAR BOOK TEN. Operation similar to the STAR BOOK TEN controllerThe STAR BOOK Wireless app has a similar structure to the STAR BOOK TEN controller. Depending on the star map setting, it contains up to 259,000 celestial objects. Tap on a celestial object in the object list and start the GoTo. The mount will now automatically move to this target and bring it into the telescope's field of view. All the popular features of the STAR BOOK TEN are retained. Convenient operation When looking through the telescope operate the mount by swiping on the app's star chart. As there are no buttons, simply slide your finger over the star chart to operate the mount conveniently. Extensive astronomical data included In addition to data on easily observable celestial bodies such as Messier objects, NGC objects and IC objects, this also includes the sun, moon, planets, comets and dwarf planets. High-precision alignment By aligning the mount to one or two stars, you can already achieve fairly precise positioning. By aligning the mount to three or more stars, you can achieve high-precision alignment of the mount for high magnifications. The objects are then approached precisely and centrally in your telescope's field of view. The alignment information is saved and can be retained even when the device is switched off. By leaving the telescope in its current state after completing an observation without moving it, you can start the automatic installation with the same settings for the next observation.  Individual setting options As with the STAR BOOK TEN control unit, the app offers various individual settings, such as gear backlash compensation, night mode in red, autoguider and variable GoTo speed and LED brightness. You can also set the timing of the reversal of the objective tube (meridian flip) as desired. Even if the object moves to the south during tracking, you can prevent the telescope tube from reversing. Important note: Cannot be used on old SX mounts with the old blue Star Book! Technical information about the Wifi module: CPU with 32-bit CISC processor 120 MHz The unit is connected to the mount via a D-SUB 9PIN connector as with the STAR BOOK TEN. It has a 6-pin 6-wire modular plug for external autoguider operation. Supported operating systems are Android 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher, WLAN standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n. FEATURESRA sprocket: 180 teeth DEC sprocket: 180 teeth Shaft material and diameter: Carbon steel / Decl. 35 mm, RA 40 mm thickness  Fine height adjustment: 0° to 70°, (fine adjustment +/- 15°, height) Backsight rod: 20 mm diameter Azimuth adjustment: worm fine adjustment Power supply: DC12 V; 0.4~1.7 A Maximum load: 12 kg, photographic, without counterweight Counterweight: 1x 1.9 kg  Tripod connection: 45 mm spigot Dimensions: 36 cm (H) x 12 cm (W) x 36 cm (L), weight: 7.0 kg (15.4 lbs), without counterweight 32-bit CISC processor 120 MHz Operating system: Android 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher Connection: D-SUB 9PIN connector Autoguider input: ST4 Power consumption SX2WL+Wireless unit: DC12V / 0.3-2.0 A (load 8 kg), 0.4-2.2 A (load 12 kg) SCOPE OF DELIVERYSX2WL EQ mount Wireless unit Counterweight: 1.9 kg (1pc) Mounting tools Cigarette lighter cable

Vixen AP Mount with manual fine Adjustment
The AP mount provides a secure, stable support for your telescope. Thanks to the slip clutch mechanism, the mount can be adjusted quickly to the target object. There is a wide range of optional accessories. The ADVANCED POLARIS mount is perfect for both beginners and advanced observers who require a lightweight travel mount. STYLISH DESIGN The AP mount features an ultra-smooth finish without any projecting parts. Simply place your telescope on the mount and move it to the desired celestial object without having to loosen any clamps! QUICK POLAR ALIGNMENT The slip clutches allow you to adjust the telescope to your target object easily – no more searching for adjustment clamps in the dark! An optional polar meter is available, which enables you to locate the celestial pole when it is hidden by trees or buildings. OPTIONAL POLAR FINDER SCOPE The innovative polar finder scope provides a new way to polar align your telescope. Simply align the stars in the crosshair reticle with the same stars in the night sky. Polar alignment is achieved using 3 reference stars. The polar finder is illuminated to facilitate orientation and switches off automatically after 3 minutes to save battery power. OPTIONAL POWER SUPPLY The RA and DEC motor modules are powered by four AA alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries. The RA motor module has a USB Micro-B port for an external power supply. A USB power pack or car charging cable can be used for longer observation sessions. OPTIONAL STAR BOOK ONE CONTROLLER The STAR BOOK ONE is a multifunctional and intuitive controller that tracks in the RA and DC axis with a range of different speeds. The tracking options are designed for time lapse cameras at a wide range of speeds, including sidereal, lunar and solar rates. The controller also offers many useful functions such as backlash compensation, autoguider port, PEC and a built-in red LED light. The STAR BOOK ONE controller is designed for the AP-SM mount and is an integral part of the RA motor module. NOTE The STAR BOOK ONE controller is not sold separately but is only available with the Motor Module Set! FEATURES R.A. Worm wheels: 58.4 mm Ø gear wheel with 140 teeth DEC. Worm wheels: 58.4 mm Ø gear wheel with 140 teeth Azimuthal adjustment: Twin adjusting screws Altitude adjustment: Twin adjusting screws Number of ball bearings: 7 Polar finder: Optional Motors: Optional Tracking: Manual fine adjustment Counterweight bar: 20 mm WHAT’S INCLUDED AP mount 1.0 kg counterweight

€699.00* €829.00* (15.68% saved)
Vixen adjustment shaft, 300 mm, flexible
300 mm adjustment shaft with flexible design for comfortable observations with the Porta II and the Mini Porta.The large adjustment knobs allow you to make smooth, fine adjustments to the axles.Also compatible with a wide range of other mounts from other manufacturers.FEATURESComfortable tracking by handLarge adjustment knobs for fine tuningDesigned for wide range of mountsLength: 300 mmDELIVERY CONTENT300 mm adjustment shaft

Illumination Unit Polefinder EXOS-2 thread M8x0.75
Red polar viewfinder illumination unit for BRESSER EXOS-2 mounts with fixing thread M8x0.75mm. An adjustable illumination makes it easier to find the marked sky objects on the polar viewfinder.IMPORTANT NOTEPlease verify the type of fixing thread prior to your purchase. We offer two different sizes: 12mm (part No. 4964211 for older EXOS-2 mounts) and 8mm (part No. 4964212 for newer EXOS-2 mounts)FEARTURESRetrofittable red pole finder illumination for BRESSER EXOS-2Illuminates the graticule in the viewfinderMakes it easier to find the celestial objectsAlso for 4900850 BRESSER 8x50 viewfinder as spare partAlso for Explore Scientific 8x50 viewfinders as spare partSCOPE OF DELIVERYPolar Viewfinder Illumination unit for EXOS-2Fixing thread M8x0.75mm