Vixen Counterweight for APZ Mounts

A counterweight for the APZ Alt-Az mount, designed to balance the mount for stable movement

  • 1.65 kg counterweight for APZ mount
  • For balancing the mount
  • Diameter: 78x60 mm
  • Weight: 1.65 kg


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: X000053
GTIN/EAN: 4955295258277
Product information "Vixen Counterweight for APZ Mounts"
A counterweight for the APZ Alt-Az mount, designed to balance the mount for stable movement. It is supplied with the APZ Alt-Az mount.

  • Dimensions: Dia. 78×60 mm
  • Weight 1,65kg
Colour: black
Material: Aluminium


Vixen AP-Z azimuthal Mount with Slip Clutch
Simple force of friction keeps the telescope in place. Easily direct the telescope to your desired celestial object without loosening a screw. The friction automatically holds the telescope in position. The AP mount provides a secure, stable support for your telescope. Thanks to the slip clutch mechanism, the mount can be quickly adjusted to the target object. There is a wide range of optional accessories. FEATURES Azimuthal telescope mount with manual fine adjustment Easy to use and quick to install Designed for telescopes up to 8 kg WHAT'S INCLUDED Mount Wheel for fine adjustment

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The counterweight rod is attached to the dovetail rail using a 1/4 inch photo screw. It is compatible with the Vixen counterweights 1.0 kg, 1.9 kg, 2.8 kg and 3.7 kg and is used to balance the AP Photoguiders, the Polarie or the Polarie U Star Tracker. PROPERTIES Shank diameter: 20mm Size: diameter 23x135mm Effective length of the counterweight rod: 130mm Weight: 330g WHAT'S INCLUDED Counterweight rod Locking screw

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Vixen counterweight, 7 kg, for AXD and AXJ mounts
7 kg counterweight for balancing the mount with heavy telescopesSuitable for AXD, AXD2 and AXJ mountsFEATURES Counterweight for AXD/AXJ mounts Weight: 7 kgDELIVERY CONTENT7 kg counterweightClamp screw

Vixen counterweight 2.8 kg
2.8-kg counterweight for mount counterweight barsUse counterweights to balance your mount. Multiple counterweights may be required depending on the telescope.FEATURESSuitable for SX, SXD, GP2 and GPD2 mountsWeight: 2,800 gPACKAGE CONTENTS2.8-kg counterweight

Vixen 3.5 kg Counterweight for AXD Equatorial Mount
Vixen 3.5 kg counterweight for AXD, AXD2 and AXJ mountsBalances the mount on heavy telescopes FEATURESCounterweight for AXD mountsWeight: 3.5 kgDELIVERY CONTENT3.5 kg counterweightClamp screw

BRESSER Counterbalance 2.0 kg for EXOS-1 + 2
Additional counterweight to balance heavy accessories etc.FEATUREScolor matched with the Bresser EXOS-1/2 seriessuitable for counterbalance bar with 20mm diameterSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x counterbalance 2.0kg

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Truss Dob Counter Weight Set
Counter Weight Set to retrofit all Explore Scientific Dobson Telescopes. Get your telescope perfectly balanced even you are using heavy eyepiece with coma corrector, a binoviewer or big finder scopes. The counter-weight rod has 14,0 mm in diameter. The fixing thread is a metric M10 with hex nut. Delievery content:2 x Counter weight each 1.0kg1 x Counter weight rod 1 x Mounting material

Vixen Counterweight 1.9kg
With the 1.9 kg counterweight, heavier optical tubes can be balanced on many Vixen mounts. COMPATIBLE WITH THE FOLLOWING VIXEN MOUNTS SX SX2 SXD SXD2 SXP GP2 GPD2 SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x 1.9 kg counterweight

Vixen Counterweight 1.0kg
For balancing the Polarie Star Tracker in connection with the counterweight bar. The counterweight of 1.0 kg is also compatible with GP, SX mounts and mounts with 20 mm counterweight bar PROPERTIES Suitable for Polarie Star Tracker, GP, SX and AP mount For counterweight rods with a diameter of 20 mm Weight: 1.0 kg WHAT'S INCLUDED Weight: 1.0 kg Locking Bolt

Vixen counterweight 3.7 kg
The 3.7-kg counterweight can be attached to the counterweight bar to balance your mount. Depending on the telescope, multiple weights may be required. The counterweight is suitable for Vixen SX, SXD, SXP2, GP2, GPD2 and AP mounts.FEATURESSuitable for SX, SXD, SXP2, GP2, GPD2 and AP mountsWeight: 3,700 gPACKAGE CONTENTS3.7-kg counterweight

AXD counterweight, 1.5 kg
AXD counterweight, 1.5 kg, for AXD mountsFEATURESAXD counterweight, 1.5 kg, for AXD and AXJ mountsFor balancing the mountWeight: 1.5 kgDELIVERY CONTENT1.5 kg counterweightClamp screw

Vixen AP Conterweight Bar
Counterweight bar, which is delivered with the AP-mount and AP-SM mount. It is designed for balancing an optical tube after being secured with a counterweight and installed on the declination body. It can used with the APZ Alt-Az mount.FEATURES Diameter of bar: Diameter: Dia. 20 mm Dimensions: 78×328 mm Effective bar length: 269 mm Weight: 820 g Compatible counterweights: 1 kg, 1.9 kg, 2.8 kg, 3.7 kg


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