BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope 40x - 640x

In the garden, children's room, or with friends - explore the exciting microcosm everywhere with this lightweight and flexible microscope for beginners

  • Entry level microscope with LED transmitted illumination
  • Magnification: 40x - 640x, zoom eyepiece
  • Can be used anywhere due to battery operation
  • Low weight, convenient for mobile use
  • What‘s included: microscope, 3 x AA batteries, manual


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Product number: 8851301
GTIN/EAN: 4007922039299
Product information "BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope 40x - 640x"
The BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope 40x - 640x is perfect for beginners to explore the microcosm !

  • LED Transmitted light
  • Height-adjustable stage
  • Invisor wheel for adjusting the light beam
  • Object clamps for attaching the specimens
  • can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation
  • low weight, therefore excellent for mobile use
  • Zoom-Ocular
  • Comprehensive accessories for quick access to microscopy
  • 1 x microscope
  • 3 x AA batteries
  • 1 x instruction manual
Age recommendation from: 6
Batteries needed 2): 3x AA (Mignon), 1.5V
Body material: Plastic
Colour: orange
Dimmer: Dimmable lighting
Eyecups: Rubber eyecups, foldable
Field of application [Microscopes]: Biology, Botany, Education, Entomology
Focus Group [Microscopes]: Beginners
Lighting 5): Transmitted light
Material: Aluminium, Plastic
Optical design: Biological
Product Family [Microscopes]: Transmitted light microscope
Transportability: very good
View: Monocular
Warnings: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


BRESSER JUNIOR - Playfully experience the world of optics This great starter set allows you to discover the world of the microcosm with your microscope! Over 40 parts allow you to quickly start discovering and experiencing the world of the microcosm. This set contains 20 Smart Slides and 12 rare stones with a QR code. Scan this QR code with your smartphone and you'll get tons of information about the product! The preparation set helps you to make your own preparations and to observe them with a microscope.Start your next ADVENTURE!FEATURESAccessories for direct entry into the microscopy worldSCOPE OF DELIVERY20 Long-term preparations with QR code12 pebbles with QR-Code>7 vials with specimens2 empty vialsBox for slides6 empty slides1 magnifying glass1 dissecting needle1 tweezers1 scalpel1 Petri dishCover glasses and adhesive labels for labelling1 Permanent preparation "Butterfly wings Instruction manual child-friendly packaging as a gift for birthdays, Christmas and other occasionsManual

BRESSER JUNIOR Experiment Set Microscopy Starter Set
BRESSER JUNIOR - experience the world of optics with easeThis great starter set allows you to discover the world of the microcosm with your microscope! 24 different preparations are at your disposal to do exciting research & experiments. Examine for example an onion skin, a shrimp egg, a rabbit hair or even a wing of a grasshopper! FEATURES 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 different permanent preparations1. Animals: Mouse fur, Hare hair, Dog hair, Sheep hair2. Plants: Arachis hypogaea stem, Ficus leaf, Onion rind, Silver berry scaly hair3. Insects: Bee abdomen, Leg of honey bee, Wing of locust, House fly leg4. Textile Fibres: Colored threads, Handmade paper, Fingerprints, Bemberg5. Pollens & Spore: Pollen of lily, Pine tree pollen, Bottle brush spore, Fern spore6. Tiny Creatures: Plant louse, Ant, Shrimp egg, Daphniachild-friendly packaging SCOPE OF DELIVERYExperimental set incl. 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 specimensinstructionmanual

€9.49* €14.90* (36.31% saved)
The BRESSER JUNIOR Experiment Set is an optimal accessory to get you started in the field of microscopy. It contains numerous useful accessories. SCOPE OF DELIVERYPipette Utensils Magnifier Kit for breeding brine shrimp (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)Sea saltBlank Slides Cover Plates Tweezers and much more

€17.69* €27.90* (36.59% saved)
BRESSER BR-LP15 Cleaning kit - 3 parts
With the 3-piece lens cleaning set you not only clean camera or binocular lenses, but also spectacles glasses and displays and screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. thoroughly and safely. When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass. With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side. Just blow away fluff with the bellows. FEATURES complete set for safe cleaning of camera lenses bellows for removing coarse dirt particles and fluff without scratching the lens lint-free microfibre cloth approx. 14,5x14,5cm lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x bellows 1x lens cleaning pen 1x microfiber cloth

BRESSER BR-LP10 Lens Cleaning Pencil
When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the BRESSER BR-LP10 lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass. With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side. FEATURES lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass brush to remove dust on one sidepolishing pad on the other side SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x lens cleaning pencil

BRESSER JUNIOR 24 Permanent Microscope Starter Kit
Already own a microscope and want to discover as much as you possibly can with it? The BRESSER JUNIOR 24 durable specimens in the microscope starter kit offer you plenty of examination objects for a quick and easy way to get started. In addition, the specimens from different areas, including plants, algae and insects, are ready and waiting to be viewed on a total of 6 microscope slides. Simply unpack them, place them on the plate of your microscope and start zooming in. You’ll be astounded by the minute detail that suddenly becomes visible to you. View again and again – the preserved microscope specimens are highly durable. You’re certain to get admiring looks from your friends and family as well. With these 24 durable specimens for your microscope, you can go on a voyage of discovery into the microcosm: Algae: water silk, zygnema, ulotrichaceae, cyclops Leaves and starch: privet leaf, oleander leaf, maize starch, potato starch Plants: maize root, peanut root, sponge gourd, pine trunk Textile fibres: cotton fibres, nylon fibres, silk fibres, letter ‘e’ Animals: fish scales, camel hair, chicken feathers, duck feathers Insects: honeybee wings, dragonfly wings, beetle legs, cockroach legs FEATURES 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 durable specimens for children aged 6 and over 4 samples each from algae, leaves and starch, plants, textile fibres, animals and insects The perfect way to introduce children to microscopy Robust and stable Child-friendly use and packaging PACKAGE CONTENTS 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 durable specimens Instruction manual


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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Biolux Student Microscope-Set
National Geographic Microscope 40x-800x - the microscope for big and small! Thanks to the new, innovative Smartphone holder you can also observe and save motifs with a smartphone by taking photos. The microscope not only convinces with its cool design, but also with a lot of accessories, which allows you to get started in microscopy. These include preparations such as yeast and shrimp eggs, as well as cover glasses and microscope slides.The motifs can be enlarged from 40x to a maximum of 800x. In addition, the microscope has an adjustable LED illumination for reflected light and transmitted light microscopy.FEATURESBeginner's microscopeMagnification: 40x-800xObjectives: 4x/10x/40xRed light and transmitted light microscopyIncludes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY MicroscopeSmartphone Mount2 Wide Field Eyepieces: WF20x/ WF10xColour filter discBox with specimensStorage containerExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)Preparation setManual

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BRESSER JUNIOR Experiment Set Microscopy Starter Set
BRESSER JUNIOR - experience the world of optics with easeThis great starter set allows you to discover the world of the microcosm with your microscope! 24 different preparations are at your disposal to do exciting research & experiments. Examine for example an onion skin, a shrimp egg, a rabbit hair or even a wing of a grasshopper! FEATURES 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 different permanent preparations1. Animals: Mouse fur, Hare hair, Dog hair, Sheep hair2. Plants: Arachis hypogaea stem, Ficus leaf, Onion rind, Silver berry scaly hair3. Insects: Bee abdomen, Leg of honey bee, Wing of locust, House fly leg4. Textile Fibres: Colored threads, Handmade paper, Fingerprints, Bemberg5. Pollens & Spore: Pollen of lily, Pine tree pollen, Bottle brush spore, Fern spore6. Tiny Creatures: Plant louse, Ant, Shrimp egg, Daphniachild-friendly packaging SCOPE OF DELIVERYExperimental set incl. 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 specimensinstructionmanual

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40x-1280x Microscope with Smartphone holder
This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40x1280 reflected and transmitted light microscope is a perfect device to get an excellent access into the world of microscopy. Due to many exclusive accessories like a set of dissecting instruments or a seperate electronical eyepiece, you can expand your beginner´s model. Furthermore, a smartphone holder gives the possibilty to make pictures of your observations with your smartphone. The smartphone holder allows for an easy observation as well as saving your observations on your smartphone. FEATUREScombination of reflected and transmitted lighta wide range of magnificationsextensive range of accessories for an immediate startSCOPE OF DELIVERY2 eyepieces (10X WF ; 16X WF) 2-fold Barlow lens Power cable Plastic box with 5 blank slides, 10 cover plates, 5 prepared slides Pipette Tweezers Hatchery MicroCut Specimen (yeast, gum media, sea salt, shrimp eggs) Smartphone holder

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BRESSER JUNIOR Biolux SEL Student Microscope with hard shell case
The BRESSER JUNIOR Student Microscope with its extensive range of accessories offers an optimal start to Microscopy. Unique to these models is the Barlow-Zoom-System in the eyepiece socket: By means of a pull-out additional lens, the magnification can be infinitely adjusted up to 2 times during visual observation, so that magnifications of 40x to 1600x can be achieved together with 3 objectives and 2 interchangeable wide-field eyepieces. The BRESSER JUNIOR Student Microscope has an adjustable LED for transmitted light and incident light incl. filter disc with colour filters and apertures. Thus the illumination can always be optimally adjusted. The additional incident light illumination can be used to microscope objects that are not transparent, such as leaves, small insects and much more. Esspecially this makes it easy to get started with microscopy! The practical hard-shell case allows you to transport the microscope and helps to store all these accessories. The power supply is provided by batteries (three times type AA), so that microscopic work can also be carried out in the vicinity without a socket. The accessories already include permanent specimens and 5 empty slides and cover glasses for making your own specimens. The set also includes a preparation set consisting of a MicroCut, a knife, tweezers, a rod and a tube. The Smartphone adapter makes it possible to save the recordings on your smartphone or share them with friends and family! There is so much exiting to discover in the microcosm, start now with your BRESSER Student Microscope ! FEATURES Biological microscope Barlow Zoom System LED lighting with transmitted and reflected light Battery-operated lighting (3x AA batteries) Extensive range of accessories to get started immediately Max. Object height with incident light: approx. 4 mm (without slides) Includes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY Microscope Hard-shell cases 2 wide field eyepieces: 10x and 20x 3 lenses: 4x, 10x and 40x Barlow lens with up to 2x magnification Microscope utensils Experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt Inclusion media (Gum Media) Microcut microtoma Empty slides and cover glasses Long-term preparations Batteries (3 pieces AA) Smartphone adapter Cover hood

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Telescope + Microscope Set for Advanced Users
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Tele-Micro Set offers everything you need to explore and experience the world of Astronomy and Microscopy. A real telescope with 100x magnification and a microscope with 640x magnification. An extensive accessory package for microscopy rounds off this set!With the enclosed Smartphone holder you can easily photograph the micro world and share it with your friends.

BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope with Magnification 40x-2000x
The BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope has up to 2000x magnification and a new innovative Smartphone Mount that allows you to take photos through the microscope.To ensure you're fully equipped, the accessories included provide the perfect introductory equipment. This includes, among other things, two wide-field eyepieces, a colour filter disk, many slides and storage containers. With its elegant Bresser design, the microscope has many useful features .The adjustable LED illumination can be used as an incident light for viewing opaque objects and as transmitted light for viewing transparent objects.FEATURESIntroductory microscopeMagnification: 40x-2000xLenses: 4x/10x/40xOculars: WF25x/ WF10xComprehensive accessoriesIncludes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia)Battery powered: 3x AA batteries (included)SCOPE OF DELIVERYMicroscopeSmartphone mountWide field eyepieces: WF25x/ WF10x2x Barlow lensColour filter diskBox with slides, storage caseExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt Preparation set3x AA batteriesInstruction manual

€98.59* €99.90* (1.31% saved)
BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope 40x-640x incl. accessory pack
This BRESSER microphone comes with an experiment set and is the ideal introduction to the world of microscopy. The set consists of 75 parts so that you can get started straight away.You can also scan the specimen QR codes to find out more about the specimen. In addition, you can secure your smartphone to the microscope via the adapter in order to save and share images of your specimens.Thanks to its lightweight design, you can take the microscope with you wherever you go.FEATURES Transmitted light Focus wheel LED light Zoom eyepiece 10x-16x Magnification: 40x-640x Revolver head with 3 lenses: 4x/10x/40x Specimen stage with clamps for the slide and specimen Built-in aperture and colour filter wheelIncludes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia)   WHAT'S INCLUDED Transmitted light microscope Smartphone holder 20 specimens with QR code for each slide 7 empty slides 5 vials with samplesExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt 1 empty vial Box for slides Magnifier Dissecting needle Pipette Tweezers Scalpel Petri dish 8 coverslips and 8 stickers Butterfly wing specimen 12 small stones - individual descriptions available via QR code Eyecups for spectacle wearers MicroCut Measuring cylinder 2x AA batteries

BRESSER JUNIOR Incident and transmitted Microscope 50x
BRESSER JUNIOR - playing the world of optics! Two eyes see more than one. Much of what you find out there, you can zoom up to 20 times with this stereo microscope. Light on! Put on a test and off you go! With this children's microscope you give children much more than just a toy: they promote the scientific work of children and at the same time stimulate the urge to explore. In answer to the questions that make up certain things, children can now use the microscope to explore how the world of the microcosm is constructed: observations of everyday things, such as coins, stones, insects, and specimens that are already included. CHARACTERISTICS binocular insight LED front Lenses: 2x (stereo) Eyepieces: WF-10X (Stereo) 20x magnification battery powered Eye distance individually adjustable stable housing DELIVERY stereomicroscope 12 mineral samples operation manual

€73.59* €89.90* (18.14% saved)
BRESSER JUNIOR Biotar DLX 300x-1200x Microscope with Case
The BRESSER JUNIOR Biotar 300-1200x microscope with an extensive range of accessories already included is the perfect device for a quick entry into the world of the microcosm. Discover a whole new world! FEATURES complete microscope set for beginners magnification with included accessories: 300x, 600x, 1200x illumination powered by battery everything you need to start at once is already included includes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY slide box with 5 prepared slides, 5 microscope slides and 10 cover plates dissecting set (scissors, tweezers, pipette and 2 dissecting needles) experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) sea salt manual

BRESSER JUNIOR 40x-1024x Microscope with HD Eyepiece Camera
Ready for some thrilling discoveries? Experience the microscopic world in grand detail with the BRESSER JUNIOR 40x-1,024x Microscope with HD Eyepiece Camera. How much detail? That’s up to you! Equipped with 2 eyepieces, 3 objectives, and a 1.6x Barlow lens, this microscope allows you to see your samples magnified between 40 and 1,024 times! Start at the lowest level and enjoy the transformation of the image as you increase the magnification. The pull-out Barlow lens gives you the ability to zoom continuously. What will you explore first? To get you started right away, the microscope set includes some fascinating prepared slides. Just place them on the stage and let the bright LED reveal wonders previously hidden from sight. Exploring small wonders of nature through the microscope Once you’re familiar with your kids’ microscope, embark on a quest for your next project! Whether it’s feathers, hair, or muddy water from a watering can, you can examine anything transparent or very thin with the transmission microscope. You can also take a closer look at the internal structures of opaque objects, like plants, after preparing them with the microtome included in your microscope set.Impressed by what you see? Turn it into your own permanent slide! Slides, cover glasses, and mounting medium – all the essentials are included. Animal enthusiasts will delight in a special experiment included in the microscope set: a kit for breeding your own brine shrimp (Artemia). Once the creatures have hatched, use your kids’ microscope to watch them grow and evolve. Observing comfortably via screen using the HD eyepiece camera Modern science requires advanced technology. That’s why you can connect your microscope to your PC via a USB port. Simply install the provided Windows software (compatible with Win 8.1/10/11) and point the high-quality HD eyepiece camera at your specimen. Now you can conduct your examinations comfortably on your computer screen. Capture unique moments of discovery in striking photos, or shoot a video if the scene under the lens is dynamic. Perfect for documenting the growth of your brine shrimp (Artemia)! Sharing your discoveries is easy with these recordings, bringing your friends and family into your world of miniature marvels. Embark on your captivating journey through the microcosm with the BRESSER JUNIOR 40x-1,024x Microscope with HD Eyepiece Camera! FEATURES Kids’ microscope with durable metal body and extensive accessories USB HD eyepiece for PC connection Magnification: 40x–1,024x 2 Wide field eyepieces (10x and 16x) 3 Objectives (4x, 10x, 40x) Pull-out Barlow lens (1.6x) for seamless zooming Ready-to-use permanent specimens for an immediate start in microscopy Experiment kit for cultivating brine shrimp (Artemia) Software for image editing (compatible with Win 8.1/10/11) Bright LED illumination Suitable for children aged 8 and older SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 8.1, 10, or 11 Intel i3, i5, i7, or i9 processor from the 2nd generation onwards or AMD FX or Ryzen processor An optical drive or Internet connection for software download USB 2.0 SCOPE OF DELIVERY Kids’ microscope USB HD eyepiece Barlow lens (pre-installed in the eyepiece draw) 2x Wide field eyepieces 3x Objectives 5x Slides 10x Cover glasses 5x Prepared slides Pipette Tweezers Experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt Mounting medium Software 3x AA batteries Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Compact Telescope and Microscope Set
This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC set contains two articles, which allow you the first step into astronomy and microscopy! A telescope with 60x magnification and a microscope with up to 640x magnification! Discover the world of unknown microorganisms by using our MICROSCOPE and explore the secrets of living organisms like a real scientist. Explore our cosmos with this TELESCOPE and discover our planetary system. A generous accessory package completes the set and offers the possibility to dive immediately into the exciting worlds! TECHNICAL DATA TELESCOPE Optical system: refractor Lens diameter: 50 mm Focal length: 360 mm Magnification: 18x - 60x Mounting: azimuth TECHNICAL DATA MICROSCOPE Incident and transmitted light Magnification: 40x - 640x WHAT'S INCLUDED Microscope / refractor telescope Zenith mirror Table tripod Eyepieces: 6 mm, 20 mm Dissecting set Microscope slide Specimens CHARACTERISTICS MICROSCOPE LED transmitted light Height-adjustable object stage Aperture wheel for adjusting the light beam Object clamps for attaching the specimens Can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation Comprehensive accessories for a quick introduction to microscopy CHARACTERISTICS TELESCOPE Zenith mirror enables comfortable view Compact and easy to transport

€72.09* €79.90* (9.77% saved)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Microscope 300x-1200x incl. hardcase
A quick entry into the world of microscopy is provided by the National Geographic 300-1200x microscope including hard case. The basic euqipment for an immediate start is already included. FEATURES Microscope set for beginners Magnification: 300x-1200x Battery powered illumination Extensive accessory package for a quick start  Includes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY Slide box with 5 permanent slides, 5 slides and 10 cover glasses Dissecting tools (scissors, tweezers, pipette and 2 dissecting needles) Experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt Manual

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BRESSER 10x25 Wave Binoculars - waterproof
Breathtaking landscapes, shy forest animals or exciting sporting events - the BRESSER Wave 10x25 binoculars show you your favourite eye-catchers in impressively sharp, bright images. Thanks to the 10x magnification, you can get fascinatingly close: viewed through the binoculars at a distance of 1,000 m, your objects of observation only seem to be 100 m away. And the 98 m at 1,000 m field of view is large enough to effortlessly keep moving motifs in view. In addition, their compact dimensions make this lightweight optical instrument the ideal hiking binoculars and constant companion on exciting expeditions. 10x25 Wave binoculars – small but powerful With an objective lens diameter of 25 mm, these handy pocket binoculars offer a bright and clear image. For this purpose, the excellent UR coating on the prism increases the light transmission considerably. The full multi-coating on the optical surfaces also reduces reflections and further increases light transmission. The material has been chosen with care as well: the excellent BaK-4 glass material (barium crown glass) ensures that you always enjoy impressive detail resolution during your observations. Savour the view - with and without spectacles The Wave 10x25 binoculars show everyone the world’s most beautiful side, even with the aid of spectacles. Simply leave the twist-up eyecups screwed in - and the distance between your eyes and the eyepiece lenses is just right. In addition, the dioptre compensation corrects the difference between the visual acuity in the right and left eye. In order to allow you to enjoy the complete field of view while using spectacles, the Wave pocket binoculars are equipped with high-quality LE eyepieces with a raised eye point. Perfect overview while on the move – through the robust Wave 10x25 binoculars Slung loosely around your neck on the comfortable carrying strap, the lightweight pocket binoculars are your durable, sturdy partner for every outdoor activity. With the robust central focusing wheel made of metal, you can bring every interesting sight into focus in no time at all. Adverse weather conditions won't stop you from enjoying your outings? Perfect, because this is where the Wave binoculars show their weatherproof strengths: The waterproof housing guarantees that no liquid enters the binoculars, even during rainy and foggy weather conditions. And the inert gas filling prevents the lenses from fogging up from the inside during extreme temperature fluctuations. When not in use, the binoculars are safely stored in the nylon pouch - but only until the next fascinating eye-catcher appears before your lenses! Enjoy the view into the distance anytime and anywhere through the lightweight and compact BRESSER Wave 10x25 binoculars. FEATURES Compact pocket binoculars Magnification: 10x Lens diameter: 25 mm Field of view: 98 m at 1,000 m Prisms made of high quality BaK-4 glass material Fully multi-coated optical surfaces UR coating on the prism for brighter images Near focus: from 2 m Robust central focusing wheel made of metal Diopter adjustment: +/-3 Twist-up eyecups LE eyepieces for optimal observations with glasses Waterproof Charged with inert gas preventing lenses from fogging up SCOPE OF DELIVERY Binoculars Carrying case Protective lens caps Shoulder strap Instruction manual

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BRESSER LCD Student Microscope 8.9cm (3.5")
With its 8.9 cm (3.5") LCD monitor, this student microscope allows several people to view objects at the same time. The microscope can be used for both transmitted light and (limited) reflected light microscopy.You can take photos of your observations or record them as a movie. The device has a card slot for SD cards and a USB port (for transferring photos/videos saved on an SD card). The magnification is 50-500x, the digital magnification reaches up to 2,000x (4x digital zoom). It is supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories.Thanks to the integrated LED incident light illumination, even opaque objects can be viewed without time-consuming preparation. Objects up to 3mm high can be viewed, e.g. small insects, plant parts, sand and much more. This allows children in particular a quick and uncomplicated introduction into microscopy.Transmitted light microscopy then opens up the world of cells and microorganisms. It doesn't just have to be permanent specimens; an onion skin, tiny moss leaves or water plant leaves already clearly show the structure of the plant cells. Water samples from a pond, aquarium or watering can contain numerous ciliates, rotifers and other protozoa. There is a lot to discover with the BRESSER LCD microscope, and several people can always relax and observe on the screen at the same time.FEATURESType: Biological microscope for transmission/IncidentIllumination: LED, AC PowerColor filterwheel: red, green (bright, dark), yellow, blueCamera resolution: 5MPSCOPE OF DELIVERYMicroscope4x/10x/40x objectivesmechanical desk with noniusUSB cableColor filter wheel5 permanent samples / slides10 blank slides20 cover glassesLarge accessory pack with yeast, gum media, sea salt, artemia eggs, scissor, tweezers, pipette, 2 preparing needles, microtome, hatchery with magnifying lid

€199.00* €244.90* (18.74% saved)
BRESSER Bird/Small Animal-Camera SFC-1
Sunshine, fresh air, a nice drink and the birds are chirping at the birdhouse. What could be better than watching the bird or the squirrel? So that you can be even closer to the action, BRESSER has developed the bird and small animal camera. Experience your gardeners from a completely new perspective. Use the camera to shoot photos and / or videos of max. 1m distance. Equipped with a 940nm infrared LED illumination, this digital camera can be used both day and night for stunning close-up pics of the small animal. The camera has a motion sensor, with a range of about 1 m, which triggers the camera when an animal flies in front of the camera. Small movements of trees or shrubs are thus prevented. It is also suitable for all seasons due to its rainproof housing. Not only photos are possible with this camera. Also video recordings, optionally of 5.10, 20, 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5min in length, can be recorded. The camera can be used during the day (color images) and thanks to the infrared lighting during the night (black and white). The low power consumption ensures a long service life without having to constantly change the batteries. CHARACTERISTICS Infrared motion sensor allows photo and video recordings (16MP Photo, 1920x1080 24fps video, 1280x720 30fps, 640x480 30fps video) colored pictures by day, monochrome pictures by night 4 built-in infrared LEDs for bright pictures up to 1m away Fast 0.6 sec. tripping time low power consumption for long operating time (up to 12 months in stand-by mode) Tripod connection thread 1/4 '', SD card slot Mini USB port DELIVERY digital small animal camera USB cable assembly belt Mounting rod for mounting to your bird house incl. 6 fixing screws operation manual

€69.99* €145.00* (51.73% saved)
BRESSER Mobile Solar Charger 90 Watt with USB and DC output
Self-sufficient travel with the BRESSER solar charger Whether camping, sailing, trekking or swimming at the nearest lake – anyone who enjoys being outdoors for long periods of time does not want to do without their smartphone, tablet, powerbank, etc. But one question quickly arises: where can I find the nearest power socket? After all, every battery runs out and our practical everyday helpers can't manage without electricity. With the ultra-compact BRESSER solar charger, you simply use the power of the sun to charge your devices. The environmentally friendly solar energy is free of charge – and you remain independent of the power grid! Simply open it up, put it down and immediately produce green solar powerThe handling is very simple: unfold the solar panel and align it as perpendicularly as possible to the sun. Then connect the device to be charged to the solar charger, either with a suitable USB cable (not included) or with the included DC connection cable. The charging process begins immediately. Which devices can the solar panel charge? The solar charger gets all devices with a USB power supply connection or the above-mentioned DC power plug connection up and running again in no time – e.g. smartphones, tablets, power banks, portable playstations, MP4 players, GPS devices and Bluetooth headphones. It is also suitable for charging large power stations such as the BRESSER Power Station 100 Watt (art. no.3810000) and the BRESSER Power Station 500 Watt (art. no. 3810020) as well as power stations from other manufacturers with suitable connection values.Universal charger with flexible connection options Two black USB A sockets for normal charging and another orange USB A socket with QC3.0 standard for fast charging of newer generations of devices are available for powering your devices. An additional universal connection cable with a hollow DC plug 5.5/2.1 mm in diameter and 2.5 metres long, as well as 3 plug adapters (3.5/1.35 mm, 5.5/2.5 mm, 8.0/5.5/0.8 mm) are included in the scope of delivery. The polarity of the connectors is as follows: Inner contact = positive (+), outer contact = negative (-). How long does it take to charge a battery?Most modern devices with built-in batteries indicate the current charging status of the battery on a display or status LEDs. The charging process is also automatically terminated by the internal charger of the smartphone or tablet, etc., as soon as the battery is full.Nevertheless, it is helpful to know how long a full charge theoretically takes with an empty battery. This is the only way to choose the right solar panel model for the requirements of the devices you want to charge.Here is a short calculation: Divide the capacity of the battery (mAh) by the charging current of the charger (mA) and multiply this by a factor of 75. This then gives you the approximate charging time in minutes that is required to fully charge the battery at 100% sunshine duration.Example 1: A battery with a capacity of 3000mAh (3.0 Ah) and a charging current via 5 volt USB connection of 3400mA (3.4 amps). So 3000 : 3400 x 75 = 66 minutes. Dividing the result by 60 gives the charging time in hours: 1.1 hours.This means that an average smartphone can be fully charged in just about 1.1 hours with a 90-watt solar panel.   Example 2: A large power station battery with a capacity of 13000mAh (13.0 Ah) and a charging current via 18 volts DC plug connection of 5000mA (5.0 amps). So 13000 : 5000 x 75 = 195 minutes. Dividing the result by 60 gives the charging time in hours: 3.3 hours.This means that an average smartphone can be fully charged in just about 3.3 hours with a 90-watt solar panel.   Carabiner hook for attachment included In order to attach the solar panel securely to an object and align it perfectly with the sun, 4 sturdy snap hooks are included in the scope of delivery. Simply connect them to the riveted ring eyelets of the solar panel and use them to hang the solar charger stably, e.g. on a tent loop, a fence or other suitable holding points.Innovative solar cell technology with high efficiency Monocrystalline silicium cells ensure high efficiency and the fastest possible charging of the device batteries. This means maximum electricity yield per solar surface. As a result, you benefit from relatively high charging currents and short charging times with a compact design.Easy transportThanks to the modern and flat design, you can easily fold the individual segments of the solar panel into a small bag and stow it in your luggage while saving space. Always ready for the next spontaneous use.Robust, dust- and water-repellent materials The durable Cordura fabric is extremely tear-resistant but still flexible. It protects the valuable solar panel from damage and provides the necessary stability during use. The solar panel is dust- and water-repellent, it withstands most weather conditions and is your ideal companion for almost all outdoor activities. Nevertheless, the solar panel should not be exposed to direct rain or extreme humidity.IMPORTANT NOTESThe solar panel does not have an integrated charger or charge controller. Therefore, it is not suitable for directly charging loose battery cells or lead batteries. It is only suitable for smartphones, tablets and power banks, for example, because they always have built-in internal chargers.The solar panel does not have its own battery, but serves exclusively as a power source in sunshine for charging electronic devices.When connecting the devices to be charged via the DC bar plug, always ensure the required voltage and correct polarity. Otherwise, damage may occur to the electronics of the solar panel and the devices to be charged.Do not leave the solar panel outdoors at night with high humidity or in the rain. This could damage the internal electronics. FEATURESSolar panel with output power of max. 90 wattsSolar panel for charging battery-powered devicesSuitable for smartphones, tablets, power banks and larger power stations etc.Simply unfold, point towards the sun and the charging startsStay independent even without a 230-volt socketFree electricity through solar energyNo emissions and zero noiseConnection via 3 x USB A and DC hollow plug with adaptersIncludes one orange USB A jack with QC3.0 for fast chargingMonocrystalline silicium cells with high efficiencyEnables high charging currents and short charging timesCompact transport dimensions due to foldable designRobust, dust- and water-repellent materials Ideal for all outdoor activitiesSPECIFICATIONSOutput power of the solar panel: 90 wattsOutput voltage at the DC connection cable: 18 voltsOutput current at the DC connection cable: max. 5.0 ampsUSB A sockets: 2 x black USB and 1 x orange USB QC3.0 (for quick charging)Output voltage at the black USB A sockets: 5 voltsOutput current at the black USB A sockets: max. 3.1 ampsOutput voltage and current at the orange USB A QC3 socket: 5V3.4A/9V2.5A/12V2.0ADC connection cable length: 2.5 metresDC plug adapters: 3.5/1.35mm, 5.5/2.5mm, 8.0/5.5/0.8mmPolarity of DC connectors: inner contact = positive (+), outer contact = negative (-)Transport dimensions when folded: 520 x 370 x 45 mmDimensions when unfolded: 1280 x 520 x 35 mmWeight: 3.7 kgSCOPE OF DELIVERYSolar panel 90 Watt (1 piece)Carabiner hook (4 pieces)Integrated DC connection cable (1 piece)Plug adapter (3 pieces)User manual

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BRESSER BRM-300AM studio flash set 3x 300W
The BRESSER-BRM-300AM is a very compact and powerful studio flash with a variably adjustable lightning power of 1/32 up to a full power of 300 watts per second. This flash has a Bowens-S bayonet connector, so you can use a lot of standard accessories from BRESSER with the BRM-300AM. Thanks to the fast recharge time of 0.5 to 1.0 seconds, the flash is ready for use immediately. The housing is very robust and the 150W halogen lamp can be switched on and off.The rear of the BRM-300AM is equipped with a clear user interface and a special protection ensures that the flash does not overheat even in long-term use. The settings can be easily and quickly adjusted using the control buttons. The BRESSER-BRM-300AM studio flash is suitable for product and portrait photography. FEATURES Flash output of 300 watts per second Adjustable from 1/32 to full power Charging time from 0.5 to 1.0 second 150W halogen setting lamp - fully on or off Color temperature: 5300-5600K Bowens-S bayonet connection Comprehensive user interface overheating protection SCOPE OF DELIVERY 3x studio flash BRESSER BRM-300AM 3x tripod 200cm 3x Softbox 60x90cm 1x flash sync cable 3x adjustment lamp 150W 3x flash tube 300W 3x power cable 3x replacement fuse SPECIFICATIONS Model: BRM-300AM Power: 300WS Guide number: GN56 Charging time: 0.5 - 1.0 seconds Power range: 6 steps (1/32 - 1/1) Setting lamp: halogen, 150W Flash tube: JDD-7 300WS Color temperature: 5600K Range Photo Cell: about 10 meters Flash duration: 1/1000 - 1/2000 second Overheating protection: Yes Cooling: Yes Operating voltage: AC 220V - 240V @ 50Hz Fuse: T8 / 250V microfuse (5x20mm), 6.3A Warranty: 2 years

OPTUS 10x40 Compact Binoculars
Optical system: roof prism Lens coating: fully coated Magnification: 10x Objective diameter: 40 mm Field of view: 84 m / 1000 m Dimensions: 143 x 125 x 48 mm Weight: 306 g

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