BRESSER BR-LP10 Lens Cleaning Pencil

  • safe lens cleaning without scratches
  • Brushes for dust and lint
  • Polishing pad for removing fingerprints etc.


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Product number: F003270
GTIN/EAN: 4007922051222
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 34716369
Product information "BRESSER BR-LP10 Lens Cleaning Pencil"
When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the BRESSER BR-LP10 lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass.
With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side.

  • lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass
  • brush to remove dust on one side
  • polishing pad on the other side
  • 1x lens cleaning pencil
Colour: black
Material: Plastic

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BRESSER BR-LP15 Cleaning kit - 3 parts
With the 3-piece lens cleaning set you not only clean camera or binocular lenses, but also spectacles glasses and displays and screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. thoroughly and safely. When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass. With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side. Just blow away fluff with the bellows. FEATURES complete set for safe cleaning of camera lenses bellows for removing coarse dirt particles and fluff without scratching the lens lint-free microfibre cloth approx. 14,5x14,5cm lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x bellows 1x lens cleaning pen 1x microfiber cloth

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BRESSER BR-LP20 Cleaning kit 4-piece
With the 4-piece lens cleaning set you not only clean camera or binocular lenses, but also spectacles glasses and displays and screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. thoroughly and safely. Just blow away fluff with the bellows. Fine dust can be carefully removed with the brush. The cleaning fluid should only be used when the lens has been cleaned of all dirt particles. The fluid is free of alcohol or ammonia and therefore gentle to the lens coating. FEATURES complete set for safe cleaning of camera lenses bellows for removing coarse dirt particles and fluff without scratching the lens brush for removing small dirt particles 20 ml special lens cleaning liquid without alcohol and ammonia lint-free microfibre cloth approx. 19x18cm SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x rubber bellows 1x brush 1x bottle of cleaning liquid 1x microfiber cloth

BRESSER Super Quick easy-open Octabox, 65 cm with Bowens Connection
Ultra-fast assembly - also folds quickly without risk of trapped fingers. These are the advantages of the new BRESSER super quick soft boxes with a quick-release function. Unlike classical soft boxes, you do not need to spend a long time assembling individual components, which - once assembled - are very difficult to disassemble. In addition, compared with previous umbrella softboxes, the new, intuitive click-system requires less physical effort and keeps the fingers safe. The BRESSER Super Quick softboxes are ideal for photographers who need a space-saving solution for their studio or a quick, uncomplicated and transportable model for frequent on-location shooting. They are available in a range of different sizes and come with connections for different studio flash models. FEATURES 65 cm octabox Compatible with studio flashes with an S-bayonet connection New click system for quick and injury-free assembly and disassembly Premium design with stable metal beams Hook and loop fasteners for securing inner and outer diffusers WHAT’S INCLUDED 1x octabox, 65 cm with S-bayonet connection 1x inner diffuse cloth 1x outer diffuser cloth Protective case with carrying cord

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With the tripod adapter with two angle joints you can align your connected studio accessories particularly flexibly. Thanks to the detachable accessory shoe , it is not only suitable as a flash holder with integrated screen connection for transmitted light or reflection screens. On both sides of the adapter there are 5/8 "openings, as well as a Spigotadapter. FEATURES adapter for connecting studio accessories to lamp stands double angle joints accessory Shoe studio shield connection SCOPE OF DELIVERY tripod adapter with double tilt accessory shoe on spigot adapter with 3/8 "external thread spigo adapter (1/4 "female, 3/8" female)

BRESSER Super Quick Octabox 120 cm with Bowens connection
​The BRESSER Super Quick Octabox can be set up just as quick as it can be folded - without jamming your fingers or using too much force.As a compact light former, it is ready for use on location or in the photo studio in no time at all. Perfect when things have to happen quickly.With their octagonal shape, the BRESSER Quick Octagon Softboxes provide soft light similar to the sun. They are especially for beauty and fashion photography. Using the inner and outer diffuser, an even illumination is created. And with the silver-coloured coating on the inside of the Octabox, high-contrast and creative effects can be achieved in portrait photography.The Octabox can be quickly stowed away in the supplied carrying case to save space in your photographic luggage.BRESSER Super Quick Octaboxes are available in different sizes and for different studio flashes. And with the optionally available grids, the possibilities are endless.NOTE: To fold the softbox, lift the struts slightly and then press the leverPROPERTIES120 cm universal Octagon softboxBowens bayonet mountQuick-Fit quick-clamping functionStrong metal ribs with click systemVelcro fastener for attaching the inner and outer diffuserSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Octabox, 120 cm with bayonet connection1x Inner diffuser cloth1x Outer diffuser cloth1x Protective cover

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BRESSER BR-PC4 Pump Cup Suction Pod loadable up to 10 kg
For wobble-free pictures where traditional tripods cannot be used. The BRESSER BR-PC4 suction pod allows you to attach your camera to smooth, non-greasy surfaces such as glass panes and mirrors. Requires an additional suitable tripod head with 1/4'' connection thread. APPLICATION Place the suction pod on a flat, clean surface Press the pump button several times until you can no longer see the red line Check that it is secure before attaching your camera To release the suction pod, press both rubber nipples forcefully towards the centre of the suction cup FEATURES Suction pod with a maximum load capacity of 10 kg Firm grip on smooth, non-greasy surfaces 1/4'' screw for attachment of a tripod head Diameter: 120 mm Height: 55 mm Weight: 280 grammes WHAT’S INCLUDED1x suction pod 1x protective cover for the suction cup

BRESSER Honeycomb for Super Quick Octabox 90 cm
The BRESSER honeycomb for our popular Super Quick Octaboxes in various sizes reduces stray light.With a honeycomb you rely on more targeted light guidance and bundled light. This bundling of the light beam enables impressive light-shadow-accents in portrait photography.But also in product photography the motifs can be perfectly staged with the help of the honeycomb grid.The BRESSER honeycombs for softboxes are quickly and easily attached to the edge of the Octagon softbox with a Velcro fastener. In this way, further creative possibilities for lighting in photography are opened up in no time at all.PROPERTIESHoneycomb for the BRESSER Super Quick Octagon 90 cmMore control and creativityVelcro fastenerCompact sizeVery user-friendlySCOPE OF DELIVERYBRESSER Honeycomb Quick Octagon 90 cm

BRESSER T-16 Photo Studio Trigger Set
More flexibility in the professional photo studio and on location.The newly developed BRESSER T-16 radio trigger in this practical set enables the tiggering of photo studio flashes on 16 channels without disturbing synchronization cables. With the transmitter attached to the camera's hot shoe and the receiver powered via the flash's mains cable, the flash is controlled by triggering the camera.The easy-to-use trigger set for studio flashes convinces with a range of approx. 20 m indoors and 30 m outdoors. The radio trigger set offers full flexibility with the PC or flash cable included in the scope of delivery. With this connection option, photographers who own a camera without centre contact, such as medium format cameras or older system cameras, also benefit fully from the BRESSER T-16 Trigger Set.FEATURESIndoor range: 20 mOutdoor range: 30 mFrequency: 433 MhzNumber of channels: 16Synchronisation speed: 1/200 sPower supply transmitter: 12V23 batteryPower supply receiver: Flash power cable AC 220-240VSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x BRESSER T-16 transmitter1x BRESSER T-16 Receiver1x PC/Camera Synchronisation cable1x Jack plug converter


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BRESSER Digital Night Vision Binoculars 3x Nightlux 200 Pro
Note: Built-in infrared illumination not suitable for military purposes. With the BRESSER Digital Night Vision Binoculars 3x Nightlux 200 Pro you always have a clear view, even in poor lighting conditions and complete darkness. The built-in 850 nm infrared lighting can be adjusted according to the environment due to the 7 different brightness levels. Thus, you can see up to 200 m at night or in dark surroundings and up to 500 m during the day. Is the object you are watching despite the 3x magnification still too far away to observe properly? Then use the up to 2x digital zoom to see more details. In order to enjoy a sharp image on the LC display inside the night vision device, simply adjust the focus by turning the focus wheel. You can also set the screen brightness to 9 different levels, which can reduce eye strain during long-term observations. Capture moving moments - with the digital night vision binoculars You can use your night vision device to easily take photos and videos. To save your pictures and recordings, the device offers a slot for microSD cards from 4 to 32 GB (not included). With the tripod connection thread the digital night vision goggles can be attached to a tripod in no time, guaranteeing shake-free images and comfortable observations. If there is nothing left worth seeing or taking pictures of, simply put your night vision device into the bag included in the scope of delivery. It is safely stored there - until your next nocturnal discoveries. With the BRESSER Digital Night Vision Binoculars 3x Nightlux 200 Pro you can easily observe what lies in the dark. PROPERTIESProduct for civilian use only Digital night vision device Can take photos and record videos VGA sensor with 300 pixels 3x magnification 2x digital zoom Maximum magnification including zoom: 6x Built-in infrared illumination (850 nm) Range: up to 200 m (at night use) Slot for microSD card (4-32 GB) (not included!) With tripod connection thread Battery operated (8x AA batteries) (not included!) Battery life: up to 6 hours (at night use) Dimensions: approx. 160 x 200 x 60 mm / weight: 529 g SCOPE OF DELIVERYDigital night vision binoculars Bag Carrying strap Instruction manual

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BRESSER Spezial Astro 25x70 Binoculars
SPEZIAL ASTRO binoculars from BRESSER are ideal for astronomy and landscape observation. Thanks to fully multi coated Bak-4 glass material and the extra large objective lens diameter, these binoculars provide bright and high resolution images.The high 25x magnification it is convenient not only for observing astronomical objects, but is also practical for viewing distant terrestrial objects too. Due to a very high reduction of stray light, by multi coating all air to glass surfaces, the binoculars deliver the best possible performance and excellent contrast.Diopter compensation and foldable rubber eyecups give eye glass wearers the possibility of making the best use of these optics’ field of view. With the tripod thread in the lengthened centre axis, the SPEZIAL ASTRO can be mounted onto any photographic tripod. For tripod use you need the optional available tripod adapter (part No. 4914925). The use of a tripod is highly recommended with these binoculars, as at the high magnification of 25x it's difficult to maintain a steady image by hand holding (though this is possible for short periods).FEATURESBinoculars for astronomical and long distance observationsExtremely high light gathering capacity High magnification for distant objectsMagnification: 25x / objective lens diameter: 70mmFully multi coated / tripod thread availableDimensions: 275x205x82mm / weight: 1300gTripod thread availableWHAT'S INCLUDEDBinocularNeckstrapDust coversCaseInstruction manual


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The Bresser BR-S60RGB LED Light is a powerful 60W RGB LED panel with a wide range of features for both indoor and outdoor photography and video shooting. Thanks to the latest LED technology, the power output is high and ideal for both video and photo shooting. The Bresser BR-S60RGB provides an even and flawless light source, perfect for achieving high illumination at a distance. Suitable for various purposes such as live streaming, portrait photography, product photography, interview lighting and video recording. CCT mode offers variable colour temperature with a range of 2700 to as much as 10,000K. The high CRI/TLCI values of 95+ and 98+ respectively guarantee superior colour reproduction accuracy. Brightness is flicker-free adjustable from 0 to 100% so that light can be metered very precisely. HSI mode offers quick and instant adjustment of hue, saturation and intensity and enables the display of 36,000 colours. Experience full control from your smartphone. Although you can make adjustments locally on the video lamp, you can also change these settings wirelessly up to a distance of 30 metres with an optional 2.4G remote control. In addition, the lamp features bluetooth so it can be controlled via APP Control. The BR-S60RGB can also be controlled via DMX512. Once connected to the APP, the lamp can be controlled from a distance of more than 100 metres. All settings, such as: colour temperature and brightness, among others, can be easily and quickly adjusted. Moreover, one also has immediate access to all 20 pre-programmed scenario effects, 188 LEE presets from the 600-series, 700-series and colour correction filters. There are 122 ROSCO filter presets to use such as: calccolor, cinelux, colourcorrectoon and storaro-selection. One can completely let creativity run wild by using the 20 built-in lighting effects. These include: Welding / Pulsing / Campfifire / Lightning / Explosion / TV / Candle / Fault Bulb / Breathe / Paparazzi / SOS / Flame / Fade / Cop Car / Party / Fireworks / Disco / Ambulance / Fire Siren / RGB Loop. The lamp features a high-quality metal armature that is both durable and helps dissipate heat quickly and efficiently. The Bresser BR-S60RGB runs on mains power or on an optionally available V-Lock battery. The set comes with a practical and carrying case that protects the equipment from bumps and drops, ideal for transport and storage. FEATURES Multi-purpose LED studio light Suitable for photo and videography Output of 60 W Beam angle 140° Number of LEDs: 900 CCT mode with bi-colour function Colour temperature CCT mode 2700K - 10,000K (±200) RGBCW / HSI mode 360° Colour setting 360° Full Colour Ambient Lighting 0-360° Hue Adjustment 0-100% Color Saturation 0-100% Brightness Adjustment Stepless and flicker-free dimming from 0-100% 20 Pre-programmed lighting effects DMX512 Connection (RJ45 interface) High quality CRI of 95+ High quality TLCI of 98+ SCOPE OF DELIVERY Bresser BR-S60RGB LED light (round) Mains cable U-shaped tripod mount Manual

BRESSER JUNIOR Experiment Set Microscopy Starter Set
BRESSER JUNIOR - experience the world of optics with easeThis great starter set allows you to discover the world of the microcosm with your microscope! 24 different preparations are at your disposal to do exciting research & experiments. Examine for example an onion skin, a shrimp egg, a rabbit hair or even a wing of a grasshopper! FEATURES 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 different permanent preparations1. Animals: Mouse fur, Hare hair, Dog hair, Sheep hair2. Plants: Arachis hypogaea stem, Ficus leaf, Onion rind, Silver berry scaly hair3. Insects: Bee abdomen, Leg of honey bee, Wing of locust, House fly leg4. Textile Fibres: Colored threads, Handmade paper, Fingerprints, Bemberg5. Pollens & Spore: Pollen of lily, Pine tree pollen, Bottle brush spore, Fern spore6. Tiny Creatures: Plant louse, Ant, Shrimp egg, Daphniachild-friendly packaging SCOPE OF DELIVERYExperimental set incl. 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 specimensinstructionmanual

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BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope with Magnification 40x-2000x
The BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope has up to 2000x magnification and a new innovative Smartphone Mount that allows you to take photos through the microscope.To ensure you're fully equipped, the accessories included provide the perfect introductory equipment. This includes, among other things, two wide-field eyepieces, a colour filter disk, many slides and storage containers. With its elegant Bresser design, the microscope has many useful features .The adjustable LED illumination can be used as an incident light for viewing opaque objects and as transmitted light for viewing transparent objects.FEATURESIntroductory microscopeMagnification: 40x-2000xLenses: 4x/10x/40xOculars: WF25x/ WF10xComprehensive accessoriesIncludes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia)Battery powered: 3x AA batteries (not included)SCOPE OF DELIVERYMicroscopeSmartphone mountWide field eyepieces: WF25x/ WF10x2x Barlow lensColour filter diskBox with slides, storage caseExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt Preparation setInstruction manual

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