BRESSER Dew-Shield for MCX102 GpTo telescopes

Dew-Shield for MCX102

  • Prevents fogging of the front lens
  • Reduces reflections caused by stray light
  • Protects the front lens of the telescope
  • Use in humid/cool conditions
  • Suitable for BRESSER MCX102 Goto telescopes


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Product information "BRESSER Dew-Shield for MCX102 GpTo telescopes "
Each dew shield threads into the front lens cell and effectively inhibits the formation of dew on the lens surface in humid/cool observation conditions. Reduces reflections caused by scattered light incident from the side. Protects the front lens from accidental contact and scratches. 

  • Prevents fogging of the front lens 
  • Reduces reflections caused by stray light 
  • Protects the front lens of the telescope 
  • Use in humid/cool conditions 
  • Suitable for BRESSER MCX102 Goto telescopes 
  • Easy to screw into the telescopic tube 
  • Length: 110mm , weight: 100g 

  • Dew cap, 1 piece
Colour: black
Material: Plastic


BRESSER Messier MCX-102 GoTo Telescope EQ/AZ
NEW - now including a high-quality aperture Solar-filter for safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. Great telescope for night and solar observation.The MESSIER MCX-102 telescope is your own small observatory with GoTo computer control. Easy to operate, easy to transport and universally use.  Observe moon, planets, galaxies and nebulae through the proven BRESSER Maksutov-Cassegrain optics. The main features of this optics are a sharp and high-contrast image, as well as the very compact and sealed tube design. An all-round telescope for all fast spotting lovers ! Goto systems play an important role in the world of amateur astronomy as they ensure that users spend less time searching for celestrial objects and more time observing and photographing. The BRESSER Messier GoTo control, allows you to operate your telescope with the included computer handbox. After entering the basic data such as date, time and location, at least 1 known reference star is approached and confirmed. Afterwards, you can choose your favourite objects from the integrated database and let the MCX telescope move to and track them automatically. It couldn't be simpler! One of the outstanding features of the MCX telescopes is the very solid fork mount made of die-cast aluminium and the universal field tripod made of stainless steel. Both guarantee a safe stand and as little unwanted vibrations as possible during observation. In addition, the drives in both axes are equipped with precision ball bearings and precision worm gears made of steel and brass. This ensures smooth and quiet star tracking. Adapt your smartphone camera directly behind the SPL26mm eyepiece using the included smartphone holder or mount your camera on the M35 threaded connector and take astro photos of the moon and planets. The 90° flip mirror at the back of the telescope allows a quick and comfortable change between using an eyepiece or a camera.  You'll be amazed at what this MCX telescope can do with little effort.When it comes to tracking the stars with a telescope or camera, there is nothing comparable to the precision of a German equatorial or parallactic mount. It is important to follow the objects as precise as possible when they rise in the east and sink in the west. For observers it is very easy to keep their celestial object in the middle of the eyepiece for a longer time with a German equatorial/parallactic mount. This possibility of setup  (EQ mode) is already included in your new MCX telescope. The so-called polar wedge on the tripod head can be tilted accordingly and adjusted to the latitude of your location. You can therefore quickly switch between these two types of installation (AZ/EQ) - without having to buy extra accessories! Also a fast use of the MCX telescope without tripod only as a table device is possible !  This telescope combines so many good characteristics that the purchase is really worthwhile. You will be inspired! FEATURES Universal and compact entry-level telescope with GoTo function Easy operation and transport High-resolution and proven BRESSER Maksutov-Cassegrain optics Aperture diameter: 102mm , focal length 1470mm FMC fully coated optics for a brighter image Solid die-cast aluminium fork mounting with drive motors in both axes Proven Goto control for navigation in the starry sky Computer hand box with very large and illuminated display Multilingual menu navigation in DE, GB, FR, ES, IT Sturdy stainless steel tripod with polar wedge (AZ+EQ mode possible) Can also be used without a tripod as a table-top unit Flip mirror 90° - quick change between eyepiece and camera possible Battery compartment integrated in the base for 8 x AA batteries (Batt. not included) Integrated circular bubble for easy leveling Enlarged primary mirror (116mm) for a brighter image Precise worm gears made of steel/brass in both axes Manual gear clamps in both axes Smartphone holder included for photography through the telescope LED red dot finder with CR-2032 battery included BRESSER Super Plössl eyepiece 26mm (1.25") included (56x) Eyepiece shaft diameter: 31.7mm (1.25") Camera connection thread: M35 x 1 mm External connection for 12 Volt power supply: Yes Adjustable working height on tripod: 105 - 155cm Recommended magnifications: 36x - 204x Telescope for night and solar observationSCOPE OF DELIVERY Optical MCX Tube in Fork Mount GoTo Computer Handbox with Hand Strap Field tripod with polar wedge AZ/EQ Smartphone holder for photography through the telescope BRESSER Super Plössl eyepiece 26mm (1.25") LED red dot finder, objective dust cap, Aperture solar-filterInstruction manual 


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This reflecting telescope shows not only the big planets, but also bright deep-sky objects when you are observing under dark skies. Fully equipped, and with a mount that is easy to use, this telescope is ideal for a beginner that has no astronomical knowledge, but wants to immerse him or herself in space. Explore the moons and cloud bands of Jupiter or the majestic rings of Saturn, or find other galaxies, star clusters and nebula on a moonless night. Please note: Reflector telescopes with optical design “Newton” are very good for astronomical observing at the starry night sky. But these telescopes are not well usable for observing landscape and nature during daylight. Therefore we suggest refractor (lens) telescopes for landscape and nature observing. FEATURESreflector telescope for beginnersobservation of the planets and bright deep sky objectsaltazimuth mountSCOPE OF DELIVERYtelescopaltazimuth mount with tripodeyepieces (4 mm, 9 mm, 25 mm)finder scope 6x30erecting lens 1,5xBarlow lens 3x

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BRESSER Classic 60/900 AZ Refractor Telescope
60 Years BRESSER 1957-2017 Anniversary Edition - BRESSER Classic long focal length Refractor telescopesObserving the night sky through the BRESSER Classic telescope like Galilieo Galilei or Joseph von Fraunhofer centuries ago is a very special experience. Gaze at the craters of the moon or detect the rings of Saturn with your BRESSER Classic. The telescope is equipped with an alt-azimuth mount and provides exquisite views onto the surface of earth's neighbour, the moon. The sharp optics and low weight of the BRESSER Classic make it a versatile beginner's telescope for the young and young at heart astro amateur. The classical lens system with a diameter of 60mm and a focal length of 900 mm yields excellent image quality. The alt-azimuth mounting with vertical adjustment and rugged aluminium tripod perfectly round off this beginner's set.With the including smartphone camera holder you are able to capture your observation objects and share it with your friends, family etc. The alt-azimuth mount of this refractor telescope ensures an easy and quick introduction to astronomy. This telescope is particularly suited to observing celestial bodies in our solar system such as the moon or the nearer planets. The attached accessories and the astronomy software included mean beginners can rapidly achieve success.FEATURES beginner's set with all necessary accessories to start observing immediatelyoptical system: achromatic refractoralt-azimuth mountastronomy software for an easy start into astronomy even for absolute beginnersSCOPE OF DELIVERYtelescopealt-azimuth mount5x24 viewfinderErecting lens 1,5x diagonal mirror  1.25" (31,7 mm)eyepieces 1.25" (31,7 mm): 4mm, 12,5mm und 20mmaluminium tripod with accessory trayastronomy software (download version)smartphone camera adaptermanual

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BRESSER Computer Cable for Remote Control of MCX Goto Telescopes and EXOS-II EQ Goto Mounts
For remote control of a BRESSER MCX 102/127 Goto Telescope or a BRESSER EXOS-II EQ Goto Mount via computer cable. Navigate your telescope comfortably with navigation software and Windows 10 computer. One click on the star map on the computer and the telescope is positioned on the desired object. NOTES(This list is exemplary and not exhaustive)To control a BRESSER MCX Goto telescope, no software update of the Computer Handbox is required. A direct use is therefore possible. To control a BRESSER EXOS-II EQ Goto mount, the Computer Handbox must be updated to software version v2.3 with the help of this computer cable set. This cable set is not suitable for the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC EXOS-2 with PMC-Eight Goto. This set does not include navigation software and computer. DOWNLOAD NAVIGATION SOFTWARE (alternatively)Sky Map Pro Demo: Map Pro ASCOM PLUG-in: Carte Du Ciel: FEATURESConnects a BRESSER MCX102/127 Goto to a PC Connects a BRESSER EXOS-II Goto to a PC Comfortable control by computer USB to serial adapter included Required firmware update for EXOS-II included Compatible with WIN 10 + 11SCOPE OF DELIVERYRS-232 computer cable USB 2.0 to RS-232 adapter + driver CD-Rom Firmware v2.3 for EXOS-II Goto Handbox Flash Utility Software for Handbox Update ASCOM driver for BRESSER MCX/EXOS-II Goto Operating instructions

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BRESSER BR-LP15 Cleaning kit - 3 parts
With the 3-piece lens cleaning set you not only clean camera or binocular lenses, but also spectacles glasses and displays and screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. thoroughly and safely. When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass. With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side. Just blow away fluff with the bellows. FEATURES complete set for safe cleaning of camera lenses bellows for removing coarse dirt particles and fluff without scratching the lens lint-free microfibre cloth approx. 14,5x14,5cm lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x bellows 1x lens cleaning pen 1x microfiber cloth

BRESSER First Light AR-102/1000
The BRESSER First Light AR-102/1000 telescope is ideal for both ambitious beginners and experienced astronomers. Discover the stunning features of Orion Nebula, which is located at a distance of 1500 light years (14,200,000,000,000 km) from earth! The stable mount keeps the telescope stable, even at higher magnifications. Thanks to the high-quality mechanics, you can take your own photos of the moon and marvel at the dividing line between night and day (terminator). The refractor telescope features an equatorial mount (also called a parallactic mount). Thanks to this two-axis mechanism, it is possible to compensate for the rotation of the earth, enabling you to precisely track your desired celestial object. The telescope also comes with a wide range of accessories for exploring the night sky, including a prism for an upright and laterally correct image. FEATURES High-quality achromatic refracting telescope Diameter: 102 mm / Focal length: 1000 mm F/9.8 EQ-3 equatorial mount Height-adjustable tripod with accessory shelf Made primarily of metal Excellent focuser Prism for an upright and laterally correct image Includes wide range of accessoriesDELIVERY CONTENT First Light AR-102/1000 optical tube EQ3 mount Tripod with accessory shelf 2 eyepieces (PL10 & PL25) LED red dot finder 90° upright prism 3x Barlow lens Smartphone holder

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BRESSER Spica Plus 130/1000 EQ reflector telescope incl. accessories set
Featuring a large mirror with a high focal length, this telescope allows you to observe a wide range of night sky objects. Thanks to the catadioptric system (integrated Barlow lens), the tube has a short design-despite the high focal length-making the telescope highly portable. The BRESSER Spica Plus also comes with high-performance mechanics, including a premium equatorial mount that allows you to set up the telescope in no time. A focuser is attached to the side of the tube, as is standard on a Newtonian reflector telescope. It comes with two eyepieces for observing at different magnifications. Explore the planets of our solar system and discover new worlds. And if you’d like to capture your observations to share with others, you can take photos through the telescope using the supplied smartphone camera adapter. Please note that Newtonian reflecting telescopes are ideal for astronomical observations, but are not suitable for observing wildlife and landscapes. For observing wildlife and landscapes, we recommend BRESSER refracting telescopes.FEATURESTelescope for observing the night sky and the sunOptical system: Newton reflectorMax. useful magnification: 260xLens diameter: 130 mm Focal length: 1000 mm Aperture ratio: f/7.7Mount: Equatorial mountEyepiece diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25”) DELIVERY CONTENTTelescope with mountLens sun filterMoon and planet filter set (4 pcs)Eyepieces: 4 mm, 20 mmLED finder scope3x Barlow lensSmartphone cameraAluminium tripod Accessory trayAstro R-Lite torch

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BRESSER Arcturus 60/700 AZ - Refractor Telescope with Smartphone Adapter & Solar Filter
Set up and start being amazed right away: the BRESSER Arcturus 60/700 AZ lens telescope takes you one step closer to the fascinating world of planets and star clusters. The complete astronomy set includes everything you need for your immediate start in celestial observation: an astronomical lens telescope with 60 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length, an azimuthal mount, a tripod and many accessories. The system is very easy to use – perfect for introducing children to the exciting hobby of astronomy. Simply an astronomical classic – the telescope A well-tried principle: this classic lens telescope – also called an achromatic refractor of the Fraunhofer type – shows beginners and children the beauties of the night sky. The starter telescope offers good imaging properties thanks to its modern, precisely coated optics. The large focal ratio of about 1 to 11.7 (F/11.7), which results from the ratio of the 60 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length, delivers sharp images with good contrast. Ideal for exploring our Moon, the planets, but also open star clusters and globular clusters with your own eyes. But how big do these celestial objects appear? With its resolving power determined by the aperture size, the telescope easily delivers really sharp images up to about 120x magnification. Technically, even more is possible using this beginner’s telescope – theoretically up to 525x with the included accessories. However, as the magnification increases, the image usually becomes more and more blurred. In addition, the telescope is not the only factor determining the possible magnification. The air turbulence in the atmosphere is always an important criterion as well (seeing conditions). Your foundation for moving observations – mount and tripod Once you have found the right location for your astronomical adventures, attach your telescope to the height-adjustable aluminium tripod with azimuthal mount. The easy handling of this azimuthal mount allows you to move effortlessly from one astronomical sight to the next. Simply swing the starter telescope manually to the left and right, up and down – just like a normal photo tripod. In order to keep eyepieces, solar filters etc. within reach at all times, just place your accessories on the practical storage plate between the tripod legs. Everything for your astro quickstart – the accessories In order to enable you to see as much as possible, the beginner’s telescope comes with an extensive range of accessories. With the LED viewfinder, for example, you can keep track of the sky. It’s a direction finder that you mount parallel to the actual telescope. It projects a red dot onto a small ground-glass screen. When you look through it, the red dot appears to be floating in front of the sky, exactly where the optics of your telescope are pointing. This makes it easier to find celestial objects and to align the telescope accurately – just before you look more closely with the higher magnification. And how high that is, you determine by choosing the appropriate eyepiece. Two are already included in the set: 4 mm and 20 mm. Moreover, you can triple the magnification of the eyepieces with the 3x Barlow-lens. If at some point you want to extend your field of view with additional eyepieces, this poses no problem at all. The socket diameter of 1.25 inch (31.7 mm) corresponds to an international and manufacturer-independent standard. This offers you a wide choice of optional eyepieces you can use with your telescope. For you to direct your gaze comfortably to star clusters and planets, the 90-degree diagonal mirror allows you to easily look into the starter telescope. This way you don't have to lie down under the entry-level telescope when the optics are pointing at the sky. Instead, you just look in from the side. However, not only the night holds numerous interesting sights for us. During the day, especially our nearest star is worth a look. So take the solar-filter and direct your gaze safely at sunspots and granulation on the Sun. WARNING: Never point the telescope at the Sun without the solar filter! If you want to capture and share your discoveries, just take photos of the Moon, Sun and more using the included smartphone adapter. FEATURES Beginner’s telescope for astronomy 60 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length Achromatic refractor type Fraunhofer Ideal for observing the Sun, Moon, planets and star clusters Height-adjustable tripod with azimuthal mount Easy to use, therefore suitable for children Focal ratio F=11.7, thus sharp image and high contrast Two eyepieces and one Barlow lens with 31.7 mm (1.25 inch) sockets for different magnifications Safe solar observation with the included solar-filter First steps in astrophotography with smartphone-camera-adapter SCOPE OF DELIVERY Starter lens telescope Aluminium tripod Azimuthal mount Eyepieces: 4 mm and 20 mm (1.25 inch sockets) Barlow-lens 3x (1.25 inch socket) Star diagonal mirror LED red dot finder Solar-filter Smartphone camera adapter Accessory tray Astronomy software for download Instruction manual

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 82° Ar Eyepiece 11mm (1,25")
Explore Scientific 82° Series™ extreme wide field eyepieces are optimized to produce high contrast, high resolution, and superior flat field characteristics. The visual effect of these eyepieces with their long eye-relief and their 82° apparent field is truly a full-immersion experience. Your eye is relaxed, allowing you to easily use the "averted vision" technique to study faint details across a huge field-of-view. The 82° Series eyepieces come with a twist-up rubber eye-guard that raise to the desired height for the comfort of the observer, and as experienced astronomers know, eye comfort is critical when trying to observe at the visual limits of the telescope. To keep internal reflections to a minimum, all internal surfaces of the eyepiece barrel are flat black, as well as the edges of the lenses themselves to minimize the scattering of light within the lenses themselves. All 82° Series eyepieces are fully multi-coated and edge-blackened to produce maximum contrast.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 90/900 Refractor Telescope EQ3
The 90/900 refractor telescope is a classic achromatic refractor and can be used for either astronomy or nature observations (e.g. of wild animals). The long focal length (900 mm) makes the telescope a specialist for observing the Moon, planets and bright objects outside our solar system. Saturn's majestic rings and giant storms on Jupiter can be seen, as well as the brighter emission nebulae, galaxies and star clusters if you observe on a dark, moonless night away from city lights. The sturdy equatorial mount can be aligned to the Pole Star, Polaris, and makes tracking objects by hand child's play.Three eyepieces, a 20mm, 12.5mm and 4mm, giving 45x, 72x and 225x magnification respectively, are included and also a 3x Barlow lens and Moon filter as standard.  A red LED reflex finder, once aligned to the telescope's main optical axis, will help you find your way to a huge array of potential targets for observation in the night time sky.The EQ3 mount is provided with slow motion flexible cables to help you follow objects accurately and compensate for the effects of the Earth's rotation.  The mount can also be upgraded to a simple RA motor tracking kit with additional purchase.FEATURESOptical System: Achromatic RefractorLens diameter: 90mmFocal length: 900mmMagnification: 45x-675xMount: EQ3, equatorialTripod: Aluminium with accessory trayWHAT'S INCLUDED OTAMountAluminium tripodEyepieces 31.7mm (1.25"): H-20mm, H-12mm, SR-4mm3x Barlow LensMoon filterLED viewfinderStar map

€195.99* €299.90* (34.65% saved)
BRESSER JUNIOR Refractor Telescope 70/900 EL
Observing the stars like a professional - very easy with the BRESSER JUNIOR refractor telescope 70/700 EL. It is a complete system for the exploration of the wonders of the universe, consisting of telescope, mount, tripod and all accessories needed. With an aperture of 70 mm it reveils already many details of celestial objects. The mount can not only swing the telescope left / right and up / down, it can also be used in a so-called equatorial mode, as scientists do in their observatories (see further under Special features). An additional finder scope mounted on the telescope is useful for locating celestial objects. With the erecting lens many exciting things in the environment can also be seen during daytime. With the height-adjustable tripod, the telescope can each be brought to an optimal height for large or small observers. The supplied diagonal mirror ensures a comfortable viewing. At night the moon and planets may like Saturn and Jupiter can be explored. But thanks to the 70 mm wide aperture of the telescope also many celestial objects outside our solar system are within the reach of this telescope. Star clusters many light years away and nebula impress young and old stargazers. SPECIAL FEATURESMounting with wedge: At first glance, the NG mount of the refractor telescope 90/700 NG is a very ordinary azimuth mount: an axis for left / right and one for up / down, as we know it from normal camera tripods. This mode makes sense especially with observations during the day. With the built-in wedge it can be tilted, so the whole mount can be converted to an equatorial mount for astronomy with a single operation. For use of the equatorial mount an axis is aligned with the North Star. When tracking a celestial object only a single axis needs to be moved, which clearly is a relief compared to tracking an object on the night sky with mounts that only have left / right and up / down axis. FEATURESideal beginner's setsuitable for lunar, planetary and nature observationsmount can be used in two ways: alt-azimuth and equatorialSCOPE OF DELIVERYrefractor telescope 70/900three eyepieces: 4 mm (225x), 12 mm (75x) and 20 mm (45x)heigth-adjustable aluminium tripod with accessory tray1.5x errecting lens for a laterally correct and upright imageNG mountfinderscope 6 x 25astronomy software for PC90° diagonal mirror

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Light Shroud 16" Ultra Light Dobson
Keep out stray and unwanted light from your 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian telescope with a lightweight light shroud. Keeping the path dark between your secondary and primary mirror will boost image contrast and brightness bringing out more details. Constructed of opaque black nylon with excellent stretch, each end of our DOB light shroud has an elastic band to keep the shroud in place and allow for an easy fit and installation. Breathable nylon will let air circulate and yet keep dust away, keeping your optics clear and avoiding any unnecessary pressure from the breeze. A must have for the suburban observer where stray light interferes.FEATURESKeep out stray and unwanted light Boost image contrast and brightnessBringing out more details Keep dust away; avoiding pressure from the breezeBlack nylon with excellent stretch Fits for 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian telescopeSCOPE OF DELIVERY1 pc Light Shroud 16"

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Iluminos Stripe headlamp with LED strip
Ideal for walks, fishing or outdoor sports - the ultra-bright NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Iluminos Stripe headlamp will help you to see your surroundings in the dark. The head lamp comes with two separate lights: depending on the surroundings, you can switch between the ultra-bright 300 lm LED strip or the 90 lm LED spotlight. Both lights have two different brightness levels. The headlamp also features an SOS function. Light in an instant - with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC headlamp. Don't have time to search for the on/off switch? The headlamp comes with an IR sensor that allows you to turn the light on or off by moving your hand. It also features a comfortable design: Thanks to the lightweight construction and flexible, adjustable headband designed for all head sizes, the headlamp provides a comfortable fit. Recharging is also easy: simply use the supplied USB-C cable to connect the built-in battery to a computer or a mains socket (via an optional adapter). What are you waiting for? The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Iluminos Stripe headlamp - the perfect companion for your outdoor activities! FEATURES Headlamp with 300 lm LED strip and 90 lm LED spotlight Adjustable brightness and SOS function IR sensor - switches on and off via hand movement Flexible and adjustable headband Lightweight design - weighs only 69 grams Built-in battery, rechargeable via USB-C cable DELIVERY CONTENT Iluminos Stripe headlamp USB-C cable Instruction manual

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