BRESSER BR-TS14 Camera Flash Bracket with S-Bayonet Accessory Adapter

High-quality camera flash bracket with tripod connection

  • Camera flash bracket with tripod connection
  • S bayonet adapter for numerous flash attachments
  • Studio umbrella holder, tilt head
  • Tripod connection (5/8", 1/4" and 3/4" thread)
  • Scope of delivery: flash bracket, spigot adapter, bag


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: F000361
GTIN/EAN: 4007922018447
Product information "BRESSER BR-TS14 Camera Flash Bracket with S-Bayonet Accessory Adapter"
A strong and versatile camera flash bracket with tripod connection and S-Bayonet adapter for numerous flash accessories such as snoots, reflectors or softboxs. 

The bracket has a height adjustable flash shoe to attach the camera flash. Thanks to the tripod connection you can put the camera flash comfortably onto a light stand. 

The flash bracket is also equipped with an accessory adapter which allows to place various flash accessories of different brands in front of the camera flash  as long as they dispose of a S-bayonet connection

  • universal flash bracket
  • studio umbrella connection
  • tilt head
  • tripod connection (5/8", 1/4" and 3/4" thread)
  • Bowens S-bayonet connection
  • 1x flash bracket with accessory adapter
  • 1x spigot adapter (1/4" female, 3/8" female)
  • 1x bag
Colour: black
Material: Metal


BRESSER M-22 Barndoor Set
With the 4 barndoors, you can adjust and bundle the light as needed and so the "leak light" is covered. A spot effect or a wide background effect can be achieved. With the supplied honeycomb grid you can work even more precisely. The colour filter set enables you to work more creatively. The barndoor set fits to all reflectors with a diameter of 17.5cm, e.g the BRESSER M-13 Reflector.FEATURESbarndoor set for studio lamps4 leavesversatile use as well for spot light as for a wide background illuminationdiameter: 17.5 cmSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x barndoors1x honeycomb grid4x colour filter (yellow, green, red, blue)

€27.00* €29.95* (9.85% saved)

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The practical and flexible BRESSER BR-GRC2 Gray Card is used to achieve manual white balance in photography and to avoid colour casts or later rework. The handy Grey Card has a white and grey side and can also be used for light metering. In a handy format, the Gray Card can be quickly taken anywhere, protected in the carrying bag included in the delivery.PROPERTIESRound gray cardTwo-colour: front gray, rear whiteDiagonal: 56 cm  SCOPE OF DELIVERY1 x Gray card

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Ultra-fast assembly - also folds quickly without risk of trapped fingers. These are the advantages of the new BRESSER super quick soft boxes with a quick-release function. Unlike classical soft boxes, you do not need to spend a long time assembling individual components, which - once assembled - are very difficult to disassemble. In addition, compared with previous umbrella softboxes, the new, intuitive click-system requires less physical effort and keeps the fingers safe. The BRESSER Super Quick softboxes are ideal for photographers who need a space-saving solution for their studio or a quick, uncomplicated and transportable model for frequent on-location shooting. They are available in a range of different sizes and come with connections for different studio flash models. FEATURES 65 cm octabox Compatible with studio flashes with an S-bayonet connection New click system for quick and injury-free assembly and disassembly Premium design with stable metal beams Hook and loop fasteners for securing inner and outer diffusers WHAT’S INCLUDED 1x octabox, 65 cm with S-bayonet connection 1x inner diffuse cloth 1x outer diffuser cloth Protective case with carrying cord

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BRESSER YK-2 Remote Control for LED Lamps LG-A Series with V-Lock
With this remote control all LED lamps of the LG-A series can be directet from distance. The maximum distance between remote control and lamps is about 60 meters. The light output and colour temperature can be varied continuously. It's also possible to switch the lamps on and off with the remote control.Up to 9 LED lamps of this series can be operated with this remote control. Convenient tool for lamps that are a little further away or that hang a little higher.FEATURESRemote control for LED lamps of the LG-A series with V-LockDisplay to read the settingsLight output and colour temperature adjustableSuitable for up to 9 lampsSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x remote control2x batteries1x instructions

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BRESSER BR-SB45 Ringsoftbox 45cm
The BRESSER BR-SB45 Ringsoftbox is suitable for various speed flashes and transforms the flash into diffuse and soft ring light and is particularly suitable for evenly exposed portrait photos. With the foldable Ringsoftbox you can achieve professional results with simple equipment. A perfect companion for on location and also the photo studio.FEATURESRound flash diffuserØ 45 cm/ Depth: 16 cmEasy handlingSuitable for most DSLR camerasConverts Speedlight into RinglightSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Ringsoftbox Ø 45 cm1x Transport Bag Ø 26 cm

€36.95* €39.95* (7.51% saved)
BRESSER BR-SBS Strobist S-Bayonet Accessory Adapter for Camera Flashes
The BRESSER BR-SBS Strobist S-Bayonet Adapter is a powerful universal adapter / holder for camera flashes. You can place the adapter on an optional tripod. The camera flash can easily be clamped into the holder. The adapter has a Bowens S-Bayonet Connector which can be used with further BRESSER accessories.FEATURESUniversal Camera Flash Adapterumbrella holdertripod mountBowen S-bayonet connector SCOPE OF DELIVERYStrobist S-Bajonett Adapter

€23.10* €24.90* (7.23% saved)