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  • Crystal clear - the new Dachstein line! The new top line of Bresser spotting scopes! Robust, waterproof, fully multi-coated - these attributes are natural for the Dachstein line. Beyond that these spotting scopes feature exclusive ED optics. Colour fidelity, contrast and sharpness are raised far above the standard level of lenses. ED-glass objective (ED = Extra low Dispersion) are produced in a special process and reduce the so-called secondary spectrum to a minimum. This model has additionally a focus mechanism with coarse & fine drive allowing smooth and precise focusing. In conclusion the Dachstein spotting scopes deliver a special experience for the demanding user. They are also great for digiscoping: Using the #49-14900 digital camera adapter, nearly every digital camera or compact camcorder can be used.

    • Objective lens diameter: 80 mm
    • Magnification: 60x max, 20-60x Zoom
    • Field of view at 1000 m: 37 - 17 m
    • Close focus: 4 m
    • Luminous intensity: 16.0-1.8
    • Twilight factor: 40.0-69.3
    • Exit pupil: 4-1.3 mm
    • Eye relief: 20 - 18 mm
    • Dimensions: 445x115x175 mm
    • Weight: 4.2 kg

    Included Accessories
    • Soft case
    Bresser Dachstein 20-60x80 ED 45° Spotting Scope
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  • Digital educational microscope with LCD screen, ideal for regarding and exploring the microcosm together.
    Barska Digital LCD 5MP 40-1600x Microscope
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  • Modern 305mm truss-dobsonian telescope in full aluminium construction
    Explore Scientific Ultra Light Dobsonian 305mm
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  • The Duolux is characterized by its flexibility. In the integrated drawer stores the accessories safely. Due to the large height adjustment range and the incident illumination, objects can be viewed up to 45 mm.
    Bresser Duolux 20-1280x Microscope
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  • The SkyWatcher 130/900 mm EQ-2 Telescope offers an impressing efficiency for a beginners telescope. Its 130 mm primary mirror collects enough light to reveal a wealth of celestial objects, allowing great views of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn as well as being a capable telescope for wide field deep space objects. Concerning planet observations, you can reach magnifications up to 260x and the planet discs show up in impressing size. The EQ2 parallactic mounting permits a fine adjustment in declination and right ascension axis and can be refitted with an electronic tracking motor drive (to compensate the earth rotation) which replaces exhausting manual tracking. The SkyWatcher 130/900 mm provides stability for beautiful and enjoyable hours with your telescope under the impressing sky.

    Included Accessories 
    • eyepieces: 10 mm, 25 mm 
    • Finderscope: Red Dot 
    • Aluminium Tripod 
    • x2 Barlow lens
    SkyWatcher Explorer 130/900 EQ2 Telescope
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