Vixen trigger cable S for Sony

  • Connection to POLARIE U: 2.5 mm stereo mini plug
  • Connection to camera: Multi / Micro-USB connection
  • Spiral cable length: 20 cm to 50 cm
  • Weight: 26 g
  • Connection type: Sony cameras


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: X039061
GTIN/EAN: 4955295390618
Product information "Vixen trigger cable S for Sony"
This control cable was developed for taking time-lapse recordings with the POLARIE U Star Tracker and a digital camera.
In combination with an AP,P specially developed for the POLARIE U, exposure control can be set up via Wifi and easily operated via your smartphone.

POLARIE U Star Tracker, smartphone, with the POLARIE U Control app and release cable for your camera

  • Connection to the POLARIE U: 2.5 mm stereo mini plug
  • Connection to the camera: Multi / Micro USB connector
  • Spiral cable length : 20cm to 50cm
  • Weight: 26 g

  • Release cable S
Colour: black
Material: Plastic

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Trigger cable O for Olympus
This release cable was developed for taking time-lapse recordings with the POLARIE U Star Tracker and a DSLR camera. In combination with an app specially developed for the POLARIE U, you can simply set up an exposure control via WIFI, controlling your exposures very easily using your smartphone.REQUIREMENTPOLARIE U Star Tracker, smartphone with the POLARIE U Control app and release cable for your cameraPROPERTIESLocking cable for OlympusConnection to the POLARIE U: 2.5 mm stereo mini plugConnection to the camera: 2.5 mm stereo mini plugCoiled cable length: 20 cm to 50 cmWeight: 26 gWHAT'S INCLUDED:Release cable

Trigger cable N10 for Nikon, Fujifilm
The shutter cable was designed for time-lapse recording with the POLARIE U Star Tracker and a digital camera. When used in conjunction with a special app for the POLARIE U, you can control the shutter via SMS and your smartphone. REQUIREMENTS: POLARIE U Star Tracker, smartphone, POLARIE U control app and shutter release cable for your camera FEATURES Connection to the POLARIE U: 2.5 mm stereo mini plug Connection to the camera: 10-pin remote terminal plug For Nikon, Fujifilm camera connection Spiral cable length: 20 cm to 50 cm Weight: 29 g DELIVERY CONTENT N10 shutter release cable

Vixen 60DA Focal adaptor for Canon EOS Cameras
Vixen 60DX Focal adaptor for Canon EOS Cameras This Vixen 60DX is a photographic adaptor for Canon EOS cameras, for use with telescopes with a 60 mm focuser drawtube connection thread. A redesign by Vixen uses new tougher materials for a more solid connection and also offers an accurate, well-machined camera rotator ring, in order to help frame your images perfectly. Camera-Adaptor for Canon EOS with 60mm Focuser connection thread Large inner diameter for full-format cameras, helping to minimise vignetting 6 locking 60° spaced bolts to hold the camera’s rotation in position Dimensions: 81mm x 30 mm / weight: 190g The option of using 6 long or 6 short fixing screws for the rotator The Vixen 60DA Focal adaptor connects your Canon EOS DSLR Camera to a telescope with an appropriate 60 mm Focuser Drawtube Thread. Thanks to the use of new materials and an improved design Vixen was able to considerably uprate both precision and durability, when compared to conventional rotational camera adaptors. Two sets of rotational locking bolts (Long and Short) are supplied. The longer ones are knurled and easy to turn by hand. The shorter options help to prevent marring of the camera casing, when using certain designs of camera and are also much less easy to turn by hand, increasing security if you need the camera locked in a particular rotational position for longer periods. The large inner dimension of this adaptor prevents vignetting at the edges of the image when using full frame DSLR cameras. Canon EOS-Bayonet fastener made of hardwearing brass, for years of hassle-free use. Increased material quality over conventional adapters provides more stability in use. 6 fixing bolts hold the camera in rotational position for increased sturdiness (standard rotators often only use 4, or less). FEATURES Screw tips with Delrin-tips prevent tilting of the camera and subsequent image distortion. Large inner diameter prevents vignetting. Inner blackening suppresses scattered light. Compatible with 60 mm accessories, when the camera adaptor is taken off. Two rotational bolt sets (Long and Short) are supplied. SCOPE OF DELIVERY 60DA Focal adaptor 6 long and 6 short fixing screws

Vixen Micro 4/3 T-ring
T-rings are used as a connecting piece between the camera adapter and the camera. Please note that each camera type requires a different T-ring.FEATURESMicro 4/3 T-ringFor telescopes and microscopesWeight: 110 gPACKAGE CONTENTSMicro 4/3 T-ring

Vixen Polar Fine Adjustment Unit
The Polar fine adjustment unit is an accessory designed for installation of star tracking mounts such as POLARIE and the AP Star Tracker System with attachment between the photo stand and the star tracking mount. This device enables fine horizontal and vertical adjustment with installation of a polar axis target. The swivel head, which is designed exclusively for use on the base of star trackers, can be secured or removed with a single screw. The twin screw system for inclination and azimuth adjustment ensures fine movement and rigid locking. The adjustable inclination angle of 0゚~85゚ enables use in a range of positions and situations. The fine adjustment range can be adjusted in three steps of low (0-30 degrees), medium (30-60 degrees) and high (60-85 degrees). FEATURES Fine adjustment unit for precise pole alignment For use on the AP and Polarie Star Tracker Adjustment range from 0° to 85° Photo stand connection (for 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws) Weight: 300 g WHAT’S INCLUDED Fine adjustment unit Allen key Adapter for 3/8'' screw


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Trigger cable CN3 for Canon
This release cable was developed for taking time-lapse recordings with the POLARIE U Star Tracker and a DSLR camera. In combination with an app specially developed for the POLARIE U, you can simply set up an exposure control via WIFI, controlling your imaging very easily using your smartphone. REQUIREMENT POLARIE U Star Tracker, smartphone with the POLARIE U Control app and release cable for your camera ROPERTIES POLARIE U connection: 2.5 mm stereo mini plug Camera connection: N3 type remote control connector Spiral cable length: 20cm to 50cm Weight: 26 g WHAT'S INCLUDED Release cable CN3