Vixen Cable adaptor

Replacement adapter cable for Vixen SX, AXJ, and AXD2 mounts

  • 12 V replacement adapter cable for power adapter #3599
  • Compatible with SX, AXJ and AXD2 mounts.
  • Converts to inside + polarity


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: X002261
GTIN/EAN: 4955295253708
Product information "Vixen Cable adaptor"
12 V replacement adapter cable for power adapter #3599
Compatible with SX, AXJ and AXD2 mounts.
This cable is included with the power adapter


  • Converts to inside + polarity
  • Compatible with SX, AXJ and AXD2 mounts.


  • Vixen cable adapter
Colour: black
Material: Plastic

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Vixen Wifi Adapter for EQ Mounts
The Vixen Wifi adapter for EQ mounts allows you to control your Vixen mount via a smartphone or tablet. With the smartphone app STAR BOOK Wireless (free of charge) you can perform celestial navigation without any wiring. The app turns your smartphone or tablet into a controller for the equatorial mount in no time. The response delay of the mount, which is considered the biggest disadvantage of wireless connections, has been reduced to a level comparable to wired ones. Reduced power consumption compared to conventional controllers with LCD monitor The power consumption of the mount is reduced by up to 20%, allowing longer observations than with conventional wired controllers such as the STAR BOOK TEN. Operation similar to the STAR BOOK TEN controllerThe STAR BOOK Wireless app has a similar structure to the STAR BOOK TEN controller. Tap on a celestial object in the object list and start the GoTo. The mount will now automatically move to this target and bring it into the telescope's field of view. All the popular features of the STAR BOOK TEN are available.Convenient operation When looking through the telescope operate the mount by swiping on the app's star map. Since there are no buttons, simply slide your finger over the star chart for convenient operation of the mount. Extensive astronomical data includedThis includes data on easily observable celestial bodies such as Messier objects, NGC objects, IC objects as well as the Sun, Moon, planets, comets and dwarf planets. High-precision alignment By aligning to one or two stars, you already get a fairly accurate positioning of the mount. By aligning to three or more stars, you can achieve high-precision alignment of the mount for high magnifications. The objects will then be approached precisely and centrally in your telescope's field of view. The alignment information is stored and can be retained even when the telescope is switched off. By leaving the telescope in its current state without moving it after completing an observation, the next time you observe you can start the automatic setup with the same settings for the next observation. Individual setting options As with the STAR BOOK TEN controller, the app offers various individual settings, such as gear backlash compensation, night mode in red, autoguider and variable GoTo speed and LED brightness. You can also set the timing of the lens tube inversion (meridian flip) as desired. Even if the object moves south during tracking, you can prevent the telescope tube from inverting. Important information: Cannot be used on old SX mounts with the old blue Star Book. FEATURES Can be used on: SX2, SXD2, SXD2-PFL, SXP, SXP-PFL, SXP2, AXJ (without encoder), AXD, AX Not compatible with old SX mounts with blue Star Book CPU: 32bit CISC processor 120MH Connector: D-SUB 9-PIN socket Autoguider connector: 6-pin modular connector for SBIG Operation: Android 6, iOS 9.0 or higher Wifi standard: IEEE802.11b/g Data encryption: WPA2-APK Firmware update: via WiFi connection Operating voltage: DC12V 0,1A (max) Power supply: via mount Dimensions: 56 x 36 x 19.5 mm, weight: 60 g SCOPE OF DELIVERY Vixen Wifi adapter