NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Space Rocket Slide Projector & Night Light

Moon, sun, planets - take off into the vastness of space with the projector rocket and its 24 comic astro-pictures - discover new worlds!

  • Space rocket projector with night light function
  • 3 slides with 8 space-themed comic images
  • Focus function for space images / battery-operated
  • Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 20 cm / Weight: 194 g
  • Includes: projector, 3 slides, stand, instructions
  • Requires 1x AAA battery (not included)


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GTIN/EAN: 4007922062051
Product information "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Space Rocket Slide Projector & Night Light"
Create a space atmosphere in your child’s bedroom – with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC rocket-shaped projector and night light.

The rocket-shaped projector projects a range of space images onto your wall or ceiling. The slide discs feature a total of 24 images, and can be changed in seconds to keep you entertained. The projector comes with a cloud-shaped stand, which can be used to support the space rocket and turn the projector into a night light.

  • Projects a large image onto the wall or ceiling
  • 24 images on three interchangeable slides
  • Focus function
  • Night light function
  • Battery-operated, 1x AAA battery (not included)

  • Projector
  • 3 slide discs
  • Stand (cloud)
  • Instruction manual

Age recommendation from: 6
Colour: green
Material: Plastic


OLIVIA VERLAG - Julius forscht im Weltall (GERMAN)
Please note: This book is written in German language


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BRESSER JUNIOR Telescope 50/360 with tent
The BRESSER JUNIOR refracting telescope 50/360 with tent lets you start your exciting journey of discovery across the night sky from your own little astro corner. The achromatic refractor telescope is set up and ready for your first astronomical observations in no time. Due to the azimuthal mount it’s child's play to operate: simply swing the telescope to the left and right, up and down, until your target object appears in the field of view. Explore celestial eye-catchers comfortably through the children's telescope Look forward to exciting views of the lunar surface, the famous Orion Nebula or the impressive Pleiades. Using the eyepieces included in this telescope set, you can admire these and many other astronomical objects at 18x and 60x magnification. The zenith mirror always ensures a pleasant view during your celestial observations, because it allows you to look comfortably into your telescope for children from above. Children's telescope – with astro tent for exciting adventures Assembled in no time at all, the stylish tent in BRESSER Family design provides the right atmosphere for your space explorations. Flora, Lukas and Luna will be happy to share exciting moments with you during your new hobby. The tent with its dimensions of 100 x 100 x 130 cm also offers plenty of space for you to include a friend in your planning your next observations. Meanwhile you can always keep an eye on your surroundings from inside the sturdy tent thanks to the two round windows. Great fun for little astronomy beginners: explore the wonders of the universe on your own with the BRESSER Family and the BRESSER JUNIOR telescope with tent. FEATURES Telescope for children aged 8 and above Type: achromatic refractor Easy operation due to azimuthal mount Lens diameter: 50 mm Focal length: 360 mm Magnification: 18x and 60x Star diagonal mirror for comfortable observations Incl. tent in BRESSER Family astro-design (suitable for indoor use only) SCOPE OF DELIVERY Telescope Tripod with azimuthal mount Star diagonal mirror 2 Eyepieces (20 mm; 6 mm) Tent Instruction manual

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BRESSER JUNIOR Refracting Telescope 70/400 with Backpack
Want to explore the night sky? With the BRESSER JUNIOR 70/400 refracting telescope with backpack, you can quickly set off on your own astronomical voyage of discovery. With an aperture of 70 mm and a focal length of 400 mm, the telescope has what it takes to show you plenty of impressive celestial objects. So that you can get started quickly, the telescope comes with all accessories you will need: 3 eyepieces, a star diagonal mirror, a 1.5x reverse lens, a finder scope and a smartphone holder. So, grab your backpack, find the perfect observation spot and get going! Off on a nocturnal adventure with the children’s telescope! Put together in just a few steps, the lightweight and compact refracting telescope allows you to quickly see deep into space. The azimuthal mount is very easy to operate, simply swivel the finder scope to the left and right, up and down. Moon, Orion Nebula or Pleiades – with the aid of the 5x24 finder scope, you can enjoy the perfect overview of the night sky ahead of the high magnification, and target what you want to view with ease. With the three eyepieces, you can take a closer look at the moon, planets and stars, one step at a time. These give you three different magnifications: 20x, 33x and 66x. The 1.5x reverse lens increases this by another 1.5x to 30x, 50x and 100x. The star diagonal mirror allows you to look through the telescope with comfort, even when it is pointed vertically into the sky. Get a close up of the sky, day and night, with the telescope for children Want to explore our beautiful earth, in addition to the night sky? Simply use the refracting telescope with the star diagonal mirror during the day. This will make the image appear upright and laterally correct, which is ideal for viewing landscapes and wildlife. Whether it’s the sky or the earth that interests you, you’re guaranteed fascinating views with the telescope. You can easily capture what you see with your smartphone – simply attach your phone to the eyepiece with the smartphone holder, take snapshots of your favourite subjects and share them with friends and family. Once you’ve finished with your observations, put everything back in the sturdy backpack in chic Astro and BRESSER FAMILY design. If you don’t have any experience with astronomical telescopes, we recommend the book ‘Telescope Driving Licence’, which provides an easy introduction to amateur astronomy. And if you want to find out more about the sun, moon, stars and other space objects, we recommend reading the book “Julius researches the universe – Research, discover, and crafting”, which is full of interesting facts, exciting experiments and space-themed handicraft ideas. FEATURES Refracting telescope for young astronomy enthusiasts aged 8 and over With handy BRESSER JUNIOR backpack Easy to use thanks to azimuthal mount Objective lens diameter: 70 mm Focal length: 400 mm Magnification: 20x-100x Star diagonal mirror for comfortable viewing and upright laterally correct image With 1.5x reverse lens  Smartphone holder for first astro photography Size: Tripod: 55-125 x 77 cm Telescope: 77 x 15 x 15 cm Backpack: 45 x 30 x 11 cm Weight: 1.75 kg SCOPE OF DELIVERY Children’s telescope Backpack 5x24 finder scope Star diagonal mirror 3 eyepieces (H20/H12/H6) 1.5x reverse lens Height-adjustable aluminium tripod Smartphone holder Instruction manual

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Would you like to go on a night walk and experience something out of this world? With a lens aperture of 60 mm this 60/700 refractor telescope already collects about 30 percent more light than a telescope with 50 mm aperture. The 60/700 already allows for higher magnifications – ideal to investigate in details like lunar craters. An additional finder scope mounted on the telescope makes it easier to locate objects in the sky. With the erecting eyepiece even during the day many exciting things in the surrounding can be observed. Due to the height adjustable tripod, the telescope can be brought to the right height for small or tall observers. The supplied diagonal mirror ensures comfortable viewing.Field of Application: At night the moon and planets like Saturn and Jupiter may be explored. But also impressive sparkling star clusters like the Pleiades impress young and old stargazers. With the included erecting eyepiece it is possible to get an unreversed, upright image, for example, for observation of nature during the day. Special features: Ultra light: The complete instrument with tripod weighs less than 2 kg! Thus, it can also be set up by young researchers themselves, at any time on the balcony or in the garden. FEATURESChildren's telescope set for observing the moon, planets, and bright deep-sky objects With 1.5x errecting lens for daytime observations Aperture: 60 mm Focal length: 700 mm 3 eyepieces included for different magnifications Easy-to-use azimuthal mount Star diagonal mirror for comfortable viewing Includes 5x24 finderscope for easy location of objects With compass for determining directions SCOPE OF DELIVERYRefractor telescope 60/700Allt-azimuth mount (left/right and up/down)Continuously height adjustable aluminium tripod5x24 finder scope 90° diagonal mirrorThree eyepieces: 4 mm (175x magnification), 12.5 mm (56x magnification) and 20 mm (35x magnification)1.5x errecting lens for laterally correct and upright imagePocket compassHard carrying case

BRESSER JUNIOR Children's Telescope with an objective diameter of 40 mm
An ultra-compact travel telescope with coated optics. The telescope and the supplied tripod can be conveniently stored in a small carrying bag or backpack. So this telescope is not only an ideal companion at home but also when travelling!FEATURESLens telescopeZenith mirror enables comfortable single imagecompact and easy to transportSCOPE OF DELIVERYTelescopeTable standOcular: 6 mm, 20 mmZenit mirrorSmartphone holderOperating instructions

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Children's Telescope with Augmented Reality App
Weißt du wie viel Sternlein stehen? (Do you know how many stars are there?) The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC children's telescope allows you to obtain impressive close-up views of celestial bodies. Featuring an aperture of 70 mm and a focal length of 400 mm, the refracting telescope, also known as lens telescope offers the ideal introduction into the world of astronomy. It comes complete with three eyepieces, amici prism, a Barlow lens and an aluminium tripod in a sturdy space-themed backpack, giving you everything you need for an exciting night of stargazing on a clear night with a children's telescope. See the night sky closer than ever before Thanks to the 3 different eyepieces with 20x, 50x and 100x magnification, you can quite literally reach for the stars. If that's not enough, you can use the Barlow lens to triple each magnification level. The set also comes with a great accessory to introduce you to the world of astrophotography: With the eyepiece smartphone adapter, you can take stunning photos of the moon, planets and other celestial objects and share your discoveries from the night sky with your parents, siblings or friends. Take your observations to the next level with your smartphone You don't have to worry about finding objects yourself - the augmented reality app will guide you through the night sky. After setting up the AR app, simply attach your smartphone the smartphone adapter on the children's telescope. In AR mode, your smartphone will display the names and images of the constellations at which your telescope is currently pointing, allowing you to navigate easily between planets and constellations and discover interesting objects. With the augmented reality photo function, you can take a few snapshots before taking a proper look through the eyepiece. Children's telescope with AR app for astronomical learning The app also has lots of images, audio and text - go to the constellation encyclopedia to read about the Greek gods after which the constellations are named, or read the solar system encyclopedia to find out more about the planets that travel around the sun together with the earth. After making your first discoveries with the childrens telescope, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge of the constellations. Learning has never been such fun! Go on your own journey to the stars with the smart children's telescope. FEATURES Children's telescope (refracting telescope) with practical backpack Includes BRESSER augmented reality app for your smartphone Built-in smartphone adapter as finder scope for the AR app Lens diameter: 70 mm Focal length: 400 mm 20x to 300x magnification Designed for children aged 10 and above DELIVERY CONTENT Children's telescope Backpack Amici prism 3 eyepieces (H20 mm, H8 mm, H4 mm) 3x Barlow lens Height-adjustable aluminium tripod Smartphone holder 1x CR2032 batteryInstruction manual

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Telescope + Microscope Set for Advanced Users
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Tele-Micro Set offers everything you need to explore and experience the world of Astronomy and Microscopy. A real telescope with 100x magnification and a microscope with 640x magnification. An extensive accessory package for microscopy rounds off this set!With the enclosed Smartphone holder you can easily photograph the micro world and share it with your friends.FEATURES TELESCOPEOptical system: refractor, achromaticLens diameter: 45 mmFocal range: 600 mmEnlargement: 50x-100xAluminium tripodmounting: azimuthFEATURES MICROSCOPEtransmitted light, LED illuminationenlargement: 40x-640x revolver head with 3 lenses: 4x/10x/40xSCOPE OF DELIVERYRefractor TelescopeAluminium TripodMondfilterZenit MirrorFinder Telescope1.5x Inverted LensOcular: 12 mm, 6 mmMicroscopeObjectives: 4x/10x/40xMicroscope instrumentsSlidePermanent preparationsSmartphone holderExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)MagnifierPipetteMicroCut

BRESSER JUNIOR Telescope 45/600 AZ
Discover the world of astronomy with your colorful telescope from BRESSER! With this telescope, you will get an beginner telescope to gain first experiences with the world of astronomy. Thanks to the included reversing lens you can also use this telescope for natural observations as the reversing lens allows an upright image to be obtained. The telescope is available in four colors! One will certainly please you and fit perfectly into your room. We already wish you many exciting adventures and lots of fun! SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x Bresser lens telescope 45/600 AZ 1x simple aluminum tripod 2x eyepieces (6 mm and 12 mm) 1x zenith mirror 1x reversing lens 1x viewfinder 1x star chart 1x Planetarium software 1x manual (English / German)

BRESSER JUNIOR Science Projector and Night Light
BRESSER JUNIOR Science Projector - going to bed becomes a pleasure. Project 24 exciting space images onto the wall and let them take you for a walk through our universe. The integrated night light creates a cosy atmosphere in your children's room. FEATURES Projector with 24 astronomical images Ideal distance to the wall: 1.8 - 2 m Fokusing is possible Projection surface: approx. 48 x 57 cm at a distance of 2 metres Integrated nightlight Battery operated: 3x AG13 button cells (not incl.) SCOPE OF SUPPLY 2in1 projector and lamp removable stand 3 slide discs with 8 motifs each with the topic astronomy 1 Slide disk is about the planets 1 Slide disk theme space shuttles, telescopes 1 Slide disk topic astronauts in Space

€13.90* €19.99* (30.47% saved)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40/400 tabletop telescope
Designed for children aged 8 and above, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40/400 tabletop telescope is the perfect entry-level telescope. The refracting telescope can be set up in no time, and allows you to go on your own journey of discovery through space. Equipped with a 40 mm aperture, it collects 32 times more light than the human eye. And thanks to the 400 mm focal length, you can observe at 20x and 32x magnification with the two included eyepieces – perfect for viewing the fascinating details of the lunar landscape or Jupiter and its moons. Everything you need for your astronomical adventures! The children’s telescope comes with an extensive range of accessories to get you started with your night sky observations. For example, you can position the telescope with the azimuthal mount on the tripod for easy manoeuvring – simply move it up or down or side to side as needed. And thanks to the built-in compass, you’ll never lose track of your bearings. If you want to share your observations of the planets, moon and other night sky objects, you can use the smartphone holder to capture your own photos through the telescope and take your first steps into the world of astrophotography! A star diagonal is also included with the set, which provides a 90° viewing angle for maximum comfort during long observation sessions. FEATURES Telescope for children aged 8 and above Lens diameter: 40 mm Focal length: 400 mm Magnification: 32x / 20x magnification with supplied eyepieces Integrated compass Star diagonal for comfortable 90° viewing angle Easy to use thanks to azimuthal mount DELIVERY CONTENT Tabletop telescope (refractor) Tabletop tripod Star diagonal 2 eyepieces (12.5 mm, 20 mm) Smartphone holder Instruction manual

€33.19* €34.90* (4.9% saved)

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ISA Space Exploration NASA-themed Space Projector
Astronauts, space shuttles, satellites – are you fascinated by anything that goes into space? Then why not bring the magic of space travel into your own home with the ISA Space Exploration NASA-themed space projector? You’ll be amazed as you let the 24 motifs on the 3 slide discs light up one after the other across your wall. Get up close and personal with famous NASA astronauts on their spacewalks and explorations with the moon rover. From launch position to flight and docking, the space projector also displays exciting space shuttle photos. Plus, there are also the stars in our own solar system – the moon, planets such as Saturn and Earth, as well as our own sun will show you their best side in these bright images. Launch into space – with the space projector Before you get started, why not decorate your space projector with a rocket, the NASA logo and other great motifs using the stickers provided? Then all you need to do is insert the disc and you’ll have lift off! Operation is extremely easy – simply turn the slide disc to admire the next motif. You’ll get the prefect picture if you keep the distance to the wall or ceiling between 1.8 and 2 m. The images will shine perfectly on a large project area of 61 x 66 cm. You can use the focus wheel at the front to focus. From the wall to the ceiling and back: simply rotate the globe in the stand to adjust the projection angle. This way, your space motifs will always appear exactly where you can view them best. Follow in the footsteps of NASA’s famous explorers with the ISA Space Exploration NASA-themed Space Projector. FEATURES Projector for children with 24 astronomical images Includes stickers with space and NASA theme Optimal distance to wall/ceiling: approx. 1.8 m - 2 m Large projection area: approx. 61 x 66 cm at a distance of 2 m Focus wheel 3 slide discs with 8 topical motifs Astronauts in space Space shuttles and satellites The sun, moon and planets Freely adjustable projection angle Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included) For children aged 6 and abovePACKAGE CONTENTS Space projector Stand 3 slide discs with 8 astronomy-themed images Space and NASA-themed stickers Instruction manual