NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Multi Colour Wireless Weather Station

With this stylish wireless weather station you can select the display colour yourself or let it depend on the measured temperature.

  • stylish weather station with 256 colour display
  • display colour manually selectable or automatical change depending on the measured temperature
  • radio controlled time setting via DCF signal
  • dimensions: 14 x 6 x 10.5 cm / weight: 320 g
  • scope of delivery: weather station, outdoor sensor, mains adapter, manual
  • Funkwetterstation mit wechselndem Farbdisplay aus 256 Farben, welches automatisch oder manuell von Ihnen eingestellt werden kann.
  • Wireless weather station with changing colour display of 256 colors, which can be set automatically or manually by you.


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Product number: 9070500
GTIN/EAN: 4007922056678
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 34716369
Product information "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Multi Colour Wireless Weather Station"
Colours up your life! The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC wireless weather station is equipped with a 256 colour display. You decide whether you prefer to select yourself a colour or to have the colour changed depending on the measured temperature. The play of colours is supported by the novel True-black background which provides a particularly high contrast and an enormous sharpness.

The included temperature sensor measures reliably the outside temperature and transfers it via radio signal to the base station.

  • current local temperature
  • manual or automatic change of the display colour: 256 colours
  • radio controlled time setting via DCF signal
  • clock alarm with large snooze button
Measuring of local weather data via wireless sensor
  • connect up to 3 sensors for outdoor temperature
  • display of inside and outside temperature
  • weather station
  • outdoor sensor
  • mains adapter
  • manual
Alarm types/sounds: increasing sound
Body material: Plastic
Colour: black
Features: DCF time signal, Weather forecast
Measurement function: Humidity, Temperature
Type of mounting: Stand

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BRESSER Meteo Temp Weather Station
The BRESSER Meteo Temp weather station has a clearly arranged display, on which you can always read the current time and date because of the DCF radio signal. Furthermore, the weather station offers information about the temperature for inside and outside. The outdoor values are supplied by the outdoor sensor which is included in the scope of delivery. A graphical weather trend display shows you the weather trend for the coming hours. Due to the extra-large display, senior citizens and people with impaired vision keep track of the weather very easily as well. The rectilinear design adapts to any interior decoration and does not require visible switches. Please note: this station does not feature an hour offset function, so is for use in Central European Timezone only.  Not recommended for use in the UK, Ireland and Portugal.FEATURES Time and date via DCF radio signal (12/24 hour format selectable) Temperature (°C) for inside and outside, measurement accuracy: 1 °C Graphical weather trend display Large and clearly arranged display, suited for senior citizens 1 thermometer outdoor sensor can be connected (1 incl.) Fold-out stand and wall bracket Required batteries: 2xAAA (weather station) + 2xAAA (sensor) WHAT'S INCLUDED Meteorological station Outdoor sensor Operation manual

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Weatherstation Transparent
The National Geographic wireless weather station Translucidus connects large digits on a futuristic-transparent display with a simple and elegant stand. The operating elements have been placed on the rear side for protection, thanks to the transparent display, these are still clearly legible. In addition to the large radio clock time, the display also shows outside- and inside temperature permanently next to each other. A real eye-catcher for every desk. The Weather station can also be used as alarm clock and is equipped with a sleep function. Features DCF radio clock reception and display Outdoor temperature (in °C) Internal temperature (in °C) Relative humidity (inside ) in % Thermometer outdoor sensor (1 incl. - up to 3 can be connected) Controls on back Transparent display Battery operation via 4x AAA batteries (2x AAA each for station and sensor) 5 year manufacturer's warranty for online registration Scope of delivery Weather station Outdoor sensor Operating Instructions ​

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VA Colour LCD Weather Station incl. 3 Sensors
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VA colour weather station with 4 measuring points in black displays all relevant weather data at a glance. The set includes 3 outdoor sensors and one built-in sensor. On the clearly arranged colour display you will find information such as temperature and humidity for indoor as well as outdoor, as well as the exact time via DCF radio transmission. Besides the built-in sensor in the console unit (display) the station is able to receive the temperature and humidity readings from three additional sensors which are included in this set. Its use is therefore very versatile as the sensors can be placed either in- or outdoors. What's the temperature in the kids room, is the basement too moist how cold is it outside? All these questions can be viewed on one display. The station has a time offset function, so although parts of the UK are technically able to receive the European DCF time signal (southern England), your station will be displaying the UK time. For all parts of the UK where the time signal can not be received the time can easily be set manually with this station. The featured weather forecast is for the coming 12-24h. FEATURES BASE STATION LCD colour display Indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity Outdoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity Display of time, date and weekday Time by DCF radio signal with time offset function for the UKWeather Forecast Maximum connectable sensors: 3 (3x included!) Hanging device and stand Power supply: Power plug with UK adapter (included) FEATURES SENSOR Measurement of outdoor temperature (°C / °F) and humidity LCD displayRange up to 80 m Can be placed on a table or wall-mountedPower supply: 2x AAA batteries per Sensor (not included)  Dimensions: 71 x 65 x 23 mm; weight: 44 gSCOPE OF DELIVERY Weather station 3x outdoor sensors Instruction manual

BRESSER Thermo Hygro Quadro NLX - Thermo-Hygrometer with 3 Outdoor Sensors
The new BRESSER Thermo Hygro Quadro NLX offers, as with our ClimaTrend Hygro Quadro (Art.-No.: 7000020000000) the possibility to measure temperature and humidity at 4 different measuring points simultaneously. In addition, the weather trend, time and date are shown on the clearly arranged colour display. The three remote sensors deliver the data to the receiving station via 433 Mhz radio frequency, at the same time the receiving station also measures temperature and humidity and thus delivers 4 measurement results. The main unit requires a power supply unit (included) for operation. For the remote sensors 6x AAA / LR03 batteries are required (not included). PROPERTIES Clear multi-coloured display Time via DCF radio transmission Display of date and weekday wake-up function 4 measurement results for temperature and relative humidity Early prevention of mould infestation 433 MHz Transmission frequency Remote sensors are splash-proof, therefore suitable for outdoor use Thermo/Hygro remote sensor (3x incl.) SCOPE OF SUPPLY Thermo- / Hygrometer 3x remote sensor Power supply Instruction manual

BRESSER Smart Garden Smart Home Irrigation System
If you’re a keen gardener, you’ll know that plants don’t grow on their own. Of all the things that you need in your garden, water is particularly important. Powered by smart technology, the BRESSER Smart Garden Smart Home Irrigation System helps to ensure that your lawn, vegetables and flower beds receive just the right amount of water. In the HomGar app, you can configure up to six watering schedules per day. The smart water timer turns the water on and off automatically at the desired time. In addition, you can also choose from 2 different modes (water and mist) to control the amount of water released by your system. Smart watering system for keen gardeners The smart watering system also comes with a soil sensor  – based on the readings from the sensor, the water timer controls the duration of the watering schedule to prevent overwatering.* What’s more, the system also supports Alexa and Google Assistant – simply issue a voice command to start or stop watering from a distance. And thanks to the rain delay function, you can pause your watering schedules for up to 24 hours when needed. All measurements are displayed on the weather station’s intuitive colour display, as well as in the app, enabling you to keep track of what’s happening in your garden – even when you’re away from home. You can also use the app to view stats on your daily and monthly water consumption. Smart weather station – everything you need to keep track of the weather To ensure that you don’t get caught unawares by the weather, the smart home watering system also displays a graphical weather forecast with the chance of rain. And if you’re not sure how many layers to wear, it also features a thermo-hygro wireless sensor that measures the local temperature and outdoor humidity. On cold winter days, the frost alarm appears on the display as soon as the temperatures falls below 3 °C. Maintain the optimal indoor climate In addition to keeping tabs on the weather in your garden, it’s also important to monitor the indoor temperature and humidity to ensure that you maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. For this purpose, the base station comes with a built-in thermo-hygro sensor that provides reliable measurements of the ambient conditions in your home. It also features a comfort level indicator, which displays an emoji to indicate whether you need to ventilate your room. Save yourself time, water and money – keep your garden in perfect condition with the BRESSER Smart Garden Smart Home Irrigation System. FEATURES OF SMART WEATHER STATION For smart watering of small lawns or gardens, can be controlled via HomGar app Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Graphical weather forecast Chance of rain Frost alarm Measures the indoor temperature, humidity and air pressure Indoor comfort indicator Displays measurement data from the soil sensor and thermo-hygro sensor (Soil moisture and temperature, outdoor temperature and humidity)  Time, day of the week, date Smart backlight Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4 GHz Power supply: Mains adapter (included), 3x AA backup batteries (not included) Dimensions: 200 x 27 x 130 mm, Weight: 330 g FEATURES OF THERMO-HYGRO SENSOR Measures the outdoor temperature (°C/ °F) and humidity Range: up to 100 m Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 37 x 21 x 100 mm, Weight: 30 g WATER TIMER PROPERTIES2 modes: Water and mist Rain delay function pauses watering schedules for 24 hours Water pressure: 0.5 bar to 8 bar (7-116 PSI) Flow rate: 5 l/min to 35 l/min Manual watering time: 1 min to 60 mins Automatic watering time: 1 min to 11 hrs 59 mins Watering schedules: Up to 6 schedules per day Adjustable watering frequency: daily, uneven days, even days, or specific days of the week Waterproof (IPX4) Range: 60 m Operating temperature: 3 °C to 50 °C Power supply: 4x AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 42 x 102 x 167 mm, Weight: 247 g SOIL SENSOR FEATURESMeasures the soil moisture and temperatureSends data for automatically adjusting the watering schedules to prevent overwatering* Range: up to 60 m between the soil sensor and water timer LED display of different moisture levels to help you save water Data refresh frequency: 5 mins Power supply: 3x AAA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 95 mm, Weight: 175 g PACKAGE CONTENTS Smart garden weather station Water timer Soil sensor Thermo-hygro sensor Instruction manual *IMPORTANT: Only use this function under supervision.

€69.99* €159.00* (55.98% saved)
BRESSER MeteoTemp Baro HZ Colour Weather Station
The BRESSER MeteoTemp Baro HZ Colour Weather Station gives you a comprehensive overview of the local weather conditions and your indoor climate. In addition to measuring the temperature and humidity, it also features a built-in barometer and weather forecast function, as well as other practical functions such as automatic time adjustment and an alarm clock. Weather forecast function with air pressure indicator Not sure whether to pack an umbrella? The weather station comes with a weather forecast function, which displays the weather forecast using a series of symbols. You can also view the recent air pressure readings from the built-in barometer to give you a better idea of the latest trends in the weather. Precise temperature and humidity measurements Thermometer and hygrometer in one device: the wireless sensor has a range of up to 80 metres and takes precise measurements of the outdoor temperature and humidity. It also features a built-in display, which allows you to view the readings directly from your balcony or garden without returning to the base station. Monitor your indoor climate Temperature and humidity are also important indoors – especially in rooms where we spend a lot of time such as living rooms and offices. For this reason, the base station features a built-in thermometer and hygrometer so that you can keep a close eye on the current conditions. It also displays a smiley to indicate how comfortable the room is based on the measured temperature and humidity. Radio-controlled clock, alarm and more The MeteoTemp Baro HZ colour weather station comes with a radio-controlled clock, which adjusts the time automatically when the clocks change to summer or winter time. It also features an alarm with 2 individually configurable alarm times, and displays a range of useful data, including the sunrise and sunset times and the current moon phase and tide. Monitor the local weather conditions, indoor climate and more with the BRESSER MeteoTemp Baro HZ Colour Weather Station. BASE STATION FEATURES Weather station with integrated thermometer and hygrometer Measures the indoor temperature and humidity Displays the outdoor temperature and humidity Measures the air pressure and displays recent readings Weather forecast with symbols Indoor comfort indicator Large colour display Automatically sets the time via DCF radio signal Date and day of the week (choose from seven languages) 2 alarm times and snooze function Moon phase, sunrise and sunset, tide Backlight Supports up to 2 additional thermo-hygro sensors (not included) Power supply: Mains adapter (included), 3x AAA backup batteries (not included) EXTERNAL SENSOR FEATURES Wireless thermo-hygro sensor Measures the temperature and humidity Built-in display for viewing measurements Range: up to 80 metres Battery operated: 2x AAA batteries (not included) Can be placed on a table or wall-mounted SCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Base station with mains adapter 1x Wireless thermometer/hygrometer sensor Instruction manual

BRESSER ClimaTemp JC LCD Weather-Clock
The BRESSER ClimaTemp JC LCD Weather Clock has the worldwide first "ultra wide angle" (UWA) display. The large presentation and the broad viewing angle provide for an easy reading of the shown information from almost any position in the room. Always have an eye on indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity and get the weather forecast for the coming 12 to 24 hours. ATTENTIONThe time set by the time signal is the Central European Time! To use this clock e.g. in countries like UK, Ireland or Portugal select the manual setting mode.FEATURES"Ultra Wide Angle" (UWA) Display 191 x 167mm/ 7.5” x 6.6”Large time display (digits 6cm in high)Radio controlled clock (self setting clock - adjusts for daylight savings time)AlarmIndoor & outdoor temperature Indoor & outdoor humidity12-24 hours weather forecastMax. and min. temperature memoryWall or desk mountedSupports up to 3 remote sensors SCOPE OF DELIVERY1x weather clock1x outdoor sensor1x manual

BRESSER Smart Home 7 Channel Tuya Thermo-Hygrometer
The BRESSER Tuya Smart Home 7 Channel Tuya Thermometer/Hygrometer features smart technology that automatically controls your heating or dehumidifier to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in your home. This is achieved using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This smart thermo-hygrometer is the perfect addition to a smart home system powered by Tuya, the world-leading IoT platform. With the Tuya Smart app, you can connect your home appliances and create your very own smart home. As part of this system, the thermo-hygrometer helps to maintain a comfortable environment inside your home. Up to 7 sensors (1 included, 6 optional) can transmit your measurement data to the base station at a range of 150 m, from where the data is transmitted by Wi-Fi to the app. PLEASE NOTE: This device only connects to the internet on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency. Most routers establish the correct connection automatically. If this is not the case, you can usually make a manual adjustment.  View measurement data remotely  In addition to facilitating communication between your Tuya smart devices, the Tuya Smart app also displays the comfort level. You can also access the current readings from your smart thermometer and hygrometer remotely at any time via your smartphone. In addition, the app allows you to view historical data. For example, you can view daily, monthly and annual graphs of temperature and humidity. At home, you count on Alexa for most of your questions? No problem. Because in just a few simple steps you can connect this thermo/hygro weather station with Alexa. Then you can control it by voice command: Alexa, what is the status of the ambient humidity? Alexa, what is the status of the weather station? Alexa, what is the temperature from the weather station? Alexa, what is the temperature from the temperature and humidity sensor? Your Echo always gets the answers from your very own local readings. Do you prefer Google Assistant? Then just use that to conveniently get your reliable weather information. Comfort level indicatorWhile at home, you want to see at a quick glance whether the next round of ventilation is due? The smart thermometer/hygrometer comes with a chic base station that features a large, clearly structured colour LCD display. In addition to the measurements, the trend arrow indicates the temperature and humidity trend over next few minutes. If you're not sure of the ideal relationship between temperature and humidity, the device also features a comfort level indicator, which displays a smiley to show the current comfort level. Practical design: The base station has two display brightness levels and can double up as a bedside alarm. The time, date and day of the week are automatically updated via the Internet - all you need to do is set the alarm time. The base station also features a snooze button that snoozes the alarm to give you an extra 5 minutes in bed. Create the ideal indoor climate with your Tuya smart devices and the BRESSER Smart Home 7 Channel Tuya Thermometer/Hygrometer! In addition to the hygro-thermo sensor, we also offer a range of other wireless sensors for your smart home system, such as pool thermometers and ground sensors. BASE STATION FEATURES Smart thermo-hygrometer for Tuya smart homes Measures temperature (°C/°F) and humidity Operated via Tuya Smart app Can control other Tuya-compatible IoT devices Access to data via Google Assistant and Alexa possible Adjustable high/low alarm in app interface View daily, monthly and annual graphs in app interface Historical data can be downloaded from app interface Large colour LCD display for easy reading of measurements Synchronises the local time and date via the Internet Alarm function with snooze button Max/min memory for temperature and humidity readings (daily or after specific time) Automatic calibration for temperature and humidity readings Displays the temperature and humidity trend Comfort level indicator Automatic cycle mode displays the different channels in 4-second intervals Two display brightness settings: dark or bright 7 languages for day of the week display (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, RU) Supports firmware updates Large range of up to 150 m (450 ft.) Supports up to 7 external sensors (not included) Can be wall-mounted or placed on desktop Dimensions: 130 x 111 x 27 mm / Weight: 215 g EXTERNAL SENSOR FEATURES Wireless thermo-hygro sensor Measures the temperature and humidity Range of up to 150 m with a transmission frequency of 868 MHz Battery operated: 2x AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 112 x 60 x 36 mm / Weight: 64 g DELIVERY CONTENT Smart thermometer/hygrometer Wireless thermo-hygro sensor Power adapter Instruction manual

€87.09* €99.00* (12.03% saved)
BRESSER Weather Station ClimaTemp TB with LCD Colour Display
This BRESSER Weather Station ClimaTemp TB has a clearly arranged colour display, which is divided into 4 areas.On the right side the measured values for inside and outside are displayed. So you always have temperature and humidity in view.The weather forecast for the next 12 hours is calculated by the measured values and is displayed graphically in the upper left corner. Six different kind of weather conditions can be displayed.Of course the current time, which is transmitted by DCF radio signal, the date, the day of the week and phase of the moon are also displayed. Furthermore, you can set two alarm times and activate the snooze after the alarm rings by pressing the button.The weather station can be powered by batteries or with the included AC/DC adapter. While using batteries, the backlight can be activated by the snooze button for 7 seconds.FEATURES BASIS STATIONLCD colourdisplay with two brightness levelsInside temperature (°C/°F) and humidityOutside temperature (°C/°F) and humidityBarometer display in hPaDisplay of time, date, weekday and moon phaseTime can be set via DCF radio signal or manuallyWeather forecast for the next 12 hours (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy)Alarm function with two adjustable alarm times and snooze functionMaximum connectable sensors: 3Suspension device and fold-out standPower supply: 3x AAA batteries (not incl.) or optional via the included power adapterFEATURES SENSORTemperature and humidity With display for direct measured data readout Range: up to 80 metres Battery operated: 2x AAA batteries each (not included) Can be placed on a table or wall-mountedSCOPE OF DELIVERYMain unitOutdoor sensorAC/DC adapterManual

€40.09* €59.00* (32.05% saved)
BRESSER Water Timer for 7510100 / 7510200 Smart Garden Smart Home Irrigation System
The perfect add-on or replacement part for your smart garden system: this BRESSER water timer allows you to automatically control the flow of water to your garden. It can be quickly integrated into your existing smart garden watering system: simply attach it to the tap with a hose, connect it to your weather station (not included), add it to the HomGar app, and pair it with your soil sensor (not included). You can then create your own watering schedules to ensure that your plants are only watered when the soil is dry. In addition, you can choose from two different modes to regulate the flow of water: water and mist. Overwatering can be prevented by using a soil sensor* (not included), or by activating the rain delay function, which pauses your watering schedules for 24 hours. Of course, you can also use the hose directly as and when you need - for example to water recently planted flowers. The statistics function in the app gives you an overview of your daily and monthly water consumption. In addition, you can also use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the water timer using voice commands. Discover the BRESSER smart water timer and get the most out of your smart home system! FEATURES Water timer for the BRESSER smart home watering system Can be controlled via the HomGar app Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 2 operating modes: Water and mist Rain delay function pauses watering schedules for 24 hours Water pressure: 0.5 bar to 8 bar (7-116 PSI) Flow rate: 5 l/min to 35 l/min Manual watering time: 1 min to 60 mins Automatic watering time: 1 min to 11 hrs 59 mins Watering schedules: up to 6 schedules per day Watering frequency: daily, uneven days, even days, or specific days of the week Waterproof (IPX4) Range: 60 m Operating temperature: 3 °C to 50 °C Power supply: 4x AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 42 x 102 x 167 mm, Weight: 247 g PACKAGE CONTENTS Smart garden water timer Base station and soil sensor not included! Instruction manual   *NOTE: Only use this function under supervision.

BRESSER VentAir Thermo-Hygrometer with Ventilation Notification
The BRESSER VentAir Thermo-/Hygrometer offers an innovative room ventilation recommendation. Thanks to this ventilation notification, possible mould infestation due to excessive humidity can be prevented. Alternatively, too dry heating air can also be prevented by selective airing. The station can be operated and set very quickly using the touch screen. In addition to the ventilation recommendation, the time, indoor and outdoor temperature as well as indoor and outdoor humidity are displayed. For additional convenience, the station is equipped with white background lighting, which is triggered by the light touch button in the upper frame. The station can receive up to 3 radio transmitter signals, 1 remote sensor with a transmission range of up to 80 m outdoors is already included in the scope of delivery. Further sensors with the BRESSER item code 7009985 can be reordered. FEATURES Ventilation recommendation for a better indoor climate Early prevention of mould infestation 433 MHz transmission frequency 80 m range of transmission Up to 3 sensors can be connected, 1 sensor is included in the packageIP44 Splashproof sensor for placement of the sensor outdoors (hanging only)Outdoor temperature (in °C / F) Indoor temperature (in °C / F) Relative humidity (inside and outside) (in %) Time display White backlight Min/max memory for temp. and humidity With integrated hanging hook and unfoldable table stand in housing SCOPE OF SUPPLY Hygrometer Outdoor sensor Instruction manual


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BRESSER Weather Station ClimateTemp NDV-NEO
With the BRESSER Wireless Weather Station ClimateTemp NDV-NEO, you are always prepared for the climatic conditions both in front of and behind your front door. The weather station reliably measures the temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors and provides you with a precise weather forecast. In addition, the device looks really stylish. Practical additional features such as frost warning and temperature alarm help you navigate through your daily weather-related challenges. Stay up-to-date with reliable weather forecasts! Do you need an umbrella today or maybe sunscreen? With the graphical weather forecast of the BRESSER weather station, you will know right away and can plan your activities accordingly. You can also keep an eye on the weather trend with the air pressure display with history. Top indoor climate thanks to the weather station for home and more. Only where humidity and temperature are right can we feel comfortable in the long run. That’s why the base station of the ClimateTemp NDV-NEO has an integrated thermo-hygro sensor. This allows you to easily monitor the indoor climate in your home or office: Just regularly check the precise measurements for indoor temperature and humidity and adjust your ventilation habits accordingly. This way, you can prevent mold growth and overly dry air and breathe easy! Weather station with outdoor sensor: Weather information first-hand A real powerhouse of the weather station is the high-quality sensor. It reliably measures the outdoor temperature and humidity, with the high range of up to 80 meters offering a lot of flexibility in positioning. The data can also be read directly on the integrated display. So you can get an update quickly even in the garden or on the terrace. Moreover, the sensor is water-resistant to IP44 – ideal for outdoor use. Weather station with cool features for hot and cold days The BRESSER wireless weather station has many useful functions that make your daily life easier. For instance, the frost warning alerts you to frosty temperatures on cool days. You can get an overview of the development of humidity and temperature from the max./min. value storage. And the high/low value alarm notifies you when your chosen temperature limits are reached. Bring style to your weather forecast – with the BRESSER Wireless Weather Station ClimateTemp NDV-NEO! BASE STATION FEATURES Indoor temperature and humidity (°C/°F) Display of outdoor temperature and humidity (°C/°F) Graphical weather forecast Air pressure with graphical history High/low value alarm for temperature Max./min. value storage for temperature and humidity Frost warning Automatic time and date (manual setting possible) Integrated alarm clock with snooze function Moon phase Power supply: Power adapter (included) and 3x AAA backup battery (not included) PLEASE NOTE: This device receives the DCF time signal (Central European Time). However, you can easily adjust the time display to different time zones using the manual time setting. SENSOR FEATURES Measurement of temperature and humidity Clear LCD display Range: up to 80 m IP protection class: IP44  Dimensions: 71 x 65 x 23 mm / Weight: 44 g Battery operated: 2x AAA batteries (not included) SCOPE OF DELIVERY Base station 1x wireless sensor Power adapter User manual

BRESSER ClimateTemp NDH wireless weather station (Refurbished)
HINWEIS: Es handelt sich bei diesem Artikel um Gebrauchtware bzw. Rückläufer. Das bedeutet: Der Artikel kann leichte Gebrauchsspuren aufweisen und die Verpackung kann von der Originalverpackung abweichen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass für Refurbished Artikel generell 12 Monate Garantie gelten.Mit der BRESSER Funk-Wetterstation ClimateTemp NDH holen Sie sich einen meteorologischen Hingucker in schlankem Design in Ihr Zuhause. So hat das große LC-Display der eleganten Basisstation die Messdaten des Außensensors zu Außentemperatur und -luftfeuchtigkeit stets auf dem Schirm. Großes Plus für Frischluft-Fans: Über den eigenen Screen am Thermo-Hygro-Funksensor können Sie die gemessenen Werte direkt außen ablesen. Und auch bei der Tagesplanung und Kleiderwahl ist die Wetterstation mit Außensensor Ihr praktischer Alltagshelfer: Denn die zuverlässige animierte Wettervorhersage informiert Sie blitzschnell über die Aussichten für die kommenden 12–24 Stunden. Sie wollen sich ein ganz genaues Bild von der Wetterentwicklung vor Ihrer Haustür machen? Dann behalten Sie die Luftdruck-Tendenz der letzten 24 Stunden im übersichtlichen Balkendiagramm im Blick. Und wenn Sie sich im Winter über Schnee oder Glatteis Gedanken machen, gibt Ihnen die Frostwarnung Gewissheit: Fällt die Außentemperatur zwischen +3 und -2 °C, erscheint im Display der Wetterstation das Frostsymbol. Mit der Wetterstation zum optimalen Raumklima Neben dem Messpunkt des Außensensors auf dem Balkon oder im Garten sollten Sie einen weiteren Lebensraum klimatechnisch im Auge behalten: Ihren Wohnbereich. Denn nur wenn Lufttemperatur und -feuchtigkeit auch in unseren Innenräumen stimmen, fühlen wir uns wohl und gesund. Deshalb misst die Basis der Wetterstation für zu Hause mit ihrem integrierten Thermo-Hygro-Sensor zuverlässig, wie warm und feucht es im Zimmer ist. Mit den gemessenen Werten können Sie dann zu trockener Luft und Schimmelbildung aktiv entgegenwirken. Sie hätten im hektischen Alltag gerne eine Erinnerung? Dann nutzen Sie die praktische Alarm-Funktion: Stellen Sie einfach Ihre individuellen Höchst- und Tiefstwerte für Innen- sowie Außen-Luftfeuchtigkeit und -Temperatur ein. Werden diese dann unter- oder überschritten, macht Sie der Signalton ruckzuck darauf aufmerksam. Wem das nicht reicht, der kann auf der Wetterstation zusätzlich die Höchst- und Tiefst-Werte anzeigen lassen. Absolut zeitgemäße Anzeige: Die Funkuhr mit Datum, Wochentag und Mondphase ist stets auf dem stilvollen LCD-Screen mit weitem Ablesewinkel zu sehen. Auch in den Morgen starten Sie mit der Wetterstation entspannt, denn der integrierte Wecker mit Schlummer-Funktion lässt Sie pünktlich aufstehen. Durch die modernen LED-Touch-Tasten, die beim Antippen aufleuchten, tappen Sie bei der Bedienung nie im Dunkeln. Behalten Sie Ihr lokales Wetter und Raumklima zuverlässig im Blick – mit der BRESSER Funk-Wetterstation ClimateTemp NDH. EIGENSCHAFTENElegante Wetterstation mit schickem Metallic-Finish in Anthrazit LCD-Anzeige mit weitem Ablesewinkel LED-Touch-Tasten leuchten bei Berührung für mehr Bedienkomfort Wettervorhersage mit animierten Wettersymbolen Messung von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit, innen und außen Balkendiagramm mit Anzeige der barometrischen Veränderung Frostwarnung Individueller Alarm für Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit Min./Max.-Speicher Mondphasen-Anzeige Funkgesteuerte Uhrzeit- und Datumsanzeige Wecker mit Schlummer-Funktion (Snooze) Hintergrundbeleuchtung in 4 Stufen regelbar Wandmontage oder Ständer für Schreib-, Nachttisch etc. Unterstützt bis zu 3 Außenkanäle mit 1x Funksensor im Lieferumfang Stromversorgung über 3x AAA-Batterien oder Micro-USB Maße: 175 x 24 x 132 mm / Gewicht: 284 g EIGENSCHAFTEN AUẞENSENSORMessung der Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit LCD-Anzeige Funksignal-Übertragungsbereich: 30 m Maße: 60 x 22 x 60 mm / Gewicht: 39 g 2x AAA 1,5V Batterien LIEFERUMFANGWetterstation Thermo-Hygro-Außensensor DC 5V 150 mA Adapter 5x AAA-Batterien Bedienungsanleitung

BRESSER Weather Station MeteoTemp TBV
Barometric trends: up or down? With the BRESSER Weather Station MeteoTemp TBV you'll always have the weather conditions at home, in the workplace or elsewhere right at your fingertips. Its graphic weather forecast is displayed on the user-friendly screen, showing at a glance if it's likely to be sunny or if rain clouds are gathering. Meanwhile, the precise thermo-hygro outdoor sensor provides precise data on temperature and humidity right outside your door. Weather station for your perfect indoor climate A healthy room climate is essential for your comfort. So, monitor the indoor temperature and humidity at the base station’s location thanks to the built-in thermo-hygro sensor. Need to cover more than one room? Then expand your weather station with up to 2 optional wireless sensors (not included). Using the additional information you can ensure a pleasant environment in multiple rooms. Track the weather's ups and downs Keen to understand weather patterns? Then the graph of the barometric pressure history is the perfect source of information for you. In addition, the built-in max/min value memory displays the highest and lowest readings for humidity and temperature at the touch of a button. And how do you find out that it’s getting too cold or warm in the children's or living room? Just set your temperature limits and count on the high/low temperature alarm, which activates when those values are reached. Flexible placement – thanks to the sensor's long range Whether in the garden or on the balcony, the sensor can be placed perfectly due to its impressive range of up to 80 metres. This ensures that you quickly find the ideal location for the sensor outdoors and the base station indoors. Enjoy a clear view of the climate at home, in the office or elsewhere – with the BRESSER Weather Station MeteoTemp TBV. FEATURES BASE STATION Indoor temperature and humidity (°C/°F) Outdoor temperature and humidity display (°C/°F) Graphic weather forecast Barometric pressure with history graph Max./Min. value memory for temperature and humidity High/Low temperature alert Automatic DCF time and date setting, manual setting possible Built-in alarm clock with snooze function Moon phase Connects up to 3 wireless sensors (1 included) Backlit display Battery level indicator Powered by mains adapter (included) and 1x CR2032 backup battery (included)PLEASE NOTE: This device receives the DCF time signal (Central European Time). However, you can easily adjust the time display to different time zones using the manual time setting. FEATURES SENSOR Measures temperature and humidity Easy-to-read LCD display Range of up to 80 metres Dimensions: 71 x 65 x 23 mm / weight: 44 g Battery-powered: 2x AAA batteries (not included) SCOPE OF DELIVERY Base station 1x wireless sensor 1x CR2032 backup battery Mains adapter Instruction manual