Camera Bajonet Adapter Canon R/RP to T2/M42 thread

T-Mount / Bayonet adapter ring for Canon R/RP cameras to connect telescopes and microscopes

  • Connector for Canon R/RP camera
  • High-quality and precisely manufactured from metal
  • Connecting thread: T2 / M42x0.75 female
  • Optical path: 10.0mm
  • Scope of delivery: Bajonettadapter for Canon R/RP camera


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Product number: 4940310
GTIN/EAN: 4007922068763
Product information "Camera Bajonet Adapter Canon R/RP to T2/M42 thread"
T-Mounts / Bajonet adapters are the connecting piece between the photo adapter and the camera. Please read the instruction manual of your camera to find out which T-Mount / Bajonet adapter you need, look into the instruction manual of your camera. Connect your BRESSER Microscope or Telescope with a Canon R/RP camera and take images or videos of your observed object!

  • Capture photos through your telescope or microscope
  • Connecting piece between the photo adapter and Canon R/RP camera
  • High-quality and precise workmanship made of metal
  • A corresponding photo adapter is needed
  • Connecting thread: T2 / M42x0.75 female
  • Optical path: 10.0 mm

  • T2 Ring / Bajonettadapter for Canon EOS R/RP
Colour: black
Material: Aluminium

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BRESSER MikrOkular Full HD eyepiece camera
Save pictures and videos from your microscope or telescope directly in Full HD resolution on your PC. The BRESSER MikrOkular Full HD is an eyepiece camera that can be used directly instead of the eyepiece of your telescope or microscope. Adapters for various devices (all common eyepiece dimensions from different manufacturers) and multilingual recording software for Windows are already included in the scope of delivery. With this camera you can document your microscope or telescope observation or share it with others. Ideal for hobby, school, study and work. The camera can take pictures of the moon and the bright planets on the telescope. In microscopy, the camera is mainly used for shooting in brightfield and incident light. FEATURESmetal housing, mini USB socketresolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel, Full HDPixel size: 3x3 µm, sensor size: 5.86 x 3.28 mm23,2mm barrel, integrated UV/IR blocking filter30mm; 30,5mm adapter for various microscopes and telescopes included31,7mm (1,25") adapter for telescopes includes with thread for 1,25" filtersmultilingual recording software for Windowsimage format jpg, bmp, tif, pngvideo format avi SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSWindows 8.1, 10 or 11Intel i3, i5, i7 or i9 CPU from the 2nd generation orAMD FX or Ryzen CPUinternet connection for software downloadUSB 2.0 SCOPE OF DELIVERYcamera module incl. dust capUSB-cableCamLabLite-Software as a download link, language versions German, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Indonesian, ChineseUsers Guide included in the software (German, English)Adapters 30mm, 30,5mm, 31,7mm (1,25”)

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BRESSER T2 Ring Nikon
Connect your BRESSER Microscope or Telescope with a Nikon SLR camera and take images or videos of your observed object!The BRESSER T-Mount is the connecting piece between the camera adapter and SLR camera. To find out what T2-ring you need, look into the instruction manual of your camera.FEATURESConnecting piece between the camera adapter and Nikon SLR cameraHigh-quality and precise workmanship made of metalA corresponding camera adapter is neededSCOPE OF DELIVERYT2 Ring Nikon

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BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical Photo Mount PM-100
Do you already own a photo camera and would like to create impressive pictures of the night sky with the help of the long exposure or even make time-lapse pictures with little effort ? The BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical PhotoMount PM-100 is the ideal base. Not only for beginners in astrophotography, this mount is particularly well suited, but also the experts swear by a compact and easy-to-use mount to automatically compensate for the natural rotation of the earth. The built-in tracking motor rotates the saddle-mounted camera precisely against the earth's rotation and thus the stars remain in pinpoint shape even with long exposures. If you already own a sturdy photo tripod with a video tilt head you can use the photo mount's head directly with the 1/4 inch & 3/8 inch photo thread holes. The pole height (latitude) is then adjusted by the video tilt head. The photo-mount with tripod with carry-case and polar wedge are also available as a bundle - Product No.: 4964120 Which cameras are basically suitable for use with the BRESSER photo mount ? All cameras with ¼ inch (6.3mm) tripod connection thread and bulb length" B "for long exposure are suitable. The BRESSER StarTracker Astronomical Photo Mount PM-100 is designed for a camera with lens of max. 2.0 kg total weight to carry and track in polar mode. In Azimut mode also a camera weight up to 5.0kg is possible.  Large aperture, wide-angle lenses are ideal for the beginning, because the requirements for tracking accuracy accumulate with increasing focal length and exposure time. Thus, a shot with wide-angle lens can be exposed for up to several minutes and the stars remain punctiform without problems. For example, with a 200mm telephoto lens the polar alignment of the photo mount must be exactly right. But thanks to the integrated pole finder tunnel, this is done quickly. After setting up the light and compact StarTracker Photo Mount, simply set the approximate latitude (pole height) and aim Polaris through the integrated pole finder tunnel. Then mount the camera with the photo lens using the quick-release plate on the supplied ball head. With the ball head, the camera can be aligned and determined at any time on any section of the sky. As soon as the tracking motor is switched on, long-time exposure can be started immediately. This does not even take 5 minutes ... The tracking is carried out by a precise stepper motor, which can be controlled by an easy digital setup on LCD screen. Low power consumption allows up to 20 hours of operation with just one battery charge or simply use the micro USB port for an unlimited power supply. FEATURES Equatorial StarTracker Photo-Mount Automatic siderial tracking against the Earth rotation  Different tracking speed setting possible Suitable for northern and southern henisphere Time lapse: from 15 minutes to 48 hours Ballhead with quick release saddle plate and 1/4" Photo thread for Kamera mountingPhoto-Mount with 1/4" threaded bolt for ballhead mounting Additional quick release coupling for ball head removal High precision stepper motor with helical gear for accurate tracking Clear LCD screen and easy setup menu Battery operation 4 x AA batteries or mico USB (optional acc.)  Battery life: up to 20 hours Weight Photo-Mont: 0.63kg Load capacity of Photo-Mount: up to 2.0kg/5.0kg (EQ/AZ) Optional Acc: Polar-wedge, Tripod and carry-case, optical pole finder scope with illumination unit SCOPE OF DELIVERY StarTracker astronomical Photo-Mount head Ballhead with quick release saddle plate User manual

BRESSER Universal Smartphone Adapter
Take photos with your smartphone through your spotting scope, microscope or telescope. It’s a child's play with the BRESSER Universal Smartphone Adapter. Simply attach the adapter to the eyepiece holder of your optical device and then use all together as a telephoto lens for your smartphone camera. Now you can shoot distant objects as if they were up close or take photos through a microscope.FEATURESuniversal adapter to assemble the smartphone to a spotting scope or telescopefor eyepieces up to 68 mm diameterfor smartphones with a width of 50-88mmSCOPE OF DELIVERYSmartphone adapterManual

Vixen Polar Fine Adjustment Unit
The Polar fine adjustment unit is an accessory designed for installation of star tracking mounts such as POLARIE and the AP Star Tracker System with attachment between the photo stand and the star tracking mount. This device enables fine horizontal and vertical adjustment with installation of a polar axis target. The swivel head, which is designed exclusively for use on the base of star trackers, can be secured or removed with a single screw. The twin screw system for inclination and azimuth adjustment ensures fine movement and rigid locking. The adjustable inclination angle of 0゚~85゚ enables use in a range of positions and situations. The fine adjustment range can be adjusted in three steps of low (0-30 degrees), medium (30-60 degrees) and high (60-85 degrees). FEATURES Fine adjustment unit for precise pole alignment For use on the AP and Polarie Star Tracker Adjustment range from 0° to 85° Photo stand connection (for 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws) Weight: 300 g WHAT’S INCLUDED Fine adjustment unit Allen key Adapter for 3/8'' screw

Vixen M-155MA Tripod with POLARIE Fine Adjustment Unit
M 155 MA tripod with polar fine adjustment and additional ball head for the Polarie Star Tracker.This lightweight, sturdy tripod was developed specially for the Polarie Star Tracker in collaboration with Velborn.Weighing just 1.7 kg, it is great for travelling and highly portable.The fine adjustment function enables precise polar alignment. FEATURESBall head with 1/4-inch threadExtendable in 3 sectionsWeight: 1.7 kgDELIVERY CONTENTM-155-MA tripod1x Ball head1x Fine adjustment unit

BRESSER HD Moon & Planetary Camera & Guider 1.25"
Enter the world of astrophotography now. With the new BRESSER HD moon and planet camera with ST4 autoguider function. This camera is very good for astrophotography with short exposure times, i.e. for celestial objects like the moon, planets or star clusters. For astrophotography with long exposure times for low light deep sky objects, like galaxies and gas nebulae, we recommend the BRESSER Full HD Deep-Sky Camera (Art. No. 4959050) instead, with it's even higher resolution and sensor sensitivity. Equipped with the new high-sensitivity SONY IMX225 CMOS colour sensor, the BRESSER HD moon and planet camera delivers amazing image results with very short exposure times, even with simple telescope equipment. In addition, this ultra-modern camera can also be used as an autoguider, e.g. to actively track the main imaging device with SLR or CCD astro camera. A universal CMOS colour camera that delivers super-sharp lunar and planetary images in particular. The particularly low noise level of this new chip generation from SONY, ensures an exceptionally high brilliance and no cooling is required. Due to the high native pixel resolution of 1280x980, together with suitable telescopes, very beautiful images of the moon, but also detailed planetary images are possible. The ToupSky pro software included in the scope of delivery not only offers the necessary basic functions for image and video recording, but also many helpful special functions for image post-processing and for setting up the Guider. Functions such as live image display, exposure settings, white balance, dark image capture, stacking, timelapse recordings and much more can be individually configured. Especially the very sophisticated software makes it really easy for you to get started in astrophotography. With the automatic settings, you can produce absolutely presentable results without much prior knowledge. If you wish, simply switch off the automatic settings and gradually venture into the individual professional settings. Connect the camera directly to the ST4 connector of your telescope mount and you have fully automatic tracking control. This makes long exposures of several minutes possible without the stars producing unwanted line marks due to the ever-present synchronisation fluctuations of a telescope mount. A corresponding ST-4 connection cable is even included with the camera. Due to the high light sensitivity of the camera, you will always find a suitable guide star even with very short exposure times. For connection to guide tubes or off-axis guiders, the camera has a 1.25" plug-in sleeve, 1.25" filter thread (M28.5x0.6) and C-mount thread (1 "x1/32"). IMPORTANT NOTES: This is not a stand-alone guider camera. You always need a Windows 10 / 11 computer to take pictures and for autoguiding. The autoguider software is not included. You can use PHD2 Guiding, Guidedog, Metaguide, Guidemaster (freeware) or AstroArt, MaxIm DL (paid). DOWNLOAD PHD2-Guiding: DOWNLOAD GuideDog: DOWNLOAD latest camera software and drivers: SPECIFICATIONS Camera type: BRESSER / Touptek GPCMOS01200KPF color Sensor: SONY IMX225 CMOS colour Image and video size: Full HD 1280 x 960 pixels (video 30-54,4 FPS) Native sensor size in pixels: 1280 x 960 Exposure times: 102ms to 16min Binning: YES, 1x1 and 2x2 Megapixel: 1.2 MP Sensor size in mm: 4.8 x 3.6 Pixel size: 3.75 µm x 3.75 µm Bit depth: 8/12 switchable ST-4 Compatible Autoguider: YES CNC milled housing made of aluminum Protective strap on the camera housing Camera tube diameter: 1.25 inch (31.7 mm) Camera connection thread: C-mount + 1.25 "filter thread Computer interface: USB 2.0 C-mount extension tube with 1.25 inch filter thread included No IR cut filter installed Operating system: WINDOWS 10 + 11 ASCOM and WDM driver included Field of view for different focal lengths in mm (given in arc minutes): 400 mm - 41,2'x 30,9' 500 mm - 33'x 24,7' 600 mm - 27,5'x 20,6' 700 mm - 23,5'x 17,7' 800 mm - 20,6'x 15,4' 900 mm - 18,3'x 13,7' 1000 mm - 16,5'x 12,4' 1250 mm - 13,2'x 9,9' 1500 mm - 11'x 8,2' 1750 mm - 9,4'x 7,1' 2000 mm - 8,2'x 6,2' SCOPE OF DELIEVRY HD camera C-mount adapter USB 2.0 PC connection cable with a length of 180cm Interface cable for ST-4 autoguider port with 150cm length Dust cap for camera tube Software CD

€116.10* €129.00* (10% saved)
High resolution deep sky camera with large Panasonic CMOS sensor and active cooling. Enter the world of astrophotography now. With the new EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC DEEP SKY ASTRO camera you get a modern complete package for the comfortable shooting of astro photos and videos. Finally, an easy-to-use camera for capturing galaxies, star clusters, the moon and even planets with high resolution and low sensor noise. Thanks to the fast USB 3.0 computer interface, all image data is transferred within a few seconds. Long waiting times are now history. Simply connect the camera to your telescope using the T2 female thread (M42.0.75mm) or the supplied 2" (50.8mm) plug-in adapter and after installing the drivers and the included EXPLORE Capture recording and editing software, you are ready to take the first real astro photos with a highly specialized camera for your application.  The EXPLORE Capture Pro software included in delivery not only offers the basic functions required for image and video capture, but also many helpful special functions for image post-processing and camera setup. Functions such as live image display, exposure settings, white balance, dark image print, stacking, timelapse recording and much more can be configured individually. Especially the very sophisticated software makes your entry into astrophotography really easy. With the automatic settings you can produce absolutely presentable results without any previous knowledge. If you like, simply switch off the automatic settings and gradually dare to adjust the individual professional settings. The new EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC DEEP SKY camera has a highly sensitive and very low-noise Panasonic CMOS sensor which is additionally cooled down to 40°C below ambient temperature by the two-stage thermoelectric cooling. In contrast to normal DSLR cameras, this guarantees much lower noise and fewer hot pixels in your shots. The images are not only much sharper and more brilliant, but also contain more usable image information. Through the controlled setting of the desired camera temperature, the creation of dark frames under reproducible shooting conditions is possible at any time. The large-format CMOS sensor with 21.9mm diagonal also allows large image fields and simplifies the adjustment and centering of objects considerably. The camera has a built-in USB hub with 2 x USB2.0 ports at the rear. Connect your additional autoguider camera or motor focus etc. via a short USB cable and reduce the risk of cable spaghetti and cable breaks. Separate cable connections between your accessories and your computer are no longer necessary. A sturdy hard case for the camera plus accessories is also included. IMPORTANT NOTES: Don't get confused by the megapixel data and the contrary price structure. In the field of astronomy, the key criterion is not the sensor resolution but the maximum light sensitivity. The main goal is to capture as much light as possible in a short time.DOWNLOAD latest camera software and drivers see download folder "Manuals" or here: Sample photos made by Lóránd Fényes in Hungary: of view for different focal lengths in arc minutes and degrees: 400 mm - 151´x 114´ (2.5 x 1.9 degrees) 500 mm - 121´x 91´ (2.0 x 1.5 degrees) 600 mm - 101´x 76´ (1.7 x 1.3 degrees) 700 mm - 86´x 65´ (1.4 x 1.1 degrees) 800 mm - 76´x 57´ (1.3 x 0.9 degrees) 900 mm - 67´x 51´ (1.1 x 1.9 degrees) 1000 mm - 61´x 46´ (1.0 x 0.8 degrees) 1250 mm - 48´x 37´ (0.8 x 0.6 degrees) 1500 mm - 40´x 30´ (0.7 x 0.5 degrees) 1750 mm - 35´x 26´ (0.6 x 0.4 degrees) 2000 mm - 30´x 23´ (0.5 x 0.4 degrees) FEATUREScamera type: ASTRO Camera 16.0MP ATR3CMOS16000KPA data output: single pictures and video image Sensor: Panasonic NM34230PLI CMOS Color Sensor adjustable resolution: 4648x3506 / 2304x1750 / 1536x1168 adjustable binning: 1x1 / 2x2 / 3x3 frame rate per second (FBS): 22.5 / 43 / 48 physical sensor size in pixels: 4648 x 3506 megapixel: 16 MP sensor size: 17.6 x 13.3 mm (4/3 inch) pixel size: 3.8 µm x 3.8 µm bit depth: 12 Bit backfocus: 17,5 mm  shutter Type: rolling shutterinternal camera memory: DDR 3 RAMthermoelectric cooling with fan: yes, up to 40°C below ambient temperature adjustable exposure times: 150µs to 60min operating temperature: -10 to +50°C (30-80% RLH) cable length USB 3.0: 150cm DC cable length power supply: 200cm CNC machined aluminium housing camera diameter: 80mm; length: 102mm camera weight: 0,53 kg camera connection diameter: 2.0 inch ( 50.8mm) camera connection thread: T2 (M42x0,75mm) filter thread: Yes, 2.0 inch in receptacle camera connection to PC: USB 3.0 built-in USB hub with 2 x USB 2.0 ports power supply: Power supply 12 Volt 3,0 Ampere included software: EXPLORE Capture included camera driver and ASCOM driver includedoperating system: WINDOWS 10 + 11 PC requirements: CPU Intel Core2 2.8Ghz or higher / 2 GB Ram / USB 3.0 SCOPE OF DELIVERYDEEP SKY ASTRO Camera 16.0MP telescope adapter T2 thread to 2.0" (50,8mm) USB 3.0 connection cable 150cm power supply 230V/12V3,0A dust cap software CD hard case instruction manual

BRESSER Extension Tube 37,5 mm for 2.5" HEXAFOC
Are you having trouble focusing your eyepiece or camera? Then use this 37.5 mm extension sleeve to increase the distance between the 2.5 inch HEXAFOC eyepiece extension and the eyepiece or camera. The extension sleeve has an M68x0.75 mm internal and external thread and can therefore be screwed directly onto the HEXAFOC draw tube. SPECIFICATIONSIncreases the distance to the eyepiece/cameraSuitable for 2.5 inch HEXAFOCOptical length: 37,5 mmInternal and external thread: M68x0,75 mmInside black matt coatedMaterial: aluminium, black anodizedSCOPE OF DELIVERYExtension sleeve 37,5 mm (1 piece)

€24.80* €26.80* (7.46% saved)
BRESSER Camera-Adapter M35/T2 for MC/MCX100/127
Camera-Adapter M35/T2 for Bresser MC/MCX-100 and MC/MCX-127 Maksutov telescopes The BRESSER Camera-Adapter M35/T2 for MC/MCX100/127 is principally designed to connect a DSLR camera (with appropriate manufacturer-specific T2 T-ring, available separately) to the Bresser MC-100 and MC-127 Maksutov telescopes which have a built-in M35 connecting thread. You can also use wider-bodied astronomical cameras (non-c-mount), which have T2 threads built into their bodies, as standard with this camera adapter. This adapter can be separated into two different lengths of 30mm and 80mm (which both truncate in a T2/M42 thread). The use of these different lengths of extension tube allows the user to vary the projection of image on to a camera chip and get the best framing for the size of object being imaged. Please note: an extra camera specific T2-adapter ring (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) is necessary to connect a DSLR.  Many of these are available from us and you are welcome to contact us for advice if unsure which of these to pick.WHAT'S INCLUDED Camera-Adapter with M35x1,0mm to M42x0.75mm (T2) thread

€44.10* €49.00* (10% saved)
Vixen QHD-33 Ball Head
Vixen QHD-33 ball head with 1/4 inch connection thread. Connects the POLARIE Star Tracker to your camera. The ball head can also be mounted on almost all photo tripods with standard 1/4 inch mounting screw. FEATURESLightweight ball head for the POLARIE Star Tracker 1/4 inch photo connection thread Also suitable for photo tripods with standard 1/4 inch screw SCOPE OF DELIVERYQHD-33 ball head (1pc)

Vixen Wide Photo Adapter 60DX for Nikon
The Wide Photo Adapter 60DX connects your Nikon DSLR camera to your telescope via a 60 mm thread. Thanks to the use of new materials and an improved design, Vixen was able to significantly improve the precision and load capacity compared with conventional adapters. The adapter's large interior diameter prevents shadows at the edges of the image when using a full-frame DSLR camera.FEATURESIncreased material strength for additional stability6 screws hold the camera in position (compared with 4 on most conventional adapters)Screw tips with Delrin inserts prevents the camera from tilting and minimizes distortion.Large interior diameter prevents shadowingBlack interior prevents scattered lightCompatible with 60 mm accessories when the camera adapter is removed2 screw sets (L and S) prevent scratches on the camera housing2 screw sets for adjusting the rotation resistanceDELIVERY CONTENTVixen Wide Photo Adapter 60DX for Nikon cameras2 screw sets (L and S)


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Camera Bajonet Adapter Canon R/RP to M48 thread
Bajonet adapters are the connecting piece between the photo adapter and the camera. Please read the instruction manual of your camera to find out which bajonet adapter you need, look into the instruction manual of your camera. Connect your BRESSER Microscope or Telescope with a Canon R/RP camera and take images or videos of your observed object!FEATURESCapture photos through your telescope or microscopeConnecting piece between the photo adapter and Canon R/RP cameraHigh-quality and precise workmanship made of metalA corresponding photo adapter is neededLarger free inner diameter for less obstructionConnecting thread: M48x0.75 femaleOptical path: 10.0 mmSCOPE OF DELIVERYBajonet adapter for Canon R/RP cameras

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