BRESSER additional Objective Lens 2x for Biorit ICD CS Microscopes only

  • Objective lens for Biorit ICD CS microscope (item no. 5802520 / 5802530)
  • Provides a higher magnification for observation of small structures
  • Magnification: 2x
  • Working distance: 80 mm
  • Scope of delivery: Additional lens


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Product number: 5941488
GTIN/EAN: 4007922060545
Product information "BRESSER additional Objective Lens 2x for Biorit ICD CS Microscopes only"
This 2x additional objective lens increases your microscopes magnification to make even very small details visible

The working distance is 80 mm.

It is suitable for the Biorit ICD CS microscope (Item No. 5802520 / 5802530)

  • objective lens for Biorit ICD CS microscope (item no. 5802520 / 5802530)
  • provides a higher magnification for observation of small structures
  • magnification: 2x
  • working distance: 80 m

  • Additional lens
Colour: black
Material: Aluminium

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BRESSER Cover Plates 22 x 22 mm 100 pcs
The Bresser cover slips have a size of 22 x22 mm and a thickness range from 0,13 – 0,17 mm. They are used to cover the sample on the slide. A thin and even sample is necessary for observations with high magnification. These cover slips are designed to work with all objectives that have the thickness of 0,17 mm included in their optical design. Usually you find this number printed on the objective. For beginner’s and student microscopes, these cover glasses are also suitable. FEATURES Cover slips, square, size 22x22mm Soda lime glass pre cleaned SCOPE OF DELIVERY 100 cover slips Kunststoff-Box

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BRESSER Reduction lens 0.75x variable
The BRESSER 0.75x reduction lens is used to change the image field of a microscope camera. Itallows to zoom in or out. The brightness becomes more intensive, to reduce the exposure time.For trinocular microscopes the adapter allows to adjust the focus to get the same focus for every eyepiece. It is compatible with 23.2 mm eyepiece holders. This adapter is designed for cameras with sensor sizes from 2/3". The connection is made via 1 " C-mount thread.

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BRESSER Prepared Slides 50 pcs. Box
Prepared slides are ready made conserved preparations. For high contrast the most of them are stained. The prepared slides are marked with english and german descriptions. A printed list of the contents is included. Set includesPenicillum.W.M. Croton stellatopilosus Fern Leaf Sec Pine Leaf C.S. Corn Stem C.S. Corn Stem L.S. Helianthus Stem L.S. Hydrilla Stem L.S. Vicia, dicot Leaf W.M. Pollen W.M. Plasmodesma Sec Leaf of Winter Jasmine C.S. Allium Scale Epidermis W.M. Paramecium W.M. Hydra W.M. Daphnia W.M. Rotifer W.M. Culex, House Mosquito Larva Blood Smear Human Fish Scale W.M. Blood Smear Chicken Skeletal Muscle C.S. Smooth Muscle Teased Prep. Motor Neurous Cell W.M. Stomach Sec Small Intestine Sec Lymph Node C.S. Spinal Cord C.S. Ciliated Epithelium Sec Testis Sec Ant W.M. Butterfly Wing W.M. Honey Bee Hind Leg W.M. Butterfly Antennular W.M. Musca Leg W.M. Mosquito Leg W.M. Spirogyra W.M. Spirogyra Conjugation W.M. Euglena W.M. Blood, Fish Smear Lichenrons Ox Sec Potato Sec Basswood Stem C.S. Letter “e Planaria C.S. Skin of Frog W.M. Honey Bee, Mouth Parts W.M. Liver Sec Dense Bone Sec Clam Gill C.S.SCOPE OF DELIVERY50x prepared slides1x plastic box

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Bresser additional Objective 0.7x (ETD-201)
In some applications, it is desirable to decrease the magnification factor. With this 0.7x lens, you can use the Science ETD-201 at magnifications of 5.6 to 35x.. The working distance is increased slightly. This is particularly useful if you need to work under the microscope. A larger and brighter field of view is also useful when using a microscope camera. The working distance is 137 mm. This additional lens is compatible with the following BRESSER microscopes: Science ETD 201 (5806200) DELIVERY CONTENT 1x additional lens (0.7x magnification)

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Cover glasses, 100 pcs. 24x50mm Boro 3.3
Extra big cover glasses made from pure white, smooth Borosilicate glass (Boro 3.3). These cover glasses are especially suitable for liquid samples, like plankton or cell culture media. Also useful for skin scrapes from Koi or ornamental fish. You can diagnose a bigger sample volume in one go, making the diagnosis faster and more reliable. The sample will not dry out as fast as usual.Boro 3.3 is a high tech glass material with excellent surface and optical quality. Keep in mind, that the cover glass is not only a cover, but works as an optical element and will influence the resulting image quality. Most microscope objectives are designed for cover glasses of a certain thickness (Usually 0,17mm; marked on the objective).The cover glasses are precleaned and ready to use.Boro 3.3 glass is highly transparent and has excellent surface quality. For UV it is significantly more transparent than soda-lime glass and therefore especially suitable for fluorescence microscopy.SCOPE OF DELIVERY 100 cover glasses 24x50 in plastic box.  Incl. drying agent, vacuum sealed.

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BRESSER additional Objective Lens 0.5x for Biorit ICD CS Microscopes only
This 0.5x additional objective lens provides a large field of view and a large depth of field. The working distance is 250 mm. It is suitable for the Biorit ICD CS microscope (Item No. 5802520 / 5802530) FEATURES objective lens for Biorit ICD CS microscope (item no. 5802520 / 5802530) large image field high depth of field magnification: 0.5x working distance: 250 m SCOPE OF DELIVERY Additional lens

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