BRESSER Replacement HEPA air filter for 3D Printer REX (item no. #2010100)

Replacement HEPA Air Purification Filter for REX 3D Printer 2010100

  • Replacement HEPA air filter for 3D Printer 2010100
  • Replacement HEPA air filter for Flashforge Adventurer 3


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Product number: 2080203
GTIN/EAN: 4007922062006
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 34716369
Product information "BRESSER Replacement HEPA air filter for 3D Printer REX (item no. #2010100)"
The BRESSER Replacement HEPA air filter for the BRESSER 3D printer 2010100, as well as compatible for the Flashforge Adventurer 3.
Colour: black
Material: Plastic

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