BRESSER JUNIOR Spotty 20-60x60 Spotting Scope

Zoom spotting scope with practical carrying case

  • fully coated optics, blue
  • 360° rotatable scope, smooth running focus wheel
  • rubber coated housing
  • dimensions: 35 x 10 x 11 cm / weight: 880 g
  • included in delivery: spotting scope, table tripod, soft case, carrying strap, manual


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Product number: 8820100
GTIN/EAN: 4007922194400
Product information "BRESSER JUNIOR Spotty 20-60x60 Spotting Scope"
Start your discovery tour! This BRESSER JUNIOR Spotty 20-60x60 spotting scope includes a 60-fold magnification so you can observe and discover the nature around you. For a better stability you can use the tripod.

  • Smooth running focus wheel
  • 360° rotatable scope
  • Pullout dewshield
  • Integrated dust cap
  • Spotting scope
  • Table tripod
  • Soft case
  • Carrying strap
  • Manual
7) Footnote: with zoom function based on the lowest magnification level
Altersempfehlung: From age 10
Altersempfehlung ab: 10
Colour: black
Colour of coating: blue
Eyepiece view direction: Inclined view 45°
Field of application [Spotting scopes]: Bird watching & Nature observation
Material: Aluminium, Plastic
Material prisms: BK-7
Optical design: Porro
Type [Spotting scopes]: Zoom spotting scope
Type of coating: Fully coated
Warnhinweise: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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With the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ILUMINOS 800 LED torch RG 800 lm you can bring light into the dark!Thanks to its magnetic base, it adheres to metallic surfaces and, with the help of its head that can be swivelled up to 90°, it becomes a practical helper even where your hands are not free! With its 9 operating modes, it adapts perfectly to every requirement, whether at the brightest level in white light for optimum visibility or as a warning signal in flashing red light mode. FEATURES LED torch with 800 lumen Head can be tilted up to 90°. Modes: White, red and green light in different brightness levels, flashing White, red and green light Splashproof High quality aluminium housing Rechargeable via USB cable (included) The rechargeable battery with 2200 mAh can be charged via USB cable Magnet WHAT'S INCLUDED Torch Hand strap USB cable Instruction manual

Go on exciting adventures in the great outdoors – with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Outdoor Discovery Set. The set comes with a practical carry case, which contains everything that young scientists need for action-packed outdoor explorations: a pair of binoculars, a compass, a magnifying glass and a net. So get outdoors and make some exciting discoveries! Binoculars with 3x magnification Not sure where to look? The Discovery Set includes a pair of children’s binoculars – perfect for taking a closer look at your surroundings. Simply look through the eyepieces, set the interpupillary distance and adjust the focus to see everything in 3x magnification and find the ideal location for your next discovery. Thanks to the large 30 mm lenses that let in plenty of light, the binoculars are also great for observing birds, deer and other animals. What’s more, they also feature rubber eyecups to enable use by people who wear glasses. Includes compass for finding your bearings Not sure which direction to head in? The set comes with a durable compass, which features a floating north pointer to help you find your bearings. If you have a map with you, you can also use the sighting wire to map your route. What’s more, the compass is equipped with a centimetre and measuring scale to help you measure the distance to your destination. Includes net for catching butterflies and other creatures Colourful butterflies, big beetles or tadpoles – if you’re keen to explore the world of insects and small fish, the Discovery Set comes with a net for catching prized specimens. What’s more, the length of the handle can be adjusted in order to reach hard to access areas – simply extend or retract the handle as needed. Feature-packed magnifying glass Once you’ve found a specimen, such as a caterpillar, earthworm or pretty leaf, you can place it under the magnifying glass, which features a large lens with 2x magnification. And if you want to take a closer look, there’s also a smaller lens with 5x magnification. You’ll also find a ruler for measuring the size of your specimen. IMPORTANT: Always be sure to look after the animals when conducting your research with the Discovery Set. Once you have finished your observations, release them back into the wild. Marvel at the wonders of nature with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Discovery Set! FEATURES5-piece discovery set for children aged 6 and above Binoculars with 3x magnification and 30 mm lens diameter Durable compass with centimetre, measuring scale and sighting wire Magnifying glass with 2 magnification levels: 2x (large lens), 5x (small lens) Net with telescopic handle for easy length adjustment Durable bag for easy transport PACKAGE CONTENTSBag Net Binoculars Magnifying glass Compass Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Metal detector with metal type detection and depth indicator
The digital metal detector by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is the ideal entry-level model at a low price. The use of the metal detector is learned quickly: simply guide the search coil parallel to the ground in slow, snake-like swiveling movements. There's an acoustic signal indicating a find. With 3 different pitches it is even possible to determine the metal type of the found piece. The LCD display also shows the type of metal and the relative depth of the found object. This avoids unnecessary digging for irrelevant scrap metal. Alternatively, you can exclude it completely from the search. The metal detector is equipped with 3 search modes, with which you can determine which types of metal should be displayed and which should be ignored. FEATURES Digital metal detector with 3 search modes ALL METAL: Metal detector reacts to any type of metal DISC: Metal types with conductance values below the selected value are hidden NOTCH: metal types with certain conductance values are hidden Search depth: 20 cm for smaller objects; larger objects even deeper Sensitivity adjustable 3 audio signals for acoustic metal distinction Integrated speaker and headphone jack (3.5 mm jack) Volume control LCD display Relative depth indication Length adjustable handle: approx. 100 - 125 cm Padded armrest and handle for comfortable use Power supply: 2x 9 Volt block battery (not included) Battery level indicator SCOPE OF DELIVERY 8'' search coil Control unit with display Ergonomic, length-adjustable handle Instruction manual

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BRESSER JUNIOR 7x30 Children's Binoculars
Whether you want to find robins in the treetops, catch a glimpse of elusive deer in the forest or explore every inch of a historical building, the BRESSER JUNIOR 7x30 Children’s Binoculars let you get up close to interesting objects. With these binoculars, you can see everything in 7x magnification. What’s more, the 30 mm lenses let plenty of light into your eyes so that you can marvel at every detail in optimal light. And thanks to the practical central focussing wheel with a large setting wheel, you can focus quickly when switching from one object of interest to the next. 7x30 Children’s binoculars: Perfectly adjusted to your child’s vision Every child is unique, and so are their eyes, which is why these children’s binoculars can be perfectly adjusted to suit your child’s vision. The interpupillary distance, which varies between individuals, is easy to adjust. And if you wear glasses, you can keep them on and fold over the twist-up eyecups. In addition, you can use the dioptre compensation to compensate for any differences in vision between your left and right eye – so you’ll always have a perfect view! The ideal companion for your next outdoor adventure Thanks to their compact roof-prism design, the binoculars fit perfectly in children’s hands, while the handy carry strap allows them to be worn around the neck for easy access. And once you’ve finished exploring, you can stow the binoculars in their bag to keep them safe and secure. Get stunning up-close views and make fascinating discoveries with the BRESSER JUNIOR 7x30 Children’s Binoculars! FEATURES Binoculars for children aged 6 and above Roof prism system 7x magnification 30 mm lens diameter Central focusing wheel Adjustable eye distance Dioptre compensation Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers PACKAGE CONTENTS 7x30 Children’s binoculars Bag Shoulder strap Cleaning cloth Instruction manual

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x25 compact binoculars waterproof
Nothing is more exciting than discovering the wonders of nature. However, with the naked eye, there's only so much you can see. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or on holiday in the Norwegian fjords, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x25 pocket binoculars will give you a close-up view of flora and fauna. Featuring 8x magnification and an objective diameter of 25 mm, the binoculars make shy animals 800 metres away appear as if they were just 100 metres in front of you. The field of view is 118 m / 1000 m, meaning that you obtain a 118 m wide field of view at a distance of 1000 m. Compared to binoculars that have a higher magnification, this gives you a better overview of your surroundings. The larger field of view also enables you to find moving objects more quickly, so that you can follow your favourite bird across the sky or a cute fawn through the forest.Pocket binoculars with lightweight design In addition to their lightweight design, the mini binoculars are also very easy to use. For example, you can adjust the distance between your eyes and the eyepieces using the articulated bridge. Meanwhile, the central focusing wheel and the dioptre compensation allow you to bring the high-quality optics into focus. The BaK-4 prisms (barium crown glass) and multi coating ensure a perfect view with a bright image at all times. And thanks to the twist-up eyecups, the binoculars can also be used when wearing glasses. Discover even more - with the 8x25 pocket binoculars These pocket binoculars are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor adventures or birdwatching. In addition to observing nature or animals, the compact roof-prism binoculars are also ideal for concerts, sporting events or the theatre. What's more, they can be stowed in the nylon bag at any time to save space until you need them again. The mini binoculars also feature an optimal grip thanks to the rubber-armoured body. Let your gaze wander into the distance and marvel at the wonders of nature with the practical NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC pocket binoculars. FEATURES Prism made from premium BaK-4 glass materialWaterproof 8x magnification 25 mm lens diameterMulti coatingExtremely compact and handyIdeal for hiking and as travel binoculars Central focusing wheel Dioptre adjustment Tripod connection thread Robust, rubber-armoured binocular bodyDELIVERY CONTENTBinocularsNylon caseCarry strapInstruction manual

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Are you as adventurous as Freek Vonk, the most famous biologist in the Benelux countries? In the dark, many animals emerge that you don't easily spot during the day. How exciting is it to go on an exploration and discover (nocturnal) animals? Extra light might come in handy, which is why the FREEK VONK x BRESSER Headlamp with LED Strip is indispensable during your search! Fast, bright, and adjustable The band of the LED headlamp is stretchable and can be adjusted in length. This ensures a comfortable fit, suitable for everyone. The lamp has a built-in battery that you can recharge using the included USB-C cable through your computer or via an adapter (not included) in a power outlet. When you're on the trail of something, you want to be able to turn on the light quickly. You don't need to search for a switch; thanks to the motion sensor simply waving your hand turns the light on or off. Did you know that the FREEK VONK x BRESSER LED Headlamp has two brightness levels? Additionally, the lamp features an SOS mode, in which the lamp flashes to indicate your location. Venture into the dark and don't forget to take your rechargeable FREEK VONK x BRESSER LED Headlamp with you! FEATURESHeadlamp with LED strip (300 lumens) and LED spot (90 lumens) 2 different brightness levels and SOS mode Easy one-handed on/off operation Comfortable, stretchable, and adjustable headband Lightweight, weighs only 70 g, dimensions 48-70 cm Built-in battery, easily rechargeable via USB-C cable (0.5 m long) SCOPE OF DELIVERYHeadlamp USB-C cable Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x21 pocket binoculars
The wonders of nature never fail to amaze. With the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x21 pocket binoculars, you can get up close to all types of flora and fauna. Featuring 8x magnification and a 21 mm lens diameter, the binoculars show your target in impressive detail. For example, animals 800 metres away appear as if they were just 100 metres in front of you. Thanks to the large 124 m / 1000 m field of view, the folding binoculars still give you a good overview of your surroundings, allowing you to find your target quickly – even when it is moving. Perfect for people who wear glasses: Thanks to the folding eyecups, you can adjust the distance between your eyes and the eyepiece lenses to enable use with glasses. Compact 8x21 binoculars – portable design for on-the-go use Whether you’re on holiday, going for a long walk or on a spontaneous stroll, nature is never short of things to explore. Thanks to their compact size and lightweight design, this pair of small folding binoculars will fit into any bag, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. They also come with a protective nylon case, which enables quick access when you spot something interesting. In addition, the binoculars can withstand a wide range of outdoor conditions thanks to the roof-prism design and durable rubber coating, which protects the optics in the event of an impact and provides an optimal grip. Small binoculars with large magnification – see the wonders of nature up-close with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x21 pocket binoculars. FEATURES Practical pocket binoculars 8x magnification 21 mm lens diameter Field of view: 124 m at 1000 m Portable and compact design Ideal for hiking and traveling Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers Rubberised binocular housing DELIVERY CONTENT Binoculars Nylon case Shoulder strap Instruction manual

€28.49* €29.90* (4.72% saved)
BRESSER JUNIOR 3x30 Children's Binoculars in different Colours
The BRESSER JUNIOR children’s binoculars give you a 3x larger view of rabbits, birds, squirrels and other discoveries on your forays into nature. Perfect for observing animals with the aid of the fine focus. Choose from different coloured binoculars. So, what are you waiting for? On to the next adventure... FEATURES 3x magnification 30 mm lens diameter Available in different coloursFoldable eyecups for spectacle wearers Individually adjustable eye distance With fine focus Carrying strap on the binoculars Dimensions: 105 x 40 x 90 mm and weight: 110 g WHAT’S INCLUDED 1x children’s binoculars with carrying strap Instruction manual

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BRESSER JUNIOR Children's Binoculars 6x18 blue
Ever wished to take a closer look at the world around you? The BRESSER JUNIOR Children’s Binoculars 6x18 make it incredibly easy! With 6x magnification, you can observe details like bird feathers high in the trees as if they were much closer. The best bit? These binoculars are extremely user-friendly. The fixed focus ensures the image always remains sharp. And, with a broad field of view of 131 m at 1,000 m, you're sure not to miss any exciting sights. Light and compact – ideal for little hands on big adventures Ready for effortless exploration? Weighing just 122 g and designed for kids' hands, these binoculars fit in any pocket, making them the perfect companion for all sorts of adventures. They're also robust, handling all the knocks and bumps of exploring. Adjustable eyecups and eye distance – making the binoculars versatile for all kids Wearing glasses? No problem. The eyepieces come with foldable rubber eyecups. Flip them back and enjoy a great view through your glasses. And since every child's eye distance varies, these binoculars can be quickly adjusted for a perfect fit. Explore your world from a new angle – with the BRESSER JUNIOR Children’s Binoculars 6x18! FEATURES Binoculars for children aged 3 and above 6x magnification Objective diameter: 18 mm Field of view: 131 m at 1,000 m Foldable rubber eyecups for glasses wearers Adjustable eye distance Consistently sharp image due to fixed focus SCOPE OF DELIVERY BRESSER JUNIOR Children’s Binoculars 6x18 Neck strap Lens cleaning cloth Protective pouch Instruction manual

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FREEK VONK Walkie-talkies Set of 2
Are you setting off on an exhilarating forest exploration, embarking on a camping adventure, or simply playing outdoors with friends? The FREEK VONK x BRESSER Walkie Talkies for kids ensure you stay connected throughout your adventures! With their impressive 6-kilometer range in open terrain, these walkie talkies enable seamless communication. Have you made a secret discovery? With the 8 distinct channels, you can engage in private conversations safe from eavesdropping. Enhance your walkie talkie fun by choosing from 10 different ringtones — pick a humorous melody or a cool sound effect! Stay effortlessly connected Designed with lightweight and compact dimensions, the FREEK VONK x BRESSER Walkie Talkies are perfect for children’s hands. They feature an easy-to-use menu, navigable via 5 front-facing buttons. Need your hands free for exploring or playing games outdoors? Simply attach your walkie talkie to your jacket, trousers, or backpack with the belt clip and activate the hands-free function. The device automatically switches on when someone speaks. Ideal for nighttime use, these walkie talkies come with an illuminated display and a handy built-in flashlight, perfect for adventures in the dark or exploring secret hideouts. Plus, did you know they come with two USB-C cables? This means you can use rechargeable batteries (not included) for a quick recharge, making them environmentally friendly too! Set off on your adventures together and remember to bring your FREEK VONK x BRESSER Walkie Talkies! FEATURESWalkie Talkies suitable for children aged 8 and above Long range up to 6 km in open areas Hands-free mode (VOX) for convenient usage 8 channels for secure communication 10 unique ringtones Volume control Battery operated (requires 3 AAA batteries per unit) Convenient belt clip for easy attachment Built-in flashlight Rechargeable batteries can be recharged using a USB-C cable Dimensions: 115 x 45 x 30 mm, weight: 160 g SCOPE OF DELIVERY2x children's walkie talkie 2x belt clip 2x USB-C cableUser manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 compact binoculars waterproof
Experience 10x the fun with these 10x25 pocket binoculars! Thanks to the 10x zoom, animals or objects that are 1000 metres away appear as if they are only 100 m in front of you. Compared with binoculars with a lower magnification and the same lens aperture, these binoculars show objects in greater detail. Thanks to the 25 mm lens diameter, the compact binoculars allow you to see grazing deer or bird's nests with ease. At a distance of 1000 m, the field of view is 101 m wide. Ideal for detailed observations of stationary or slow moving objects! The premium BaK-4 glass material (barium crown glass) and the multi coating ensure a highly detailed, bright image. 10x25 pocket binoculars - intuitive, user-friendly design Easy to carry, easy to use: The 10x25 pocket binoculars feature a practical and user-friendly design. You can set the interpupillary distance by adjusting the articulated bridge on the binoculars. This ensures that the two eyepieces work together perfectly with your eyes to provide the best possible view. The binoculars also feature a central focusing wheel and a dioptre compensation to ensure that you obtain razor-sharp images of the objects you want to see. The mini binoculars can also be used when wearing glasses: simply turn the twist-up eyecups to obtain the correct distance to the eyepiece. Versatile design When you're out and about in nature, a change in the weather can leave you caught in the rain. Fortunately, the pocket binoculars are waterproof so that you can continue observing even during wet weather. In addition to birdwatching and observing expansive, solitary landscapes, the compact roof-prism binoculars are also great for city breaks, concerts or the theatre. What's more, the binoculars feature perfect grip thanks to the rubber-armoured body. And when you don't need them, the mini binoculars can be stored in the matching nylon case for protection until you're ready to use them again. Explore the world in stunning detail with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 pocket binoculars! FEATURES Prism made from premium BaK-4 glass material10x magnification25 mm lens diameterMulti coatedWaterproofExtremely handy and compactIdeal for hiking and traveling Central focusing wheel Dioptre adjustment Tripod connection thread Robust, rubber-armoured binocular bodyDELIVERY CONTENTBinocularsNylon caseCarry strapInstruction manual

€84.99* €89.90* (5.46% saved)

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