BRESSER JM-10 Wall Bracket 12.5cm

12 cm long wall mount with 5/8" round head spigot adapter

  • Mount for attachment at a wall or the ceiling
  • 12 cm long bracket
  • 5/8" round head spigot adapter
  • length: 12 cm, weigth: 540 g
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Wall Bracket


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Product number: F000175
GTIN/EAN: 4007922016573
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 34716369
Product information "BRESSER JM-10 Wall Bracket 12.5cm"
A strong Wall Bracket of metal, which can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. You can put a flash head or other accessories on the Spigot Adapter.

  • Universal Wall Bracket
  • size: 12.5cm high
  • Spigot Adapter
  • 1x Universal Wall Bracket
  • Spigot Adapter
Colour: black
Material: Metal

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BRESSER BR-21 Gooseneck with table clamp/ tube clamp and spring clamp
Whether in the photo or film studio, or for camping and leisure, the BRESSER BR-21 gooseneck is always a good helper for attaching photo studio accessories and other utensils. With two different clamps, the flexible arm is quickly and flexibly attached to table tops or tripos.The stable and flexible component has a total length of 43 cm and can be stowed away quickly to save space. Books, reflectors, microphones, leisure equipment and much more - there is hardly anything that the BRESSER Gooseneck cannot hold. The rubberised screw clamp with an opening of 0,5 to 3,5 cm can also be mounted on tubes and rods, microphone stands or lamp tripods. The rubberised spring clamp with its robust width of 7,5 cm has a maximum opening of 5 cm. Conveniently, the BRESSER BR-21 can also be used in reverse. The spring clamp can be used as a table clamp and screw clamp can be used as a holder for tubes, rods ect.NOTE: The load capacity of approx. 1-2 kg depends on the angle of inclination and may therefore vary.PROPERTIESFlexible bendable arm 43 cm/ Ø 15 mmTotal length: 62 cmMetal clamp with strong spring on one side, screw clamp on the other sideRemoveable rubber lipsSpring clamp opnening: max 5,5 cmClamp width: 7,5 cmTube clamp width: 4 cm/ length: 5 cmScrew clamp opening: 0,5 cm - 3,5 cmLoad capacity: max 1-2 kg, depending on angle of inclinationSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x BRESSER BR-21 Flexarm

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BRESSER BR-TR4 Collapsible Diffuser 120x180cm
This collapsible diffuser is made of a white, translucent cloth. With the help of this diffuser the illumination can be made softer. The diffuser can be folded to a very compact size which makes it easy to transport. Comes with a bag.FEATUREScollapsible diffuserfor a soft illuminationsturdy framealso ideal for on locationSCOPE OF DERLIVERYcollapsible diffusertransport cover

BRESSER BR-2118B Product Shooting Kit 60 x 60 x 60cm
Practical complete set for perfectly illuminated product photos with different backgrounds.The BRESSER BR-2118B Product Shooting Set 60 x 60 x 60 cm consists of a foldable photo light box with diffuse, milk-white sides that reduce strong shadows when shooting products. Whether on location or in the home studio, with little space for lots of photo studio equipment, the Bresser Mini Photo Studio Set includes everything you need to get started straight away. The shooting box can be easily folded and stowed away. Ideal for on the go. The set includes four fabric backgrounds (120 cm x 60 cm) in the colours white, black, blue and red, which can be easily attached to the box with Velcro. The products can be illuminated with the two 50W halogen lamps including table tripod and practical tilting head. A stable tripod with a maximum height of 28 cm is included for mounting the camera or other accessories.PROPERTIESMini studio setIdeal for product photographyReduces distracting light refelctions and shadowsUncomolicated assembly and disassembly thanks to Velcro fastenerFour background cloth ( 120 x 60 cm) in red, blue, black, whiteTwo 50W halogen lamps incl. table tripodAdditional 28 cm high tripod with ball head and tiltable axisComofortable carrying bag extraCompartments for tripod and lampsSCOPE OD DELIVERY1x Shooting box 60 x 60 x 60 cm1x Camera tripod 28 cm2x 50W lamps with tripod feet4x Background: black, red, blue and white (120 x 60cm)1x Bag

BRESSER BR-TP PRO 80cm Tripod Bag for 3 Lightstands
This 80 cm long BRESSER BR-TP PRO bag is designed to carry up to 3 lightstands. The bag features three inner compartments for storing the tripods. The inner compartments are padded to provide optimal protection against scratches. In addition to the top zip, there is also a side zip to make storing the tripods easier. FEATURES Tripod bag for up to 3 lamp tripods Three padded inner compartments Zips on side and top With carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap Dimensions: 80 x 18 x 20 cm Weight: 0.62 kg WHAT’S INCLUDED BR-TP PRO studio bag Shoulder strap

BRESSER BR-PVC-2 Background Sheet for Shooting Tables Set of 5pcs 100x200cm
A set consisting of five 100 x 200 cm PVC backgrounds for shooting tables in different colours. With a stanley knife you can easily cut out the desired format. To attach the background sheets at the shooting table we recommend to order some background clamps.These background sheets are ideal for online shops, which want to make professional pictures of their products!FEATURESbackgrounds for shooting tablesflexible and robust PVC sheetswipeable5 different colours (white, black, green, grey, coral)SCOPE OF DELIVERY5x PVC sheets


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Large and stable photo shooting table for product photography. The photo shooting table has a thick and sturdy acrylic glass table top with a matte and a shiny surface. The table top is attached to the table frame by means of clamps. The aluminium frame is easy to assemble.Tip: Ideal for web shops which want to photograph their products professionally!FEATURESSmooth transition between background and undergroundIdeal for cutting out the product imageFlexible table top One side matte, one side shiny Working height: ca. 70 cmSCOPE OF DELIVERYAluminium frameAcrylic glass table topClampsBag

BRESSER BR-B76 Studio Bag 76 x 23 x 29 cm
The BRESSER BR-B76 is perfect and handy companion for photo studio equipment with variable inner separation possibility.The high-quality material protects lamp tripods, flash heads and studio umbrellas or softboxes from dust and light moisture. Well padded and with a large opening thanks to the two-row-zip, the photo studio accessories are easily stowed and quickly shouldered.There is enough space in the outer bag on the side for small accessories such as cables, filters or radio triggers. With its adjustable tension straps, the BRESSER BR-B76 studio bag offers increased security even when the space is not fully used.FEATURESPadded carry bagAdjustable inetrior dividerSeparate accessory compartmentCarrying handles and shoulder strapTension strapsSuitable for BRESSER lamp tripods SCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Studio lighting bag