BRESSER Camera Adapter 1.25/2" with T2

Ensures optimal connection of a reflex or astro camera

  • Corresponding T2 ring is additionally necessary
  • 2" filter thread M48x0.75 available
  • Scope of delivery: Camera adapter


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Product number: 4940200
GTIN/EAN: 4007922197623
Product information "BRESSER Camera Adapter 1.25/2" with T2"
Adapter 2" with brass locking ring for 1,25" eyepieces. The integrated T2 thread adapts DSLR or astro-cameras (*appropriate T2 ring for your camera model needed). On the telescope side there is a 2" filter thread M48x0.75, which allows the easy use of colour and nebula filters.

  • Camera Adapter 
Colour: black

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BRESSER Smartphone Holder for Telescopes (1.25")
Take pictures with your smartphone through the telescope! With the Smartphone camera adapter this is now child's play! Simply screw the adapter to the eyepiece and use your smartphone as a camera with a super-telephoto lens. It lets you take pictures of distant objects as if you were very close. FEATURES Take photos through the telescope Smartphone camera with super telephoto lens Fits 31.7mm (1.25") eyepieces For eyepiece housing diameters from 32-34mm SCOPE OF DELIVERY Smartphone holder Locking ring for the smartphone

BRESSER Binocular Tripod Adapter Deluxe, sturdy metal version
Sturdy metal tripod adapter for binoculars up to 3kg net weight. High-quality connecting element between tripod head and binocular bridge with a very stiff design.FEATURESTripod adapter Deluxe made of metalSuitable for almost all binoculars up to 3kg weightConnection element between tripod head and binocular bridgeVery elegant and rigid designTripod connection thread standard 1/4 inch photo threadBinocular connection thread standard 1/4 inch photo threadRubber-coated tripod support for non-slip fitLarge rubber-coated fixing screw for binocular bridgeOverall length: 100mm, weight: 100g, colour: blackSCOPE OF DELIVERYTripod Adapter Deluxe (1pc)

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BRESSER Universal Smartphone Adapter
Take photos with your smartphone through your spotting scope, microscope or telescope. It’s a child's play with the BRESSER Universal Smartphone Adapter. Simply attach the adapter to the eyepiece holder of your optical device and then use all together as a telephoto lens for your smartphone camera. Now you can shoot distant objects as if they were up close or take photos through a microscope.FEATURESuniversal adapter to assemble the smartphone to a spotting scope or telescopefor eyepieces up to 68 mm diameterfor smartphones with a width of 50-88mmSCOPE OF DELIVERYSmartphone adapterManual

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Adapter 2.5 HEX auf M48x0.75
This adaptor connects accessories with the large open diameter of the M48x0,75 thread to the 2,5" Hexafoc. This avoids the vignetting that is caused by adaptors with a smaller diameter - ideal for astrophotographical accessories like off-axis guiders.The adaptor is made from black anodized aluminium.

Vixen DC 53–43-mm reducing ring
The Vixen DC 53–43-mm reducing ring adapts 53-mm threads to 43-mm threads FEATURES55-mm DC ring (reducing ring)Adapts 53-mm threads to 43-mm threads for ED seriesDimensions: 3 mm thick (without thread)Weight: 19 gPACKAGE CONTENTSVixen DC 53–43-mm reducing ring

LUNT LS150PS Dovetail Bar 150mm (GP level)
This dovetail plate with 150mm length is suitable for Lunt Solar Systems LS50THa, LS60THa, LS60MT, and LS80THa telescopes.The width of the dovetail is conform to the GP-level standard. Therefore it could be used at the BRESSER EXOS 1+2 mounts for example, but also at many other mounts. The telescope connecting screws are 1/4-20 inch size and they do not look out of the rail, which makes this rail a perfect match for many astronomical mounts. The distance between the screws is matched for the Lunt Solar Systems telescopes LS50THa, LS60THa, LS60MT, and LS80THa.FEATURESLength: 150mmWidth: 44mmDistance between screws: 35mmScrews thread: 1/4"-20SCOPE OF DELIVERY1 x 150mm dovetail plate2 x 1/4"-20 screws

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Special T2-Ring Canon 3" Reducer
Allows the use of the 510360 EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 0,7x Reducer/corrector straight with a Canon DSLR

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Extension Ring Set M48x0.75 - 5 pieces (30, 20, 15, 10 and 5 mm)
Five extension tubes from 30 to 5mm length with thread connection M48x0,75mm in a set. For adjusting different distances of the camera to the focal plane of the telescope or the corrector/field flattener. There is an M48.0,75 internal and external thread in each individual tube. The M48x0.75 thread is also called large T2 photo thread or 2.0 inch filter thread. Camera specific bayonet adapters or color and nebula filters can be used. Included are 5 different tubes with the steps 30, 20, 15, 10 and 5 mm. The larger free inner diameter of 45.0 mm effectively prevents undesired vignetting of the camera sensor. The outer diameter of the sleeves is exactly 50.65 mm and can therefore be mounted directly in any 2 inch diameter eyepiece adapter. FEATURES Extension sleeves M48x0,75 in set Five extension sleeves: 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 mm Use with correctors and field flatteners Distance adjustment from camera to focal plane Suitable for camera-specific bayonet adapters Also suitable for 2.0 inch colour and nebular filters Internal and external thread M48x0.75 mm (large T2 thread) Large inner diameter of 45.0 mm Outer diameter is 50.65 mm (2 inches) Black matt anodized aluminium Total weight 85 grams SCOPE OF DELIVERY Extension sleeves M48x0.75 (5 pieces)

BRESSER Dovetail rail 200mm for Messier (Vixen/GP)
This dovetail rail is suitable for mounting on BRESSER MESSIER 6 , 8 and 10 inch Dobson telescopes. The dovetail rail is manufactured according to the GP standard and therefore these Dobson telescope tubes can be used on any telescope mounting with the appropriate carrying capacity. The prism rail is 200mm long and therefore offers sufficient clearance for secure mounting on the telescope mount. In combination with the optionally available carrying handle Art. No. 4940150, these Dobson telescope tubes can also be easily transported because the carrying handle is mounted in the centre of gravity of the telescope. This dovetail rail is also suitable as spare part for all other MESSIER telescopes with 200mm dovetail rail. FEATURESdovetail rail (GP) for 6, 8 and 10 inch MESSIER Dobson telescopeswhen using these telescope tubes on EQ mountsthe assembly is carried out on the original tube ringsalso suitable as spare part for MESSIER telescopes with 200mm prism railassembly material and tools includedlength: 200mm; width: 45 mm; height: 16 mmbore spacing: 160 mm; Bore diameter: 6.5 mm SCOPE OF DELIVERYdovetail rail (GP)mounting screws (2 pieces; 1/4 inch)hex wrench tool (3/16 inch)

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Hexafoc 2.5 adaptor for 3" 0.7x Corrector
This adaptor enables you to connect the 0510360 0.7x focal reducer/field flattner to telescopes that feature the 2.5" Hexafoc. The big inner diameter of the 2.5" Hexafoc is fully utilised with this adaptor to avoid vignetting.What's Included1x Hexafoc 2.5 adaptor for 3" 0.7x Corrector ring

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Special T2-Ring Canon 1,5mm light-path
This special T2-Ring for Canon DSLR Camera offers a extreme short light-path of only 1,5mm. Regular T2-Rings needs a light-path of about 11-12mm and if you have a close backfocus situation these certain millimeters are making the difference to reach the focus.  

Vixen reducing sleeve 50.8–43 mm
Eyepiece adapter 50.8 mm to 43 mmFEATURES Adapts a 50.8-mm thread to a 43-mm female thread Compatibility: For mounting the 73523 camera adapter 43 mm deluxe Weight: 85 gPACKAGE CONTENTSVixen reducing sleeve 50.8–43 mm


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One of the most important obstacles for the exploration of the night sky is the brightening of the night sky by artificial lights, such as streetlights. The night sky is not really dark in the vicinity of towns or cities, which reduces the visibility of objects beyond the solar systems enormously. Depending on the type of the celestial object it is possible to increase the contrast dramatically by blocking the annoying artificial light. The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC O-III filter uses a characteristic property of the so called emission nebulae. Those objects glow in special colours, the so called emission lines. Those emission lines are linked to chemical elements - in this case oxygen. The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC O-III nebula filter blocks all other colours (and thereby nearly all of the artificial light) and only the two emission lines of the oxygen can pass the filter. The result is astonishing: suddenly nebulae are visible at locations that were completely empty without filters. In suburban skies for example the veil nebula NGC 6992 is almost not visible with a 200mm telescope. By using this filter you can see the nebula and its structures without problems. A must for every visual observer. The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC nebula filters come with a individual test certificate - your guarantee to receive a premium filter.FEATURESenables the observation of so called emission nebulaeblocks almost the entire artificial lightonly the two emission lines of ionised oxygen passes the filterWHAT'S INCLUDED1x 2" O-III nebula filter

A new focal length joins the Explore Scientific line of inert gas-purged Waterproof Eyepieces with the 3mm 52° LER Series Eyepiece. A logical companion for the grab-and-go ED APO 80mm f/6 Air-Spaced Triplet, this eyepiece produces 160X which will perform very well with good seeing conditions on planetary objects, and to split double stars. On the ED APO 152 at f/8, 405X is achieved without the use of a Focal Extender or Barlow for those nights of near perfect seeing, with a very comfortable 15mm of eye relief. Comfort, Quality, Value. The Explore Scientific 52° LER Series Most short focal length eyepieces are excellent flat-field multi-element oculars that can transform your visual astronomy experience. With an apparent field of view of 52 degrees, these eyepieces offer incredible value in a very nice eyepiece. Expect exceptional quality and value versus a comparably priced Plossl.  These eyepieces are the choice for observers wearing glasses - with excellent performance and durability. The rubber inlet and the foldable eyecups make handling and using in the field easy. The patented EMD-coating produces high contrast images and prevents reflexes and ghosting. The argon purging effectively prevents internal fogging, and you don´t have to deal with dirt, fungus or cleansing fluids getting between the lenses. The eyepieces are sealed - this makes sure you will be able to enjoy these eyepieces for many years to come.SPECIFICATIONSLarge eye distance, large field and great image sharpnessExcellent viewing position for people with glassesExcellent field sharpness even with fast optics52° apparent field of viewArgon-purging prevents internal fogging, the sealing facilitates cleaningPatented EMD-coating to maximize contrastBlackened lens edges to avoid reflexesAll eyepieces of this series are parfocalStainless steel barrel with conical security cutoffDust covers and protective bag includedSCOPE OF DELIVERY52° EyepieceDust coversProtective bag

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 2" Variable Polarizing Filter
Universally usable variable polarizing filter with a  2" filter thread.This variable polarizing filter allows for a continuous adjustment of the image brightness. This is very helpful to level strong differences in contrast of different observation objects individually. Particularly for lunar and planetary observations but also for solar observations this filter prevents an outshining of details.Solar observations ONLY together with an adequate solar filter !!! Particularly when a Herschel wedge is used and with large objective lens apertures the use of the variable polarizing filter can reduce the brightness of the observation object to a confortable level. The large adjustment range of 40% to 1% light transmission and the neutral grey filter effect create a comfortable and unadulterated image.The handling is very simple. The desired filtering level is set by turning the two sides of the housing against each other.A 2.0" filter thread on both sides (female/male) allow for the simultaneous use of additional colour filters.FEATURESvariable polarizing filterindividually adjustable image brightnessmade from high-quality optical glassblack anodized aluminium housing2.0" filter thread on both sidesSCOPE OF DELIVERYpolarizing filterprotective box

€57.00* €79.00* (27.85% saved)
EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Teleextender 3x 50,8mm/2"
With teleextenders it is possible to extend the effective focal length of a telescope system, resulting in higher magnification for the observation of the moon, the planets or small Deep-Sky objects with the same eyepieces. So you can use the advantages of eyepieces with longer focal length - such as the bigger eye distance and the more relaxed observing comfort - at high magnifications also.These teleextenders incorporate a telecentric optical design that deliveres a excellent image sharpness over the whole field of view and are premium choices for visual observations and astrophotography. The combination of excellent fully multicoating with superior optical design makes the Focal Extenders superior to classic Barlow lenses.FEATURESSuitable for visual observations and astrophotographyTriples the effective total focal length of the telescopeFour lens telecentric designFully multicoatedFilter thread for color or nebula filtersSCOPE OF DELIVERY Fokal Extender 3 x Adapter 2" (50,8mm) auf 1,25" (31,7mm)

LUNT LS7-21ZE Zoom Eyepiece 7.2mm - 21.5mm
Lunt Solar Systems zoom-eyepiece with variable focal length from 7.2mm to 21.5mm, with 1.25 inch (31.7mm) connection.The special of this zoom eyepiece is that the optical layout offers highest quality views of the sun, but also on nightsky objects. LUNT minimized the reflections by using superb multicoatings and with care designed internal baffle system and blackened lens edges. The LUNT zoom-eyepiece is not the widest field zoom-eyepiece on the market, LUNT prefered best performance over widest field. The sun and stars are perfect pin point across the entire field of view without any visible distortion. The LUNT zoom-eyepiece is almost parfocal, from one end to the other end of the zooming way you need only 0.5mm to refocuse. The LUNT zoom-eyepiece has a very nice height adjustable eyeguard to protect your eye against day light reflections and to help you to find the perfect eye position.Please note that these eyepieces are only accessories for existing solar telescopes or filters when observing the sun. Solar observation alone with these eyepieces without additional solar filters is not possible!FEATURESFocal length: 7.2mm - 21.5mm continuously adjustableBarrel size: 1.25 inch (31,7mm)Diameter: 47mmHeight: 82mmWeight: 170gEye relief: 15mmLenses / Groups: 7 lenses / 4 GroupsField of view: 53° at 7.2mm - 40° at 21.5mmSCOPE OF DELIVERYLUNT Zoom Eyepiece 7.2mm - 21.5mm