BRESSER BR-LB2 LED Lamp E27/12W (corresponds to 65W light bulb) 5500K

  • 12W LED illuminant with daylight colour temperature of 5500K
  • Standard E27 thread suitable for common lamp holders
  • Energy-saving, long life, low heat generation
  • Diameter: 12 cm / length: 13,5 cm / weight: 240 g
  • Scope of delivery: 1 LED (≙ 65W light bulb)


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Product number: F004013
GTIN/EAN: 4007922057071
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 34716369
Product information "BRESSER BR-LB2 LED Lamp E27/12W (corresponds to 65W light bulb) 5500K"
Durable, energy-efficient, with low heat generation - these are the properties that make LED lamps the ideal continuous light for video recordings.  

With its E27 base, the LED lamp can be screwed into most of your existing lamp holders and softboxes. Please note the wider diameter compared to CFL spiral lamps!

The BRESSER BR-LB2 LED lamp provides a power of 12W LED, which is comparable to a classic 65W light bulb. With a colour temperature of 5500K it produces a daylight white light.

A version with a bright warm colour temperature of 3200K can be found under article number F004012.

Colour: white
Illuminant: LED
Material: Plastic

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BRESSER JDD-6 Spiral Daylight Lamp E27 / 40 W
A spiral bulb with a daylight colour temperature of 5500K. This bulb fits to a standard E27 thread and is recommended for the continuous use in the studio. The light yield is 5 times larger than the light yield of a normal bulb. Besides, this spiral bulb is more energy-saving, lasts longer and doesn't become so warm.fluorescence = light yield26W = 125W30W = 150W35W = 175W40W = 200W55W = 275W85W = 425W105W = 525W125W = 625WFEATURESenergy savings of up to 80 %low operating temperatureE27 threaddurable (8000 burning hours)no noise and no flickeringSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x spiral daylight lamp

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BRESSER BR-2860 LED Softbox Daylight Set 2x50W
The BRESSER BR-2860 LED is a comprehensive and portable softbox daylight kit that ensures even and soft illumination for your subjects, whether for video recording, portrait or product photography, either in your studio or on-the-go. The octaboxes have a diameter of 65 cm and feature an umbrella mechanism for quick and easy assembly and dismantling during on-location shooting sessions. The 50 W LED lamps generate light that resembles daylight with a colour temperature of 5400K. They are particularly energy efficient and do not get hot after prolonged use. The set also comes with two sturdy light stands for supporting the softboxes. FEATURES Complete daylight set for studio and on-location shooting Octagonal softboxes, diameter: 65 cm Umbrella mechanism for quick assembly and disassembly Long-life LED lights, 50 W Daylight colour temperature of 5400K Energy efficient Minimal heat generation E27 socket Full metal light stands Maximum height: 200 cm DELIVERY CONTENT 2x 65 cm octabox 2x Diffuser screen 2x lamp tripod, 200 cm 2x LED light, E27/50W 1x Carry case

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BRESSER BR-2240 Daylight Set 1875W
Even if there is little space for a lot of photo studio equipment, you can achieve best results in the illumination of portrait photos and product photos or social media videos with the various Bresser Daylight Sets.Whether in the photo studio or on location, the BRESSER BR-2240 Daylight Set consisting of 3 lamps trumps with its conceivably simple operation, high light output and be easily stowed in the transport bag.Three lamp stands with spigot connection are flexibly adjustable up to a height of 210 cm and one can be equipped with a telescopic extension arm up to 140 cm by means of the GagBobo clamp and provides the top or head light for product and portrait shots. The lamp holders are each equipped with a 125 watt JDD spiral daylight lamp (corresponds to fluorescence =625 W light output) and create the appropriate daylight temperature with 5500 K. The softboxes in size 40 x 70 cm with diffuser cloth enable a soft light distribution.FEATURESLight stand folded: 76 cmLight stand: 88 - 200 cmLength of boom: 77 - 139 cmWeight of set 10.16 kgShipping weight: 11.92 kgSCOPE OF DELIVERY3x softbox 50 x 70 cm with cover3x diffuser cloth3x light stand1x boom1x Gag Gobo Grip Head1x sandbag3x daylight bulb1x carrying bag

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BRESSER BR-RL18 immable LED Daylight Ring Light 55W/5760 Lumens with Carry Bag
Ring lights are primarily used for portrait and beauty shots and are very popular among beauty vloggers. They create a circular reflection around the pupils and minimize shadows on the face by casting an even light onto the subject, removing the need for time-consuming postproduction with image processing software. LED ring lights also produce a minimal amount of heat. This prevents your model from sweating, meaning that you don’t need to worry about make-up sliding off. FEATURES Ring light with 240LEDs Dimmable brightness 55 W power 5500 K colour temperature Includes colour filter for 3200 K colour temperature 5760 lumen light output Colour rendering index: 93 Tiltable connection for all lamp stands with spigot adapter Powered by power adapter with 1.2 m cable WHAT’S INCLUDED 1x ring light 1x power adapter (approx. 1.2 m cable) 1x diffusion filter (two pieces) 1x 3200 K filter (two pieces) 1x carry case

BRESSER Pocket LED 9 W Bi-Colour continuous Panel Light for on-the-go Use and Smartphone Photography
A mini version of a professional LED panel light from a photo studio! The performance of the BRESSER Pocket LED 9 W bi-colour continuous panel light is guaranteed to impress. Without weighing down your baggage, this lightweight, pocket-size LED light is perfect for outdoor and travel photographers and features a range of settings that you would find on a conventional studio lamp. For example, the colour temperature can be adjusted, in addition to the brightness. For users who require additional brightness, there is a boost mode that temporarily boosts the brightness to 130%. Fans of smartphone photography will also love this light. You will be impressed how professional your photos look with good lighting and how you can change the mood of your images by varying the light colour. The light comes with all the accessories you need to use it with your smartphone. ALTERNATIVE 116 x 68 x 18 mm isn’t small enough? Take a look at the even smaller 5 Watt version (item no. F004353). FEATURES Professional LED continuous light in small format Premium aluminium housing 96 SMD light diodes Gradually adjustable colour temperature from 3200 - 5600 K Gradually dimmable from 10-100% Boost mode (30% brighter than the maximum) Two 1/4'' tripod sockets for securing in portrait and landscape orientations Power (output) 9 Watts Brightness 800 lumens Colour rendering index over 95 Built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery, 3300 mAh Operating time: Approx. 80 mins (maximum power) Charging time: 150 mins Charging input: USB Type-C, 5 V/0.8 A Can be used as powerbank Compact dimensions (L x H x D): 116 x 68 x 18 mm (24 mm with diffuser) Lightweight design - only 240 g (with diffuser) DELIVERY CONTENTS LED light Diffuser attachment Ball head Combined smartphone/light holder Mini tripod/handle USB cable Wrist strap Bag

BRESSER STR-48B Bi-Color LED Ring Lamp 48W with Dimmer and Support for Camera and Smartphone
The BRESSER STR-48B is an LED ring light that was specially designed for models, make-up artists and vloggers. The ring light illuminates the subject with bright, natural light and creates an attractive circular reflection in the eyes of the model. DESIGNED FOR CAMERAS AND SMARTPHONESThe set includes a tilt head with a 1/4" photo screw and a smartphone holder and cold shoe adapter for attaching to the camera's hot shoe. The LED ring can be easily combined with the most common gimbals/ camera stabilisers using the L-bracket supplied. VARIABLE ILLUMINATIONThe lamp is equipped with 432 high-brightness SMD LEDs, each of which delivers 0.2 W of power. The STR-48B LED ring light has a power of 48 Watts and generates a light output of 4800 lumen to ensure powerful, uniform illumination. The right light also features two control knobs for easy configuration. Both the light intensity and colour temperature are gradually adjustable. Boasting a CRI value of more than 85, the right light produces natural, vivid colours.USE AS HAND LAMP OR ATTACH TO A LAMP STANDIf required, handles can be screwed to back of the lamp on the left and right sides. Of course, the ring lamp can also be secured to a lamp stand. POWER SUPPLYThe light comes with a power adapter (DC 15 V 4 A) , which has a mains cable that is approximately 7 metres long. If you require more mobility or don’t have access to a mains supply, the light can also be operated by separately available rechargeable batteries (Sony type NP-F750/960). Another special feature of this ring light is the USB charging function, which allows you to charge or power your mobile phone or camera directly via the lamp using the supplied USB cable.FEATURES Ring light for beauty vloggers and influencers Designed for use with cameras and smartphones Includes L-mount for use with gimbal/stabiliser Gradually adjustable brightness from 10% to 100% Adjustable colour temperature from 3200 K to 5600 K Illuminance at one metre: 4800 lux 432 High-brightness SMD LEDs CRI value of >85 Power supply via power adapter (DC15 V / 4 A; included with product) or optional rechargeable batteries (Sony NP-F750/960; not included) 5 V / 2 A USB connection for charging smartphones or cameras DELIVERY CONTENT 1x Ring light 1x L-mount 1x Smartphone adapter 1x Tilt head 1x Power adapter 1x USB cable 2x Handles 4x Screws 1x Phillips screwdriver 1x Carry case

€131.19* €149.00* (11.95% saved)