BRESSER BR-AR1 Acrylic Riser 24x24x5cm white

Product riser for glamorous product images

  • White, glossy product riser made of acryl glass
  • Noble product presentation of jewellery, watches etc.
  • Dimensions: 24x24x5cm
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Acrylic riser


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Product number: F002142
GTIN/EAN: 4007922038667
Product information "BRESSER BR-AR1 Acrylic Riser 24x24x5cm white"
With this acrylic riser with its noble look you can make glamorous product images of small luxury goods such as juwellery or watches

The surfaces is glossy. Please remove the protective film before use. 


  • 5 cm high riser for product photography
  • Noble white shiny design
  • Ideal for luxury goods


  • 1x Acrylic riser
Material: Acrylic

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BRESSER BR-AR1 Acrylic Riser 24x24x5cm Black
With this acrylic riser with its noble look you can make glamorous product images of small luxury goods such as juwellery or watches. The surfaces is glossy. Please remove the protective film before use. FEATURES5 cm high riser for product photographyNoble white shiny designIdeal for luxury goodsSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Acrylic riser

€13.50* €14.95* (9.7% saved)
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BRESSER BR-PT103 Recording table 100 x 200 cm + LED
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BRESSER Y-08 Light Box 75 x 75 x 75cm
The foldable BRESSER Y-08 light box is ideal for small photo studios and also for on-location.The light cube provides soft and even light for perfect product photos, without much effort in setting up. The light tent can be used with photo studio flashes as well as daylight lamps and also photo studio LED lights.With the four different photo backgrounds in blue, white, red and black, you are already well-equipped for successful and professional product or food photos. Our BRESSER Flatlays in the size 40 x 40 cm or 60 x 60 cm with great different designs are also suitable for more variety.PROPERTIESIdeal for product photographyReduces disturbing light reflections and shadowsEasy to set up and fold togetherCompleteley removable front side Small opening with zipperSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Light tent with removable front 4x Background cloths: chromakey blue, white, red and black1x Cover

BRESSER BR-PVC-2 Background Sheet for Shooting Tables Set of 5pcs 100x200cm
A set consisting of five 100 x 200 cm PVC backgrounds for shooting tables in different colours. With a stanley knife you can easily cut out the desired format. To attach the background sheets at the shooting table we recommend to order some background clamps.These background sheets are ideal for online shops, which want to make professional pictures of their products!FEATURESbackgrounds for shooting tablesflexible and robust PVC sheetswipeable5 different colours (white, black, green, grey, coral)SCOPE OF DELIVERY5x PVC sheets

€62.60* €69.50* (9.93% saved)
BRESSER BR-ST-C Foldable Photo Shooting Table 60x57cm
The BRESSER BR-ST-C Shooting Table is highly recommended for the product photography. The table legs can easily and quickly be unfold and the milk-white acrylic glass plate can be clipped under the brackets. Thanks to the folded size of 63 x 60 x 8 cm the shooting table is also ideal to carry along. Comes with 4 cotton background cloths of 59 x 113 cm in the colours black, white, green and grey. Also included are eight studio clamps to attach the cloths to the shooting table.Ideal for web shops which want to photograph their products professionally!FEATURESsmooth transition between background and undergroundideal for cutting out the product imageflexible table top one side matte, one side shiny working height: ca. 20 cmtable top: ca. 60 x 57 cmbackground: ca. 60 x 56 cmSCOPE OF DELIVERYaluminium frameacrylic glass plate8x studio clamps4x background cloths

BRESSER BR-AP1 Acrylic plate 50x50cm white
The BRESSER BR-AP1 Acrylic Plate is a convenient tool to make glamorous product images of small luxury goods such as juwellery or watches. The surface is smooth and creates a clean mirror effect on both sides. The  protection film has to be removed before usage.FEATURESplain and reflective surface made of acrylicrecommended for small luxury articleboth sides usableSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x acrylic plate

€18.90* €21.00* (10% saved)

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