BOUNTY HUNTER Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Metal detector with unique features such as Enhanced V-Break®, high-resolution conductivity arc, program memory, manual and automatic search modes

  • V-Break®, Variable Tone Breakpoint
  • Pinpoint Mode with Depth Indicator
  • Discrimination, Motion, No Motion modes
  • 11'' DD (28 cm) Elliptical Waterproof Searchcoil
  • Variable Notching


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Product information "BOUNTY HUNTER Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector"
The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro is our Premier Metal Detector, and is the result of nine years of software engineering, featuring the latest advancements in lightweight design, target accuracy and deep-penetrating detection technology. The Land Ranger Pro can be used with its default turn-on-and-go settings or it can be customized for any of your search applications with its unique features like Enhanced V-Break®, High Resolution Conductivity Arc and Program Memory, as well as Manual and Automatic Search Modes. Enthusiasts from around the world were involved in the development of this revolutionary new detector.

Detect coin-sized objects up to 10” (25 cm) deep with our world-renowned 11'' DD (28 cm) elliptical waterproof searchcoil for increased depth, target separation, and ground coverage designed to minimize ground mineralization. The large LCD display includes a 99-segment Target-ID system, a 5-segment graphic indicator, mode indicator, battery level indicator, Ground-Grab alert, and an easy-to-navigate menu. 1 of 4 Audio ID tones will sound for any metal detected: V.C.O., low-tone, medium-tone or high-tone. The detector can be operated in any of 7 different modes each of which calibrates the operating parameters of the detector to different skill levels, applications or environments. Different Modes can be used for different detecting objectives and to best adapt to various ground and object conditions. Sensitivity and volume can be controlled with 10 different settings. Adjust the Ground setting from 0 to 99 for highest performance in more adverse conditions, such as saltwater beaches and highly mineralized soil. Discrimination and Notch can be set between 0 and 59 to eliminate unwanted metals, and our patented V-BREAK® feature allows the user to change the audio response of certain targets so that any target with an ID in the range of 0 - 69 can induce a LOW tone. With the Pinpoint mode, searchcoil motion is not required, and will help yield more information about the target's shape and size and also find its exact location to facilitate extraction. Our unique Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Cancelation feature allows you to set the detector's internal ground setting equal to the Phase of the ground you are searching over in order to calibrate the detector to the most accurate. 

  • Ground Grab®, Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Adjustable Stem: 44" to 51" / 112 – 129,5 cm
  • ¼-inch Headphone Jack
  • Padded Armrest and Cushioned Handgrip ''S-Rod'' Handle
  • Metal Detector
  • Instruction Manual
Batteries needed 2): 1x 9V battery
Colour: black
Focus group: Professionals
Material: Metal, Plastic
Typ [Batteries]: 9V
Warnings: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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Simply connect them to the riveted ring eyelets of the solar panel and use them to hang the solar charger stably, e.g. on a tent loop, a fence or other suitable holding points.Innovative solar cell technology with high efficiency Monocrystalline silicium cells ensure high efficiency and the fastest possible charging of the device batteries. This means maximum electricity yield per solar surface. As a result, you benefit from relatively high charging currents and short charging times with a compact design.Easy transportThanks to the modern and flat design, you can easily fold the individual segments of the solar panel into a small bag and stow it in your luggage while saving space. Always ready for the next spontaneous use.Robust, dust- and water-repellent materials The durable Cordura fabric is extremely tear-resistant but still flexible. It protects the valuable solar panel from damage and provides the necessary stability during use. The solar panel is dust- and water-repellent, it withstands most weather conditions and is your ideal companion for almost all outdoor activities. Nevertheless, the solar panel should not be exposed to direct rain or extreme humidity.IMPORTANT NOTESThe solar panel does not have an integrated charger or charge controller. Therefore, it is not suitable for directly charging loose battery cells or lead batteries. It is only suitable for smartphones, tablets and power banks, for example, because they always have built-in internal chargers.The solar panel does not have its own battery, but serves exclusively as a power source in sunshine for charging electronic devices.When connecting the devices to be charged via the DC bar plug, always ensure the required voltage and correct polarity. Otherwise, damage may occur to the electronics of the solar panel and the devices to be charged.Do not leave the solar panel outdoors at night with high humidity or in the rain. This could damage the internal electronics. FEATURES POWER STATION Mobile power station with pure sine wave Standalone power supply for outdoor, leisure, and professional use For charging and powering a wide range of electronic devices Power or charge up to 13 devices simultaneously Pure sine wave for both 230 V outputs Displays the battery charge level and output switching status Displays the output power in Watts at the outputs Displays the approximate remaining operating time when current is flowing Displays the charging power in Watts at the inputs DC socket and Anderson connection for charging via mains or solar panel Includes numerous connection options and adapters Environmentally friendly and quiet alternative to generators Built-in solar charging regulator for direct charging via solar panel Convenient carrying handle with non-slip rubber coating Powerful 1080 Wh lithium-ion battery Connections: 4x USB-A (2x 5 V/2.1 A and 2x fast charging ports that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0) 2x USB-C, 5–20 V/5.0 A (for latest-generation smartphones and tablets) 3x 12 V DC out 5.5/2.1 mm coaxial connector + 2x cigarette lighter socket 2x 230 V AC out (with total 1200 W continuous output, short-term peak of 2400 W [1 s]) 15 W wireless charging point (5 W/7.5 W/10 W/15 W [max.], for Apply iPhone: < 7.5 W) Input charging socket: 5–28 V/max. 6 A (via mains or solar panel) Built-in Anderson input for direct charging via solar panel: 5–28 V/max. 6 A Charging time from 0–100% approx. 8 hours via mains Built-in light: Power: 12 W/1320~1600 lm; continuous illumination for up to 90 hours Temperature range: -10°C to +40°C Charging cycles: Up to 2000 Dimensions: 33.8 x 24.7 x 24.5 cm / Weight: 11.6 kg FEATURES SOLAR PANELSolar panel with output power of max. 120 wattsSolar panel for charging battery-powered devicesSuitable for smartphones, tablets, power banks and larger power stations etc.Simply unfold, point towards the sun and the charging startsStay independent even without a 230-volt socketFree electricity through solar energyNo emissions and zero noiseConnection of USB devices via 1 x USB-C and an orange USB-A socket with QC3.0, also for fast charging. Connection of power stations via hollow DC plug, incl. various adapters. AdapterMonocrystalline silicium cells with high efficiencyEnables high charging currents and short charging timesCompact transport dimensions due to foldable designRobust, dust- and water-repellent materials Ideal for all outdoor activitiesSPECIFICATIONS SOLAR PANEL Output power of the solar panel: 120 wattsOutput voltage at the DC connection cable: 18 voltsOutput current at the DC connection cable: max. 6.6 ampsUSB-C connection socket: 1 x USB-C (for fast charging).Output voltage and current at the USB-C socket: 5V3.0A/9V2.0A/12V1.5AUSB-A socket: 1 x USB orange QC3.0 (for fast charging)Output voltage and current at the orange USB-A QC3 socket: 5V3.4A/9V2.5A/12V2.0ADC connection cable length: 2.5 metresDC plug adapters: 3.5/1.35mm, 5.5/2.5mm, 8.0/5.5/0.8mmPolarity of DC connectors: inner contact = positive (+), outer contact = negative (-)Transport dimensions when folded: 520 x 370 x 50 mmDimensions when unfolded: 1660 x 520 x 35 mmWeight: 4.6 kg SCOPE OF DELIVERY Portable power station Power adapter, 28 V/6 A Euro mains cable, C7 UK mains cable, C7 charging cable for cigarette lighter, 12 V 2x UK plug adapter for 230 V connection 2x adapter for cigarette lighter, 5.5/2.1 mm Solar panel 120 Watt (1 piece)Carabiner hook (4 pieces)Integrated DC connection cable (1 piece)Plug adapter (3 pieces)User manual

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