1. Right of withdrawal

You have the right of withdrawal either by issue of a contract statement in written form e.g. by letter, fax or email within 30 days without giving any reasons, or by return of the goods within 30 days after receipt. Shipping costs for returns from outside of Germany have to be paid by the customer. In case of a justified complaint, we will refund the shipping fees on basis of the cheapest possible mode of shipment by standard post.

The withdrawal is to address to Folux GmbH, Gutenbergstraße 2, D-46414 Rhede, Fax +49-(0)2872/8074-411, eMail support @ optical-systems.com.

Business clients do not have a right of withdrawal.

In the case of an effective withdrawal both parties are bound to return the benefits already consumed and any eventual revenue. If you cannot return the benefits already consumed either whole or in part or only in a poor condition you are obliged to compensate to the appropriate value. With the relinquishment of goods this does not apply if the goods are exclusively deteriorated due to inspection and tests (as it would be possible for you in a store). Further you as owner can avoid compensation by not taking the goods into service and avoid everything possible that would diminish the value. Goods which can be parcelled are to be returned. The cost for return of goods out of a delivery in which the purchase value is not more than 40 Euro or the return is carried out of a foreign country will be met by you providing the delivered goods correspond to the purchase order. Otherwise the return is free of charge.

2. Returns, Complaints

Unsatisfactory commodity will be exchanged. If this fails, a coupon is provided in arrangement with the customer over the purchase price or the purchase price will be refunded. In case of a justified complaint (you received different commodity than the ordered, the same commodity in repeated quantity and/or unsatisfactory commodity) you have to inform us immediately. We will as soon as possible communicate the further completion to you (return to Folux GmbH and/or to the manufacturer). Trade-usual or small, technically not avoidable deviations of the quality, the colour, the width, the weight, the equipment or the design cannot be complained of. In case of a justified complaint, we will refund the shipping fees on basis of the cheapest possible mode of shipment by standard post.

3. Accomplishment of contract

The contract comes off only with the consignment of the ordered commodity to you by us. 

With your order you give us a binding offer to close the contract with you. You conduct the order by entering all data during the order process and finally submit the purchase order form to us by pressing the button "Confirm order" in step 3 under "Examine and confirm your order". 

By dispatching the commodity to you we accept the offer (your order) on contract conclusion. 

Orders obligate you to the acceptance and the payment of the commodity. Should you refuse the acceptance and the payment of the ordered commodity, justifies this for us a claim for damages at a value of 10 per cent of the purchase order value, at least however 15.- EUR, and in special cases of not usually by us offered commodity up to 50 per cent of the agreed purchase price. Advanced requirements are excluded.

4. Storage of the contract text

We store your order and the order data you entered. If you should wish a printout of your order, you have the possibility to print out an order confirmation. After going through the order procedure with the finishing step 3 and the pushing of the button "Confirm order" you receive the note "Your order has been successfully processed!”. By clicking the link "Order History" at the top of the site you can access your order history. Here you have the possibility to access and to printout the details of your order with all entered data by clicking on "View order details". If you indicated us your email address, you will additionally receive the order confirmation with all entered data by email.

5. Customer Service

With questions to orders or with complaints address yourself please under indication of your order or customer number to our service: 

* via email: support @ optical-systems.com

* via telephone: +49-(0)2872/8074-400

* via fax: +49-(0)2872/8074-411

6. Reservation of delivery, Supply, Postage, Customs duties

Our consignment occures under the reserve of sufficient stock of inventory. 

The supply takes place on basis of commercial conditions. We determine route of transportation and means of transport, if the buyer wishes no special mode of shipment and if necessary carries extra costs resulting thereby. 

You receive the products ordered as new commodity in original packaging and with manufacturer warranty, unless differently declared. The reprehension of outcropping lack is permissible only within 14 days. It takes place via rework without computation from expenditures, which are necessary for the purpose of the rework, in particular transport costs, way costs, labour costs and material costs. 

The costs of postage and packing depend among other things on the recipient’s country, on the weight of the ordered commodity and the mode of shipment. Forwarding expenses are calculated individually and are observable on our web site. They are indicated also during the order procedure. 

Regarding deliveries to foreign countries the following applies: The buyer must pay the respective tariff and a possibly resulting import value added tax with import of the goods themselves.

7. Offers

Our offers are in principle without engagement. The contained descriptions, diagrams and illustrations on the web site, in catalogues, price lists or other advertising material are to obtain only a general conception of the goods described therein. They contain no explanation or warranty on our part and do not become part of contract.

8. Retention of title

The supplied commodity remains until the complete payment property of Folux GmbH.

9. Payment, Maturity, Delayed payment

With payment on commission you commit yourself to settle the invoice amount within 30 days after receipt of the commodity. With payment by direct debit the direct debiting takes place within a month after incoming orders. With payment by credit card the debiting takes place after dispatching the commodity. 

In the case of a delay of payment we reserve ourselves the assertion of collection expenses.

10. Claims, Limitation of liability

Claims for damages from contract, impossibility of achievement, other injury of contractual or pre-contractual obligations and from delict are impossible, as far as the damage was not caused by deliberate or roughly negligent acting or appropriate acting of auxiliary persons of the salesman.

11. Warranty

The legal warranty claims apply.

12. Final clause

German right applies.