Euromex BE.5430 Stereomicroscope BM 10x-20x

Item #: E001766
  • Eyepieces: Paired interchangeable wide field eyepieces WF10x/20 with eye shades. Adjustable distance between the eyepieces 51 and 75 mm
  • Tube Straight binocular head with one diopter adjustment
  • Objective Interchangeable objectives 1x and 2x, the dovetailed objectives can be easily slided onto the microscope head.
  • Working distances 160 and 115 mm, field of view 20 and 10 mm, respectively
  • Magnification: 10x and 20x
  • Stand The about 7 kg base is provided with a 300 mm long rod and a horizontal hinged arm, length 255 mm
  • Focus control by means of knobs on both sides. Maximum object height about 200 mm.
  • Illumination 6 volt 7,2 watt illuminator with two-lens condenser. The lamp can be fixed behind the tubes or be mounted adjustable beside the binocular head. The base contains a transformer and an on/off switch. Adapted for 220 volt operation.
  • Packaging Complete with dust cover in styrofoam case
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