Sky-Watcher is one of the world's largest manufacturers of telescopes and astronomical accessories such as eyepieces and mounts. The company was founded in 1988 in Taiwan as Synta Optics, initially only eyepieces were produced exclusively. In 1992, the headquarters moved to Suzhou in China; the first telescopes (114mm Newtonian reflectors), as well as 90 and 100 refractors were expelled by the companies Bresser, Celestron and Tasco. Then the brand "Sky-Watcher" was founded to distribute Syta-Optics under it's own label in 1999. Since 2000, the range was extended to Dobsons, one year later the first Maksutov-Cassegrain was produced and in 2004 the first ED Apochromat. In 2005, a U.S subsidiary of Synta Optics bought the telescope manufacturer Celestron. Since 2008 there is a cooperation with Schott AG Mainz, one of the world's leading manufacturer of technical glass. The Sky-Watcher product range includes amateur telescopes from 60mm to 406mm aperture, manual, motorized or mounted with Go-to. Since 2008, Sky-Watcher is the only manufacturer worldwide producing FelxTube Dobsons, a patented design with a telescoping tube.

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