AXD2 Goto mount with AX103S apochromat and observatory column


AXD2 GoTo mount with AX103S telescope, column, and state-of-the-art STAR BOOK TEN controller

  • AXD2 Goto mount with AX103S apochromatic telescope
  • Professional telescope kit with pier
  • Mount with 30 kg load capacity (photographic)
  • Modern STARBOOK TEN controller with autoguider input
  • More than 270,000 pre-installed celestial objects
  • AX103S full apochromat for full-frame photography, with flattener
  • Illuminated polar finder with direct star alignment
  • Large P85DX observatory pier
  • Tracking accuracy of +/- 2.8 arc seconds
  • Total weight: 64.6 kg
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Product number: X000113
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